Focus: Break Through

Break Through is also subtitled Volume 5. It is the last workout in Tracie Long‘s Focus Series. The other 4 workouts are Power Up, Lift Higher, Kickback and Reach Further. She created those 4 workouts first then apparently decided to add this one on to the series later. And I am glad! I really liked this workout. This is an approximately 30 minute cardio/conditioning workout using a medicine ball. This workout worked my lower body, my shoulders, my chest and my core. There is no warm up so I used one of Jessica Smith‘s 15 minute cardio walks to warm myself up. I used a 5 pound medicine ball and that was all I could manage. I had my 6 pound medicine ball handy but I was plenty challenged using the 5 pound ball. In fact, during the Medicine Ball Cardio & Toning section near the end of the workout, I was struggling even with the 5 pound med ball! I considered pausing the DVD to grab my 4 and 3 pound balls! But I made it through. There are some balance moves in this workout that I had to modify. Most were done without the medicine ball and I was able to touch something for balance but the balance moves that used the medicine ball I just tapped my toe to the floor.

There are two premixes. They are listed at the bottom of this review.

Break Through is 32:30 minutes; no warm up or stretch though she does stretch you out before you do mat core work. Equipment: a medicine ball and fitness mat. I do not know the weight of Tracie’s medicine ball. I used a 5 pound medicine ball.

Medicine Ball Cardio:

  1. Start holding ball overhead with both hands and pivot to each side, when you pivot, pull ball down to hip w/ one hand, alternate hands; single arm pull down changes to double arm chop to hip (continue to alternate sides)
  2. Double arm kettlebell swing w/ med ball (she calls it a chop); add a pivot chop to the side after each ball/kettlebell swing (alternate sides) and every time you bring the ball overhead you also do a French press
  3. Pendulum lunge, pulse 2x in each lunge; add rotating torso/ball toward front leg with each lunge
  4. Stand with feet wider than hip width apart and rotate ball/torso side to side keeping hips facing forward; extend arms long and straight in front of you (still holding ball in both hands) and continue rotating ball side to side but this time also pivot body into a lunge
  5. Squat pushing ball overhead at top of squat
  6. Lunge step forward and mimic tossing ball (ball is behind head when standing and you bring it forward when lunging), alternate lunges
  7. Combine 5 & 6 (squat between each lunge, alternate sides); “toss” changes to a straight arm chop, bringing ball down to front knee when lunging
  8. Repeat #3 on other side of body
  9. Stand w/ feet wider than hip width, hold ball in both hands right at chest level and against chest, rotate torso side to side fast

Set medicine ball aside.

  1. Stationary side lunge side to side 3x, reaching opposite hand toward foot + squat jump to side then back
  2. Crescent knee + 2 jacks (legs only), alternate legs
  3. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  4. Wide squats (recovery move)
  5. Repeat #1, then immediately repeat on other side of body

Medicine Ball Cardio:

  1. Stand in split stance and push ball overhead then scissor run 6X; changes to one overhead ball push + 2 scissor runs
  2. Alternating plyo jump lunges bringing ball from hip to hip
  3. Squat holding ball in front of chest with both hands
  4. Big steps forward passing ball under front leg with each step; skaters back to start
  5. Squat jump pushing ball in front of you between squats
  6. Plie jacks (she calls them inner thigh jumps)
  7. Stationary side lunge side to side while doing a figure 8 with ball; changes to passing ball under legs (still figure 8 pattern)
  8. Repeat #1-3
  9. Big steps forward passing ball under front leg with each step; march back to start; march changes to jog
  10. Repeat #5 & 6

Set medicine ball aside.

  1. Squats; changes to alternating side lunges; changes to lateral jumps; changes to one lateral jump + one side lunge, alternate sides
  2. Balance on one leg and bring other knee in front of you then push leg behind you while squatting w/ standing leg (single leg running man while balancing on other leg); add a hop when bringing knee up; changes 2 lateral balance skaters + one hop
  3. Repeat #1
  4. Repeat #2 on other side of body

Medicine Ball Cardio & Toning:

  1. Pulsing sumo squats holding ball in both hands in front of chest; hold sumo squat and push ball out side to side; do a large circle with the ball while raising onto toes (still in sumo squat); while still in sumo squat, stir the pot with the ball 2x + 3 ball circles
  2. Place ball on floor between feet, step over ball and tap floor w/ one foot, return foot to start, pick up ball and push overhead, alternate sides
  3. 3 ball circles + 2 stir the pots while in sumo squat
  4. Pivot to side into a lunge while arcing ball overhead and bringing to front knee, alternate sides
  5. Repeat #1-3
  6. Step out side to side; add opening and closing arms out to side of body, passing ball to other hand when arms/hands come together; changes to stepping out and in on one side of the body, still opening and closing arms but now the ball also stays in the same hand
  7. Pivot to side into a lunge while pushing ball straight in front of you, pivot back to front and balance on one leg, other knee raised while holding ball overhead; continue balancing on one leg and lower one arm holding the ball to side of body shoulder height, return overhead and pass ball to other hand and lower ball to other side of body shoulder height (she calls it rainbow arms); combo: do one pivot lunge and balance on one leg lowering ball to each side of the body (shoulder height) once (one rainbow)
  8. Shot put (step back with one leg and lower into a wide squat bringing ball to same side shoulder (holding ball with one hand) pivot so you are facing forward while pushing ball straight overhead)
  9. Repeat #7 on other side of body
  10. Position feet in Warrior pose position, raise one arm/ball overhead and slide other arm down leg, raising and lower body out of pyramid while keeping ball raised overhead
  11. Wood chop with ball (start at one shoulder and pivot while bringing ball down to opposite hip)
  12. Holding ball in both hands at chest level, do knee pulls and while twisting ball side to side (bringing ball to same side hip as lifting knee)
  13. Repeat 10-12 on other side of body
  14. Lower into squat while also raising onto toes and hold, twist ball to one side of body, twist back to center and stand (arms are extended straight), alternate sides
  15. 1:15 minutes of stretching

Core work with the medicine ball:

  1. Sit on mat, knees bent and heels on floor, holding ball in both hands at chest level, lean back and stir the pot with the ball, then crunch back 2x while pushing ball in front of you
  2. Modified Turkish sit ups (lay on back, one knee bent and same side hand on floor, other arm is holding ball pushed straight to ceiling and same side leg is extended straight, sit up, pushing ball overhead as you sit up)
  3. Push ups w/ one hand on ball (pattern: lower slowly to count of 3, push back up to count of one then do 2 push ups at normal tempo)
  4. Repeat 1-3 (if done on one side of the body, do it on the other side of the body when repeating)


Have a Ball (21 minutes) (all standing work with medicine ball) (the sound cut out on this premix halfway through–since the sound works on everything else on this DVD then either just this premix is messed up or just this premix on my DVD is messed up)

Whittle Your Middle (9:30 minutes) (standing core work with the medicine ball and mat core work)


6 thoughts on “Focus: Break Through

  1. Regarding the sound cutting out halfway through the ‘Have a Ball’ premix….. I think a huge batch of DVDs got messed up. On the ‘Total Fitness DVDs’ site, there are actually two Break Through DVDs for sale. One DVD has a note about the sound cutting out but says if you play the entire workout (both premixes) the sound will be just fine. The DVD (new and factory sealed) is deeply discounted and I got a really good deal and I can confirm the sound is perfect if you play the entire workout.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It does play fine on the main workout. I didn’t do the premixes–I just previewed them when writing the review which is how I noticed that the sound cut out. But it’s such a short workout, I doubt I would ever bother with the premixes anyway, so it’s not an issue for me. In the main workout, the sound played fine throughout.


  2. Hi: There also seems to be one called “Weightless” that I see on Amazon (used only). I think it says Volume 6 on it, if I’m not mistaken. Have you heard of that one or seen it anywhere else for a better price? I’m in Canada and that would end up costing me around $60 without shipping! Not happening for a 30 minute workout 🙂


    1. Huh! That is the first I have seen of that one. And no description to tell you what is going on in that workout. I just found a 2:30 minute clip for it on YouTube and I want it now! But like you–I am not paying $40 for it!


      1. I know, I want it too now. She doesn’t even have it on her fitness site. I’m really quite surprised that there aren’t way more options for downloading DVD’s in this day and age. It seems a lot of fitness gurus want you to pay for monthly memberships instead of downloads which doesn’t really work for me.


      2. Me either. I really cannot justify the cost of streaming right now. I own way too many DVDs and continue to buy them (I have some kind of compulsive buying problem with workout DVDs). Plus, I like variety in workouts and trainers so I’d be spending a fortune subscribing to multiple trainers. Maybe one day I will go to it, but I still prefer DVDs.


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