Longevity: Leaning Out

Leaning Out is another fabulous total body strength workout in Tracie Long‘s Longevity series. This workout was tough but doable, so high intermediate level with the right weights. The only exercise I had any problems with were the modified dive bomber push ups and that was mostly due to my shoulder problem. I was able to do the first few reps but it hurt my left shoulder so I further modified the remaining reps. But other than that exercise I had no problems and I was working very hard. According to my Fitbit, at one point I was even in my peak heart rate zone. The circuits in this workout are done at a brisk clip so a few times when I had to change dumbbells I missed a rep or 2.

This is primarily a total body strength workout but she does have one cardio circuit to elevate your heart rate. And like all of her workouts that contain warm ups, the warm up was unique and functional. There is some mat work that uses ankle weights. Since it was my first time through I went conservative and only used my 1 pound ankle weights but you do not do a ton of reps so in the future my 2.5 pound ankle weights would be more appropriate.

This DVD contains two premixes: Lift is 21 minutes (all of the strength work–no ankle weight lower body and core, no warm up or stretch) and Flab Fighter is 13:30 minutes (all of the floor/mat work–including strength/DB work done on mat, ankle weight lower body work and core work (#44-59 below)–no warm up or stretch)

Leaning Out is 50 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 5 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells and ankle weights. I do not know the weight of Tracie’s dumbbells or ankle weights. The weights listed below are what I used.

  1. Single arm back row in stationary lunge; add a front knee raise every 4th row (one 15# DB)
  2. 3 sumo squat pulses then stand and pull DB back to shoulder while rotating torso; changes to singles (one sumo squat + pull DB back to shoulder at top of squat, alternate sides, passing DB to other hand when squatting) (one 12# DB)
  3. Alternating stationary side lunges w/ alternating single arm overhead press between each lunge; changes to double arm overhead press between each lunge (12# DBs)
  4. 3 count pulse squat holding DBs at shoulders, do one hammer curl when standing and lowering back into squat; changes to single squat w/ hammer curl (12# DBs)
  5. Repeat #1 & 2 on other side of body
  6. Repeat #3
  7. Deadlifts (30# DBs)
  8. Stand on one leg with other lifted and extended straight behind you, do rear delt flys; add bringing knee in then pushing leg back out behind you (still balancing on other leg) (8# DBs)
  9. Bent arm side/lateral raise holding at top of raise, punch one arm out then punch the other arm out then lower both arms; changes to punching both arms out at the top of the side raise; changes to just bent arm side raises (5# DBs)
  10. Deadlifts (15# DBs)
  11. Single arm deadrows, alternate arms (15# DBs)
  12. March in place 4x then triple step side
  13. Step forward and back w/ one foot 2x then triple step to change lead leg
  14. Scissor runs
  15. Repeat #12 & 13
  16. Front kick + rear kick + front kick + narrow squat while punching both arms forward
  17. Repeat #15 & 16
  18. Jumping jack legs; changes to 1 plyo jack (with arms) + 2 hops
  19. Repeat #15
  20. Wide step out to side 3x w/ front cross punches + one jump while punching arms overhead
  21. Alternating low front kicks (recovery move)
  22. Repeat #15 & 20
  23. Repeat #14
  24. Jumping jack legs; changes to alternating jump lunges; changes to 1 plyo jack (with arms) + 2 hops
  25. Repeat #17
  26. Repeat #20
  27. Forward lunge + side lung + rear lunge (other leg) + single leg squat (15# DBs)
  28. 4 count squat (15# DBs)
  29. Single leg squat + glute lift (15# DBs)
  30. Repeat #27
  31. 3 count squat (15# DBs)
  32. Repeat #27 on other side of body
  33. Repeat #28
  34. Repeat #29 on other side of body
  35. Repeat #32 & 31
  36. Place one DB on floor in front of you as a marker, front lunge bringing front foot beside DB on floor while reaching one hand toward DB on floor; changes to holding in lunge, picking up DB and doing a bicep curl; changes to doing a single arm overhead press instead of a bicep curl; changes to pulsing while in stationary lunge; pick up DB and continue pulsing (one 12# DB)
  37. Repeat #36 on other side of body
  38. Plie squats w/ alternating bicep curls; bicep curls change to pattern: right then both, left then both (8# DBs)
  39. French press in split stance; changes to a quick-quick-slow pattern (8# DBs)
  40. Tricep kickbacks in split stance (kickback w/ one arm and hold, kickback other arm and hold, bring first arm back in then second arm back in then do 2 tricep kickbacks at regular speed) (8# DBs)
  41. Repeat #38 & 39
  42. Straight arm tricep push backs in split stance (6# DBs)
  43. In wide stance, rotation overhead presses (press up to 10 and 2 o’clock, pivoting and rotating the hip when pressing up) (6# DBs)
  44. Get into wide leg down dog position, slowly lower head toward ground then lower chest, arching up slightly then return to down dog (modified dive bombers)
  45. Push ups w/ rotating renegade rows (rotate into a side plank w/ staggered feet while rowing DB back to shoulder) (10# DBs)
  46. Lay on belly with legs extended straight and arms extended straight overhead, raise legs, arms, head and chest, open arms and legs out so your body is in an “X” then return them to start position
  47. Repeat #45 on other side of body
  48. Repeat #44
  49. (put on ankle weights) Lay on side, bottom leg bent, top leg straight and raised to ceiling, raise and lower straight leg directly in front of you; changes to bending knee and bringing it down to tap the floor in front of you then pushing foot up and out away from you; repeat raising and lowering straight leg in front of you
  50. Lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, raise hips into bridge, alternate raising one leg and bringing knee into chest then pushing out (keeping hips lifted throughout)
  51. Still laying on back, raise straight legs to ceiling, open legs wide in a V, close legs, open legs again but this time in a “bow and arrow” (one leg straight and the other leg bent, bringing knee into chest), alternate sides
  52. Repeat #49 on other leg
  53. (remove ankle weights) Lay on back and extend arms straight overhead and legs straight, stretching
  54. Lay on back, hands behind head, knees bent and raised, do basic crunches; do 2 pulsing crunches then hold isometrically and extend legs straight
  55. Still laying on back, legs extended straight to ceiling, alternate lowering legs a few inches off floor
  56. Still laying on back, arms still behind head, raise head/shoulders and bicycle legs 4x then keep both knees/feet raised and extend both arms along side thighs and hold
  57. Sit on bottom, knees bent and heels on floor, arms extended straight in front of you, roll torso back to C curve then straighten spine; add pulling one elbow back and rotating torso when in C curve then straighten spine, alternate sides; changes to pulling both arms back while in C curve, alternate both arms and single arm pull backs; ends holding in C sit isometrically
  58. Lay on back, hands behind head, knees bent and raised, do basic crunches; changes to isometric holds at top of crunch; bicycle legs; this changes to a pattern–2 crunches, hold isometrically then bicycle legs
  59. Still on back, knees bent and feet on floor, hands behind head, crunch up and extend one arm toward same side heel, alternate sides; ends with basic crunches and an isometric hold at top of crunch

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