Focus: Break Through

Break Through is also subtitled Volume 5. It is the last workout in Tracie Long's Focus Series. The other 4 workouts are Power Up, Lift Higher, Kickback and Reach Further. She created those 4 workouts first then apparently decided to add this one on to the series later. And I am glad! I really liked … Continue reading Focus: Break Through

30 Minute to Fitness: TLC

TLC stands for Train Like a Contender, which translates into this being a boxing series--or at least having one boxing workout on it. It is part of the 30 Minutes to Fitness series which means there are two 30 minute workouts on the DVD. One is boxing and one is conditioning; they're both cardio. No … Continue reading 30 Minute to Fitness: TLC

BodyStrikes Vol 2

Another tough lower body conditioning workout by Ilaria Montagnani. This one is much more advanced than Vol 1 and I enjoyed it a lot more than I remembered. This is another one I haven't done in years and what stood out in my memory about it is that I liked Vol 1 a lot better. … Continue reading BodyStrikes Vol 2

BodyStrikes Vol 1

I haven't done this workout in years and I don't know why (other than the obvious fact I have an excessive amount of workout DVDs therefore it is hard to do them all regularly). I remember loving it and, doing it again, I still love it! Another amazing workout from Ilaria Montagnani. Ilaria creates unique, … Continue reading BodyStrikes Vol 1