BodyStrikes Vol 1

bodystrikesI haven’t done this workout in years and I don’t know why (other than the obvious fact I have an excessive amount of workout DVDs therefore it is hard to do them all regularly). I remember loving it and, doing it again, I still love it! Another amazing workout from Ilaria Montagnani. Ilaria creates unique, effective intermediate to advanced workouts. She always cues well and always shows impeccable form. So far I have reviewed her kickboxing workouts and her strength training workouts. Body Strikes workouts are a combination. They are lower body conditioning workouts. She currently has 3 Body Strikes workouts out there. I own Vol 1 and Vol 2 and plan to purchase Vol 3.

This workout proves, if nothing else does, that no equipment is necessary to get an excellent strength + cardio workout. I did this workout this morning and my legs are aching. What I really like about the aches I have is their location–not just hamstrings and outer thighs but my hips and the top of the buttocks. These are places I cannot recall any workout ever hitting this hard but man, they are cranking since this morning. I fear tomorrow’s DOMS.

This workout isn’t exactly a kickboxing workout because there is no boxing. It is all kicking and lower body drills. The footwork is fairly simple, but it moves quickly, therefore some balance and coordination are needed. It consists of 4 “official” sections which are chaptered on the main screen. However, there are more than that. The 4 sections are the main part of the workout. Ilaria creates a lower body combo series by teaching it to you in 4 groupings of lower body drills and then combining them in layers for a finished product. So you learn combo 1, then you learn combo 2, then you combine combo 1  & 2 before learning combo 3 and so on. However, like I mentioned, there is more than just these 4 combos though they are the bulk of the workout. The warm up is much longer than most of Ilaria’s warm ups and the second half of the warm up is kicking drills. Then, after you complete the 4 combos and combine them all, you do some more lower body conditioning drills before you stretch. This workout thoroughly works your lower body.

In addition, on some of the exercises she gives levels so that you can work at whatever level suits you. For instance, one starts as a narrow squat (level 1), then a deeper narrow squat in which your fingertips touch the floor (level 2), then a squat and lunge back  with one leg and hands touching the floor (level 3) then ends with a squat thrust (level 4). You choose whatever level is more appropriate for you.

Before I get into the breakdown, let me warn that as she teaches each move in each combo you will do many reps of each individual exercise. So the teaching is actually endurance drills. I am listing them as the finished combo, but that is not how they are taught–each individual move is taught and drilled before being put together.

Bodystrikes Vol 1 is 45:30 minutes long; 1:30 minute intro, 10:30 minute warm up, 31:30 training time and 2 minute stretch. It is an intermediate level workout.

After some basic warm up moves (hamstring curls, squats, plie squats, lateral lunges) you move into some stretches and push ups. Next you move into the drill portion of the warm up: squats, alternating reverse lunges (a lot of them), front leg raises, front snap kicks, corner snap kicks, front push kicks, round house kicks and side kicks. Warm up is over.

1st combo (6:30 minutes long): 2 alternating side squats + 4 fast alternating side squats (never standing up) + 2 alternating front lunges + 2 front push kicks on each leg.

2nd combo (6:30 minutes long): 3 front leg lifts (working leg never touches the ground) + 2 squats or squat thrusts (this is where she gives you 4 levels to choose from)

3rd combo (8 minutes long): knee and round house kick done twice + 2 side kicks

4th combo (4:30 minutes): 2 front snap kicks + 2 corner snap kicks + 4 front/corner snaps w/ the working leg never touching the ground

Finished product for 3:30 minutes.

Final leg drills (3:30 minutes): squats, plie squats lifting heels, regular squats lifting heels, one leg squats, regular squats, plie squats.



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