Cathe Live: Jabs & Kicks

#181 Jabs & Kicks is another live cardio kickboxing workout from Cathe. I found this one intense! I burned over 400 calories, was in my peak heart rate about 1/3 of the workout (according to my FitBit) and my legs and arms got lots of great conditioning from all the kicks and punches. Jabs & … Continue reading Cathe Live: Jabs & Kicks

Cathe Live: Cardio Kickboxing & Cardio Barre

#197 Cardio Kickboxing & Cardio Barre is an intense cardio workout. Though "barre" is in the title, you are not doing any real barre work. The barre (or chair back) is more of a balance assist for the last 8:30 minutes of the workout--which is just more intense cardio. The warm up is all low … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Kickboxing & Cardio Barre

Cathe Live: Kick, Box & Bags

#232 Kick, Box & Bags is another fun cardio kickboxing class from Cathe Live. It is made up of punching and kicking drills alternated with cardio bursts. There are also a few easy to follow combos. This is also one of Cathe's lower impact kickboxing workouts though near the end she adds some higher impact … Continue reading Cathe Live: Kick, Box & Bags

Cathe Live: In the Ring

#243 In the Ring is another fun cardio kickboxing class from Cathe Live. I always enjoy Cathe's cardio kickboxing workouts and this one is no exception. It is shorter than most (only 41 minutes) but it is intense. It is a high impact workout and no modifications are shown--not by Cathe and I did not … Continue reading Cathe Live: In the Ring

Cathe Live: Kickboxing Plus Core

#255 Kickboxing Plus Core is another excellent live cardio kickboxing workout from Cathe. Cathe did a great job in this workout of giving you cardio and conditioning. The punch drills at the heavy bags were pretty intense and really fatigued my arms and shoulders. And I don't own a heavy bag! I was just wearing … Continue reading Cathe Live: Kickboxing Plus Core

Cathe Live: Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing

#272 Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing is a fun live cardio kickboxing workout. I really enjoyed it. Not sure if I am going to buy the download but I might. In this workout we get some eye candy! Cathe even introduces him. His name is Nate and he is in the back of the class … Continue reading Cathe Live: Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing

Martial Fusion: Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing

Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing was stuffed in my stocking this year! Yay! Santa knows exactly what I want. I love Guillermo Gomez's cardio kickboxing workouts and this is another great one. Guillermo promises you 60 minutes of non-stop cardio and that's what he delivers. I burned 522 calories in 62 minutes. Plus, like all of … Continue reading Martial Fusion: Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing

Barlates: Torch & Tone/Cardio Sculpt

Torch & Tone: Cardio Sculpt is a kind of unusual workout. Maybe not for Linda @ Barlates, since she does put together some unusual workouts, but I found it rather unusual. It is effective tho. No doubt about that. I had muscle burn out multiple times. This is one of Linda's longer workouts, clocking in … Continue reading Barlates: Torch & Tone/Cardio Sculpt

Barlates: Metabolic Training/Box Sculpt

Metabolic Training: Box Sculpt is a tough workout from Linda @ Barlates! And my glutes are still very sore from her Metabolic Training: Cardio Sculpt! This workout hits them again. This is a cardio + strength workout but, just like Cardio Sculpt, it does not hit every muscle group--so it's not a total body workout. … Continue reading Barlates: Metabolic Training/Box Sculpt

Martial Fusion: Kickboxing Cardio Burn

Kickboxing Cardio Burn is another cardio kickboxing workout from Guillermo Gomez's Martial Fusion series. I really enjoyed this workout and I think Guillermo might be my new favorite cardio kickboxing trainer. His workouts are steady state cardio workouts and intermediate level. No crazy, hard to catch onto combos. He builds everything at an easy to … Continue reading Martial Fusion: Kickboxing Cardio Burn