30 Minutes to Fitness: Cardio Fit

Cardio Fit is Kelly Coffey-Meyer‘s latest offering on DVD. It contains 3 workouts. The two main workouts are cardio + strength workouts. Workout 1 is a kickboxing + lower body strength workout. Workout 2 is a cardio + upper body strength workout. Though Workout 2 does contain some lower body strength work, the primary focus is the upper body. Between the two workouts you will get a total body cardio + strength workout. Which is how I approached these workouts. I did Workout 1 followed by Workout 2. Between the two workouts I burned 443 calories while also getting a total body strength workout. These workouts work well together for several reasons. Workout 1 only has a cool down, no stretch. Workout 2 has a stretch. Plus, when you finish Workout 1, it flows directly into Workout 2–it does not return you to the menu. The third workout is a bonus. It is one of her “Raw” workouts. Kelly also has a paid streaming site and this is one of her workouts from that site. It is a step boxing workout (more about this workout below).

If I were still doing primarily DVD workouts then I believe I would have loved this DVD. And I did enjoy it. It has been a long time since I have done cardio kickboxing with Kelly and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that type of cardio. In fact, as I was doing it, I started thinking about all of the other kickboxing workouts I own by both Kelly and Cathe that I need to return to. And I have always loved cardio + strength workouts; they are some of my favorite type of workouts–and this was a winner in that area, too. However, the negatives for me are a bit odd and they are solely because I have been doing exclusively YouTube workouts so long. I missed a lot of things that are present in the YouTube workouts I do every day. Previewing of strength moves was the biggest one. Back when I did DVD workouts all the time I created weight charts for each workout I did so I would be prepared for every exercise but that is not necessary when doing a YouTube workout (at least its not with the trainers I frequent) because they preview every move prior to doing it so you can quickly judge the weight you need for the exercise. So sometimes in Kelly’s workouts I missed the first few reps of an exercise because I had to swap out weights quickly for something more appropriate. Also, it seemed by some of the things Kelly said that the exercises are done timed interval style. I very much missed the timers on screen showing me my work and recovery time. Finally, though I did get a very good workout, this was not as challenging for me as the workouts I normally do. My muscles just didn’t feel as well worked as they normally do.

This DVD also includes premixes (listed at the very bottom of this review) that combine the two main workouts in various ways and also give you shorter versions. The bonus on this DVD is a workout from Kelly’s streaming service “Raw.” It is a cardio step boxing workout. Kelly has some other Step Boxing workouts I have reviewed on this blog: (Step Boxing, Step Boxing 2 (both of which are part of Kelly’s 30 Minutes to Fitness series) and a stand alone also called Step Boxing). I love those workouts so I was pleased to have this little bonus included. Though it has been many years since I have done any of Kelly’s step boxing workouts, I feel like this is a less complicated workout than the DVD workouts. Lots of fun, no confusion or complexity. And it gives you a taste of what she offers on her Raw streaming service in case you are interested in subscribing. Her other other new DVD collection, Power Splits, also has a bonus Raw workout on it but a completely different one. So if you bought both of the DVDs like I did then you can get a better idea of the kind of variety she offers on Raw. Also, when she first started the Raw service she offered 6 workouts free on YouTube (she has since removed them) but if you are truly interested, my reviews are still up and you can read about some of the workouts she offers. However, the links to the workouts in the reviews are dead.

Workout 1 is 29:30 minutes; 4 minute warm up and 2:30 minute cool down (no stretch). Equipment: dumbbells. Optional egg weights or weighted gloves or light dumbbells. Kelly used 15 pound dumbbells (according to the DVD case). The weights listed below are what I used. I also wore one pound weighted gloves.

  1. Cardio boxing
  2. Alternate one deadlift with one squat (25# DBs)
  3. Alternating reverse lunges (when you step back into lunge, hold and do one stationary/static lunge); changes to holding at bottom of lunge for 3 counts (16.5# DBs)
  4. Cardio boxing
  5. Wide plie squats (lower slowly to count of 3) (one 50# DB)
  6. Alternating side lunges (hold at bottom of lunge for 3 counts); when holding at bottom of lunge, add shifting DBs forward then back (20# DBs)
  7. Cardio kickboxing
  8. 2 split squats, alternate legs (narrow split–back foot is right behind front foot) (20# DBs)
  9. Step out squats, alternate sides (hold one DB in both hands, step out to side and lower into squat, hold briefly before rising and stepping feet back together) (one 30# DB)
  10. Cardio kickboxing
  11. Stand with legs wide and one DB on floor between legs, lower into squat, grab DB and stand, squat again and set DB on floor, stand and do 4 single arm cross punches, alternate the punches with the squat combo between each side (one 30# DB)
  12. Turn to side stance with legs wide, DB is on floor in front of you, lower into squat, grab DB and stand, squat again and set DB on floor, stand and do 6 alternating front punches then step over DB so you are facing the opposite direction and repeat (one 30# DB)

Workout 2 is 29:45 minutes; 4:30 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells. Kelly is using 8 pound dumbbells. The weights listed below are what I used. One of the background exercisers does a low impact version of all of the high impact exercises.

  1. 2 insole taps + one cross punch + one duck squat
  2. 2 triple steps + 2 side steps
  3. Peck deck + “slash down” (do a goal post chest fly and when arms are in front of body with palms facing each other, do the bottom half of a hammer curl, pushing DBs behind you at bottom of curl, at top of curl open arms into goalpost again) (12# DBs)
  4. Hinge forward and raise both arms/DBs behind you, keeping arms straight, stand and do an upright row) (12# DBs)
  5. One jumping jack + one knee raise + one jumping jack + one knee raise (other leg) + 4 low impact jacks
  6. Step out into squat then jump and click heels, land in squat then stand while stepping feet back together, alternate sides
  7. Hold both DBs at shoulder, do one single arm overhead press, when DB is back at shoulder level, push DB straight in front of you, palm facing ceiling, alternate arms (12# DBs)
  8. Stand holding both DBs at shoulders, hinge forward and do a double arm tricep kickback, stand and do a single arm hook keeping hips facing forward, alternate arms when doing the hook (8# DBs)
  9. Angle step (step forward on an angle, step back to start), repeat on other side; clasp both hands together, when you step forward, swing hands like you are swinging a bat then insole tap front foot with clasped hands, swing hands like a bat again then step back, alternate sides
  10. Squat and when you stand, twist hips to one side, repeat, then repeat on other side of body
  11. Hold one DB in both hands in front of chest, step one foot back, pull knee in while crunching upper body/DB toward knee and step foot back again, repeat on other side of body (one 18# DB)
  12. Holding one DB in both hands at chest level, do alternating curtsy lunges, between each curtsy lunge do one overhead tricep extension/French press (one 18# DB)
  13. 3 alternating front kicks + 2 jump rope hops
  14. 4 pendulums + 4 lift backs (pendulum=stand with legs wide and hands at small of back, alternate lifting straight leg to side; lift backs=alternate lifting straight leg behind you, one arm reaches in front of you/overhead when leg lifts)
  15. Hinge forward and do one wide row, return to standing (16.5# DBs)
  16. “Gunslinger” (stand with DBs beside hips, as if drawing a gun from its holster, lift DB then punch it out in front of you, alternate arms); changes to doing both arms at the same time (10# DBs)
  17. 3 fast pop squats (squat jacks, pushing both hands down toward ground when in squat) then pause briefly standing with legs together
  18. Alternating forward leaning front lunges (hinge forward over front leg while in lunge while also reaching arms forward); add a double hop between sides
  19. Stand with legs wide, DBs in front of thighs with palms facing forward, keeping elbows close to sides throughout, raise DBs out to side until they tap shoulders then return to start–palms face forward the entire interval (12# DBs)
  20. Hold one DB in each hand, hold DBs together at one shoulder, keeping DBs together, circle DBs overhead to other shoulder then do one single knee raise, chopping DBs down to knee as it raises, alternate sides/legs (10# DBs)
  21. Stand with legs wide and arms extended out to sides in a T (arms will be held in this position the entire exercise), do one crescent knee then kick leg across body toward opposite hand, alternate legs
  22. In straight arm plank, alternate tapping knees to floor; changes to plank hold

Raw Bonus: Step Boxing is 29 minutes; 30 second intro, 3:30 minute warm up and 1:45 minute stretch. Equipment: full step. Optional: egg weights or weighted gloves. I wore weighted gloves. This workout consists of combos. Kelly builds the combos in layers. Between combos she has you doing basic steps on and off the step. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Kelly’s step boxing workouts! This was a lot of fun. No complicated combos but it is a great cardio workout with some upper body toning if you are using light dumbbells, egg weights or weighted gloves. It has been so long since I did any kind of step cardio (well over a year) that it felt so awkward at first! But once I was warmed up, I fell into the groove easily. According to my FitBit I burned 230 calories.

  1. Step w/ a jab-cross, alternate sides
  2. Power 3s
  3. Step w/ a hook, alternate sides; changes to a step w/ 3 alternating hooks, continue alternating sides
  4. Repeat #2
  5. Repeat second part of #3
  6. Repeat #1 & 2
  7. Repeat #5
  8. Repeat the combo of #6 + #7 several times
  9. Alternating step w/ knee raise
  10. Step w/ an upper cut, alternate sides
  11. Repeat #9 & 10 several more times
  12. Step while lifting one leg straight behind you on a diagonal, arms also open out to sides in a T when leg raises, alternate legs
  13. Step out wide to side (on floor) while doing 2 alternating front jabs
  14. Repeat #12 & 13 several more times
  15. Repeat the combo of #11 + #14 several times
  16. L step w/ a hook, alternate sides
  17. Triple knees, alternate legs
  18. Repeat #16 & 17 several more times
  19. Water break
  20. Step one foot on step and do a cross punch, raise knee of leg that is on step, lower back to step and do another cross punch, alternate sides
  21. Step w/ 2 jab-upper cuts + jump rope hop 2x on floor, alternate sides
  22. Repeat #20 & 21 several more times
  23. Bob & weave 2 steps to side then back, step tap 2x w/ same leg on and off step, alternate sides with this combo
  24. Step one foot on step and do jab-cross-hook-upper cut, step foot back on floor and do one jumping jack, alternate sides
  25. Combine first part of #23 (bob & weave 2 steps to side then back) with #24, repeat this combo several times, alternating sides
  26. Step one foot on step and do single arm punches; changes to single arm cross punches; changes to single arm hook punches; changes to single arm upper cuts; changes to jab-cross-hook-upper cut combos
  27. Repeat #26 on other side of body except for final part where you put all of the punches together (jab-cross-hook-upper cut)–she omits that

Premixes: (all premixes have a warm up and stretch)

Cardio Kickbox – No Dumbbells 21:11 minutes

Cardio Hi/Lo – No Dumbbells 19:17 minutes

Dumbbell Blast – Dumbbells Only 27:22 minutes

CardioFit Max (both workouts) 52:42 minutes

All Cardio (both workouts/no dumbbells) 33:59 minutes

Dumbbell Interval – Both Workouts (28 minutes)


9 thoughts on “30 Minutes to Fitness: Cardio Fit

  1. I know what you mean about dvd vs youtube. I still buy dvds because no ads, easy to pause/rewind, plus I really like both Kelly and Cathe. Their chatter usually motivates me rather than bothering me. So I was thrilled to get new Kelly dvds. But now that I have done workouts by Heather and Caroline, I really miss the previews and the on-screen timers when I’m playing the dvds. I want it all!


    1. I subscribe to YouTube premium which is well worth 11.99 a month. No ads. But I also do multiple YouTube workouts daily so I am getting my money’s worth. Kelly and Cathe are the only trainers I still buy DVDs from anymore. Of course, many of my old auto-buy trainers are not making DVDs anymore anyway. Everyone is streaming.


  2. I was Cathe/Kelly DVDs for years with a few wild cards thrown in (Patrick Gervais, Crunch videos, Bosu workouts with various) but I can’t so anything with chatter anymore, Heather Robertson has spoiled me! So many great YouTube workouts with no talking. I so appreciate your reviews that help me keep them all straight! I have a system now to organize them so I’m not clueless at 5:30 am setting it up. I am fit and have always worked out daily or almost but I am in my 60s now – still I feel OK doing Heather knowing what moves I need to modify. Also doing the shorter ones or skipping the repeats on the long ones. But I am not getting rid of my Cathe and Kelly library! Fave Cathe – Ripped with HIIT Low Impact HIIT Workout 2 – fun, great moves, music and production!


    1. You are very welcome! I am the same–I just love those YouTube workouts. I love the high production value of some trainers. Seriously better quality than DVD workouts! And they are FREE! Though I pay for YouTube premium so I don’t have to deal with ads. I agree–I adore the exact same RwH Low Impact Workout 2. I always enjoyed her low impact workouts that use dumbbells to increase intensity.


  3. Good morning!

    I am very intrigued by this workout. I’ve never done Kelly before although I’ve heard her name going way back. The step boxing is totally my style so based on that alone I may buy this DVD. Is that what you’d recommend? I mean, is it a DVD that you’ll be returning to time and again?

    Today I did Caroline’s Endgame 13 Hello Hamstrings/Glutes and ended it with some standing abs (https://youtu.be/qQ8m9buod0Q). She had a lot of variety in the leg workout which made it fun and interesting and she structured it in a way where I could lift heavy throughout. Yay! The standing abs was a nice complement because there’s a big balance component to it and you are working the quads throughout.


    1. That is a loaded question! Pre-rebounder–yes, I would return to this workout frequently. For the cardio premixes and the step boxing. But I love rebounding so much that it is pretty much the main cardio I want to do. When I did DVDs all of the time, my main 2 trainers were Cathe and Kelly, and my main cardio was kickboxing and step cardio (so I really loved it when Kelly combined my two favorites!). So again, if I were doing DVD workouts all the time, I would not only return to the stepboxing bonus, but I would also return to the main workouts frequently. But Caroline, Heather and Naomi are my go-tos for strength work now.

      There is a part of me that does not expect to be able to workout at the level I am working at forever. The Realist. That is the reason I continue to purchase Kelly and Cathe’s workouts. Because at some point I do expect to return to them. I don’t foresee it any time soon, but I love their workouts. Unfortunately there isn’t enough time in a day/week/month/year to do everything I want to do and Caroline, Heather and Naomi just keep creating amazing workouts I want to do! But just like I have tired of other trainers after a time and no longer care to do their workouts (Shaun T, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson. Michele Dozois, Barlates), I may tire of them too one day and return to my standbys.


      1. Ok so I’m going to pose a divisive question … At what point will you say “I can’t do this at this intensity any longer?” When you get hurt? When it’s no longer fun? I keep flipping that question over in my own mind. I guess for me it’ll be when it’s no longer fun and that will be when I can’t physically do them any longer. I often think of Cathe who I know is a few years older than me (I think she’s around 55 now) and when her last DVD will be? She still looks great and is able to work out at a pretty high rate so I’m kind of tracking her to gauge how much time I have left. ☺️


      2. I will just judge by how I feel. I’ve worked through many injuries (shattered heels, cancer treatment, rotator cuff surgery) by modifying and using easier trainers and workouts, but I always return to working out at basically the same level. When it stops being fun or I am working too hard, then I will start scaling things back. Sometimes it’s just getting tired of the same old thing. That was a big thing with Cathe–around the time I discovered Caroline Girvan. Cathe’s workouts started to seem “same old.” Even though she has 100s of different moves, I have done all of her workouts SO MANY TIMES that I was familiar with every single one of them. Plus she structured her workouts the same. So boredom is a big factor. I honestly don’t know. I hope it doesn’t happen for a while but I know the day will come when I need to scale things back–slow down. Maybe that will just mean a different trainer (maybe not even Cathe or Kelly) that slows the pace down. Or maybe it will just mean using lighter weights. I hoarded all of Tracy Long’s workouts because I kind of see her as a retirement trainer. Her workouts are intense with the weights I use now (or used the last time I did her workouts) but she tends to work at a slower pace so with lighter weights, I feel like her workouts will serve me well.


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