Cathe Friedrich

Cathe Friedrich is my favorite fitness trainer. I own everything she has created on DVD except for a few of her spinning workouts. I also subscribed to her Live workouts for about 18 months. During that period I did 127 of her Live workouts. So this blog reviews nearly everything Cathe has created. Cathe creates primarily advanced level home workouts. Her focus is strength training and plyometrics. Though that is not the only thing she does, it is what makes up of the bulk of her offerings. She has also created some beginner level workouts, some intermediate level workouts, kickboxing workouts, low impact workouts, step cardio workouts, even some yoga and flexibility workouts.

Cathe is my favorite trainer because she is one of the few trainers who delivers comprehensive home workouts for the advanced home exerciser. Her library of workouts is vast and there is something for everyone. Cathe has a very professional and friendly demeanor. She never shifts into pure trainer mode in her DVD workouts. By that, I mean, she never stops working out to illustrate form using her background exercisers like other trainers do. Cathe does every rep of every exercise. She usually uses challenging weights, which encourages the home exerciser to challenge themselves to lift heavier, instead of always sticking with 5 and 8 pound dumbbells. In addition, Cathe always demonstrates perfect form when she does each exercise and she does give verbal form pointers as she performs the exercise. With that said, she does shift into trainer mode in her Live workouts.

The majority (not all, but most) of Cathe’s workouts are equipment heavy. You will need a full step, a square step, lots of risers for both steps, a wide range of dumbbells, at least one barbell and plates, various resistance bands, tubes and loops, a sliding device and dixie cups. For some workouts you will need her Fit Tower and for her most comprehensive program (STS) you will need even more equipment! There are some substitutions that can be used for some of the equipment (a chair for the Fit Tower sometimes) but you will get the best workout (IMHO) by using the same equipment Cathe is using.

You can purchase all of her workouts (except her Live workouts) on DVD. Or you can download them, or you can subscribe to her streaming site and have access to every workout she has on DVD, plus her Live workouts, plus her Workout Blender.

Below you will find a list of all of the reviews of Cathe workouts that I have done. I have broken it down by series/program. If the workout was not part of a program, it is listed at the very bottom of this page. Cathe Live workouts have their own page so I linked directly to that and, finally, since STS is a huge, comprehensive program, I only linked to to the overview page since within that overview there are links to every STS workout.

Cathe Live


Fit Split

4 Day Split

Boss Bands:

Total Body

Glutes & Core

Perfect 30:

Perfect HIIT

Perfect Flow

Perfect Pump

Step Boss:



Step Sync

LITE Series:

Series overview


Metabolic Blast

Bodyweight & Bands

Rev’d Up Rumble

Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper

Strong Body Stacked Sets: Lower

Cardio Party

Pyramid Pump

Fit Tower Series:

Fit Tower (three approx. 30 minute workouts)

Boot Camp

Legs, Glutes & Core

Total Body

Strong & Sweaty Series:

PHA Training

Total Body Giant Sets

Boot Camp

Cardio Slam

Ramped Up Upper Body

ICE Series:

Series overview

Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox

Boot Camp Circuit

Low Impact Sweat

Metabolic Total Body

To the Mat: Legs & Glutes

Chiseled Upper Body

Chiseled Lower Body Blast

Ripped with HIIT Series:

Series overview

Low Impact HIIT


HIIT Circuit Upper Body

HIIT Circuit Lower Body

Lift it HIIT it Legs

Lift it HIIT it Chest, Triceps & Shoulders

Lift it HIIT itBack, Biceps & Shoulders

Xtrain Series:

Series overview

Chest, Back & Shoulders

Bi’s & Tri’s

Cardio Leg Blast


Burn Sets

Super Cuts

Hard Strikes

All Out Low Impact HIIT


Low Impact Series:


Athletic Training

Cardio Supersets

Total Body Trisets

Slide & Glide

Turbo Barre

Yoga Max

Yoga Relax

Low Impact Challenge

Shock Cardio Series:

Travel Fit

High Intensity Interval Training

Athletic Step

Circuit Blast

Cardio Core Circuit

MMA Boxing

MMA Kickbox

MMA Fusion

Hardcore Series:

Kick Max

Core Max

Gym Style Chest & Triceps

Gym Style Legs

Gym Style Back, Shoulders & Biceps

Low Max

Stretch Max

Imax 3

Muscle Max

High Step Challenge

Hardcore Extreme

Body Blast Series:

Kick, Punch & Crunch

Legs & Glutes

Step, Jump & Pump

Step Blast


Push Pull

Intensity Series:


Muscle Endurance

Imax 2

Cardio & Weights

Pyramid Lower & Upper Body


Non-Series workouts:

STS Total Body

Greatest Hits Volume 1

Cardio Fusion


Party Rockin’ Step #1

Party Rockin’ Step #2

Rockout Knockout

Flex Train

Great Glutes

Lean Legs & Abs

To the Max


High Reps


Lower Body Blast

Butts & Guts

Drill Max

Body Max 2

Low Impact Circuit

Low Impact Step + Total Body Sculpting

Basic Step

Total Body Stretching

Body Fusion

High Step Training

Pure Strength

Classics Volume 1

Cardio Hits

Cross Train Express

Circuit Max

Cardio Kicks

Interval Max (Imax)

Maximum Intensity Cardio

Rhythmic Step

Boot Camp Body Blast

Slow and Heavy

Maximum Intensity Strength

Power Hour

Body Max