Cathe Friedrich’s MMA Fusion

Cathe’s MMA Fusion is a 50 minute kickboxing/MMA workout; 8 minute warm up, 34 minute training period and 8 minute cool down/stretch. 

What can I say about this workout except WOW. Today was the first time I did MMA Fusion. I, of course, did my research before getting this workout and the reviews were very mixed, so I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Some people loved it. Some people hated it. Some people said it was too easy. Some people said it was too hard. Some people said it was the perfect intensity. Seriously! But because Cathe is my new obsession, I was willing to give it a go. And I am so glad I did. I am in the LOVE IT camp! 

MMA Fusion is unlike any kickboxing—or even cardio—workout I have ever done. I would go so far as to say there is somewhat of a strength component to it. I know my lower body sure feels sore. Any kickboxing workout in which you focus on form will give you a great lower body workout—but this one seemed to give me more than that. A more appropriate title for this workout might be “Street Fighting.” There were elements of kickboxing, but this was instructed with actual fighting directions. In fact, more than any other MMA workout I’ve done, I feel like maybe I could take some of the things I learned in this workout and defend myself—and do some damage! The pace is slower than most of the kickboxing workouts I do, but that doesn’t subtract from intensity. In fact, it is necessary if you want your form to be precise. And you do. If you’ve read any of my other kickboxing reviews, you’ll know that the key to getting the most out of a kickboxing workout (any workout, really) is to focus on form. 

The warm up is rather long, but it is a great warm up—she tries to warm up every joint and muscle. It starts with lots of punches, then moves to knees and front lunges, side squats, side lunges and sumos with elbow strikes and hammer punches. The training period contains 3 combo circuits alternated with 3 anaerobic/plyo drills. I have to say—some of these are the most unusual combos I’ve ever seen in a kickboxing workout. Combo #2 in particular—I don’t even know how to explain it properly. You need a mat because you will be on your back at one point in the circuit, kicking while on one knee—then you will also be on your feet doing plyometrics!

After the combo/drill circuits, you do a series of conditioning drills that are pretty cool. Something called a superman punch, turtle spins, ground and pound planks (wow!), and more. You’ll need a medicine ball for one move. 

The workout ends with a long stretch that is well earned, I think! This was a very challenging workout. Again, it was a bit slower paced then the martial arts type workouts I’m used to, but it seems necessary. You get what you put into it. And if you work hard and try to get the moves precise, you will get  a lot out of this workout. It will take doing this workout several times for it to really flow for me—but that isn’t a bad thing. Like I said, it is a challenging workout and will take a bit of time and practice to get a flow going. I loved it though. Another amazing Cathe workout!

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