LITE: Bodyweight & Bands

Bodyweight & Bands is part of Cathe‘s LITE series. LITE stands for Low Impact Training Extreme and Cathe created it as an intermediate level workout series. For more information on the LITE series as a whole, please see the LITE Series review. Bodyweight & Bands contains 4 bonuses that are included in premixes and can also be done on their own: 6 Pack Abs #2, Pyramid Pump Triceps, Extended Stretch #2 and Calorie Crush. They are all broken down below the workout breakdown.

This is a really great total body workout. I am not a fan of band workouts though I do think they are effective. I just prefer dumbbells. However, later this year I will start traveling with my job so I will need workouts like this one when I am living out of a hotel room. For that purpose, it is perfect. And I am referring to the main workout. The Calorie Crush is all high impact, so unless you are on the ground floor, you cannot do that in a hotel room. All of the bands I used in this workout I bought from Cathe’s website store. So when I started the workout I had 3 levels of 6 foot resistance bands (light, medium and heavy), 3 levels of resistance loops (light, medium and heavy) and a medium resistance tube all on the floor in front of me in case I needed them. The ones I actually used are the medium and heavy resistance bands and loops. I never ended up using the light band/loops. I do not think Cathe sells exercise equipment on her site anymore. I just went and checked and it appears all she sells are DVDs now.

This worked me very well. As usual with band work, I do feel like it worked my shoulders more than other muscle groups–except the lower body. She does work your lower body well with the loop. I used the heavy loop for all standing lower body work and the medium loop for the floor lower body work. In addition, I used the medium resistance band for all of the exercises except the back work which is done on the mat. I used the heavy band for that.

Bodyweight & Bands is 43 minutes; 4:30 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: resistance loop, resistance band and resistance tubing (with handles). The workout starts with Cathe holding the resistance loop and talking about the sorts of bands you will be using. Then you put the loop around your ankles for the first exercise, so you can do that while she’s talking to save time. She also suggests wearing lifting gloves so the resistance bands don’t slip in your hands.

  1. Puddle jumpers w/ resistance loop around ankles
  2. Firewalkers (walking 4 steps side to side, resistance loop still around ankles)
  3. Side to side sumo squats (resistance loop is still around ankles and you are also holding resistance band, one end in each hand, pull band apart (posture pulls) each time you do a sumo squat); changes to pivoting side to side sumo squats
  4. (remove loop from ankles) Bow and arrow lunges (fold resistance band in half and put one thumb through the end loop, hold both ends of band together in other hand, arm w/ band around thumb is held out straight in front of you, do a side lunge to the back, while pulling other arm/band back as if pulling back a bow/arrow string)
  5. Standing tricep overhead extension (stand on resistance band and bring band overhead, holding both ends of the band in both hands, raise arms/band straight, lower halfway, raise band all the way then lower all the way–you are only bending from the elbows)
  6. Tricep press downs done to various tempos (fold band in half and loop folded end over one thumb then press that hand w/ the band against opposite shoulder, hold the band at about waist level with other hand and pull band down, keeping it secure against shoulder as you pull)
  7. Front raise in tree pose, singles and pulses (stand in split stance w/ band under front foot, hold one end of band in each hand, secure one end of band against hip and do straight arm front raise with other hand/band; about halfway through bring back leg in to modified tree post)
  8. X pattern rear delt pulls, singles and pulses (hold band in both hands w/ about 2 feet of band between hands, extend arms straight in front of you and hold band diagonally (one hand is high and one hand low) and pull band open on a diagonal)
  9. Single leg deadlift w/ rear pulses (stand in split stance w/ resistance tube under front foot, hold a handle in each hand with palms facing behind you and pressing behind you, hinge forward keeping front leg straight then stand; every 3rd deadlift stay hinged over and pulse straight arms/tube up behind you 5x)
  10. Single arm bicep curls (stand in split stance w/ resistance loop under back foot and both handles held in same side hand, lean forward slightly and do bicep curls; bring feet together, loop still under same foot and do bicep pulses)
  11. Standing overhead press (loop is under one foot, a handle in each hand, one end of loop longer than the other, do one arm overhead press with hand holding longer end of loop)
  12. Rear lunges w/ bicep curls (stand on band with one foot, one handle in each hand, do 2 reverse lunges w/ other foot while also doing bicep curls then stand and do 3 bicep pulses)
  13. Upright rows (stand on band, feet/legs together, holding a handle in each hand, pull handles up (palms facing body) and lower halfway, pull back up then lower all the way; changes to pulsing at top of row)

Mat work:

  1. Push ups on knees (3 counts down, one up; changes to 2 counts down, 2 up; changes to down 1 count, up 3 counts)
  2. Seated double arm rows (sit with legs extended in front of you and loop the resistance band around feet, cross the band holding one end of the band in each hand down close to your shoes, pull band back toward sides of body keeping elbows close to sides)
  3. L position pulses (place resistance loop around ankles, lay on side, propped up on elbow with legs extended in front of you on an angle, lift and pulse leg up 32x; hold leg up isometrically)
  4. Hip dips with leg press (in modified elbow plank w/ resistance band looped around top foot, holding both ends of band in top hand, hand holding band is on floor in front of chest, bring top knee in toward chest and press foot out while raising and lowering hips)
  5. Inner thigh press (lay on one hip, propped on elbow, resistance band looped around bottom foot, both ends of band held in top hand and top leg bent, foot securing band to floor, pulse up bottom leg 32x; hold bottom leg up isometrically)
  6. Repeat 4 & 5 on other leg
  7. Glute squeezes (lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, resistance band is folded in half and placed over hips, one end of band in each hand and pressed into floor beside hips, raise and lower hips; changes to pulses; raise one leg toward ceiling and continue pulsing hips up)

Calorie Crush is 8:30 minutes; 50 second cool down. The calorie crush starts with the resistance loop already around your ankles while Cathe and crew are hopping. The loop remains around your ankles for entire Calorie Crush until the cool down. This was an intense little Calorie Crush! Not as intense as some of the others in this program but intense enough! My heart rate never got into the peak zone (according to my FitBit) but I felt like I was working hard.

  1. Jacks & scissors
  2. Ice breakers
  3. Twist & travel combo (hopping hip twist moving to side + 4 jacks then twist hop to other side and do 4 jacks)
  4. Touchdown jacks (squat jack touching one hand to floor when squatting w/ 2 hops between each squat jack)
  5. Heel toe combo (hopping heel dig move)
  6. Snowboards (180 jump squats, touching floor with one hand when in squat)
  7. Air squats
  8. Reach & taps (tap one foot out to side while pushing same side arm overhead)
  9. Traveling scissors
  10. 4 jacks + 4 air jacks
  11. Low impact firewalker combo

6 Pack Abs #2 is 10 minutes; 40 second stretch. Another excellent intermediate level core workout. I did not like it as much as 6 Pack Abs #1 but it is still a great core bonus. I found this one a little more challenging than 6 Pack Abs #1.

  1. Long leg lift crunches (lay on back, hands behind head and legs extended straight, do basic crunches while lifting one straight leg, alternate legs; changes to extending arms straight over head)
  2. Long reach butterfly sit ups (lay on back, knees bent and open with soles of feet together, place one hand behind head and other arm is extended straight overhead, do a full sit up trying to keep feet on floor, alternate which hand is behind head and which arm is extended)
  3. Reverse cycling (start on back but prop yourself up on your elbows, bicycle legs but in the opposite direction that you would traditionally cycle)
  4. Wide swing knee ups (lay on back, legs extended straight and arms extended over head/on floor in a V, do a full sit up while also raising one leg and bringing both hands under knee, alternate legs)
  5. Side to side tap outs (sit on bottom, knees bent and feet raised off floor, palms on mat behind you, rotate hips to one side lowering onto forearm and tapping other hand against same side/ top calf, alternate sides)
  6. Roll ups (start sitting up in C sit with arms extended overhead, roll down to mat then roll back up to straight spine with arms extended overhead, roll back down halfway and hold for 4 counts then lower back down to mat)
  7. Knee circle planks (in straight arm plank, bend one knee and circle the knee)
  8. Staggered arm plank holds (start in knee elbow plank and hold, raise knees so you are in full elbow plank and hold; while in full elbow plank, alternate walking forearms forward and back)

Extended Stretch #2 is 11 minutes. This is absolutely wonderful and exactly what I need at this time in my life–more flexibility work. I am so thrilled that Cathe has added one of these extended stretches to each DVD in this series. I plan to use them a lot. Maybe every single time I do a LITE workout. This one is wonderful and the fact it starts with some basic standing flows really just extends the cool down with some dynamic stretching. When she uses the Extended Stretches in premixes (tacked on to the end of the workout) you skip the stretch that is part of the workout and go straight to the Extended Stretch bonus.

Starts in mountain pose. Inhale and extend arms overhead then swan dive down into forward fold, straighten spine/flatten back then roll back up to standing, keep repeating this flow. Hold forward fold. Step one leg back so you are in runners lunge then lower back knee to mat; leave one palm on floor and rotate spine raising other arm (same side as front leg) to ceiling. Return to forward fold. Raise into flat back and hold; roll back to standing, raising arms overhead, forward fold then step back to down dog. Child’s pose. Butterfly stretch w/ palms on floor behind hips to stretch chest. Still seated on mat, knees bent and feet on floor, hands still on mat behind hips, raise hips and cross one ankle over opposite knee then lower hips to floor; from this position, lower leg to floor so you are sitting in a modified lotus position, twist spine placing one hand on floor behind you and other arm on knee; in same position, take arm that was on floor behind you and extend overhead and to opposite side. Sit on bottom with straight legs extended in a wide V in front of you and walk hands out between thighs. Sit cross-legged and walk hands out on floor in front of you. Sit cross-leg with backs of hands resting on knees, palms facing the ceiling and eyes closed.

Pyramid Pump Triceps (6 minutes) Each exercise is done for 5 sets and each set increases in reps then decreases back down the pyramid in this fashion: 1 set of 12 reps, 1 set of 10 reps, 1 set of 8 reps, 1 set of 10 reps, 1 set of 12 reps. Equipment: stability ball and dumbbells.

Since I did not do any of the Pyramid Pump Bonuses as add ons to the main workout, I cannot accurately review them that way. I did the Pyramid Pumps using the bonus DVD that collects them all together. See the Pyramid Pump review if you want more information.

Standing Kickbacks (DBs) + Lying Tricep Extensions (stability ball and DBs)

(Cathe uses the same DBs for both exercises: 5# DBs for 1st set, 8# DBs for 2nd set, 10# DBs for 3rd set, 8# DBs for 4th set, 5# DBs for 5th set)


Basic Premixes:

Main Workout + Extended Stretch #2 (50:45 minutes)

Main Workout + 6 Pack Abs #2 (53:03 minutes)

Main Workout + 6 Pack Abs #2 + Extended Stretch #2 (60:38 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush (51:33 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush + Extended Stretch #2 (59:09 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush + 6 Pack Abs #2 (61:27 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush + 6 Pack Abs #2 + Extended Stretch #2 (69:02 minutes)

Main Workout + Pyramid Pump Triceps (49:24 minutes)

Main Workout + Pyramid Pump Triceps + 6 Pack Abs #2 (59:18 minutes)

Main Workout + Pyramid Pump Triceps + 6 Pack Abs #2 + Extended Stretch #2 (75:17 minutes)

Timesaver Premixes:

Timesaver #1 (Calorie Crush) (15:59 minutes)

Timesaver #2 (standing–no floor) (30:51 minutes)

Timesaver #3 (floor–no standing) (19:54 minutes)

Timesaver #4 (Calorie Crush + Pyramid Pump Triceps) (22:15 minutes)

Timesaver #5 (Standing exercises only + Pyramid Pump Triceps) (37:06 minutes)

Timesaver #6 (Floor exercises only + Pyramid Pump Triceps) (26:09 minutes)

Timesaver #7 (Pyramid Pump Triceps) (13:51 minutes)

Scrambled Premixes:

Scrambled #1 (floor exercises first) (43:09 minutes)

Scrambled #2 (mixed with 6 Pack Abs #2) (53:03 minutes)

Double Standing (54:06 minutes)

Double Floor (32:12 minutes)

Double Standing + Calorie Crush (62:30 minutes)

Double it (78:43 minutes)


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