LITE: Cardio Party

Cardio Party is part of Cathe‘s LITE series. LITE stands for Low Impact Training Extreme and Cathe created it as intermediate level workout series. For more information on the LITE series as a whole, please see the LITE Series review. Cardio Party includes 4 bonuses that are included in the premixes and can also be done on their own: Calorie Crush, 6 Pack Abs #1, Pyramid Pump Chest and Extended Stretch #1. They are all broken down below the workout breakdown.

I really enjoyed this workout. The first thing to note is that this is definitely an intermediate cardio workout. Easier than the cardio from Cathe’s ICE series. And for comparison’s sake, I think it is on the level of Jessica Smith’s Walk Strong cardio workouts. It is more advanced than most (but not all) of Jessica’s Walk On workouts. But it is nowhere near the advanced level of Cathe’s other cardio offerings. I am not referring to the Calorie Crush btw–that is reviewed below the main workout.

Cardio Party was a lot of fun. It is not a low impact workout, regardless of what she says. What Cathe considers low impact is not what other trainers consider low impact. Cathe still jumps/hops in some of her low impact workouts including this one. Other trainers apply the term literally, there will be no jumping or hopping. So there is impact–it just isn’t high or explosive impact. It is lower than the impact in most of her other cardio workouts. The first time I did this workout I did Basic Premix 4 that includes the Calorie Crush and I burned 460 calories (according to my FitBit). I was in my cardio zone the entire workout except during the Calorie Crush which pushed me into my peak zone. So I feel like I got a great cardio workout. It was a lot of fun and it did not run me into the ground. I really enjoyed the music used during the first Hi/Lo segment (#4 below). I didn’t really notice the music during the rest of the workout but I found the music during #4 very motivating and it did make me add extra energy and hops to some of the moves. This workout has a long warm up and some of the moves in the warm up reappear during the workout. The second time I did this workout I did the Basic Premix #3 which includes 6 Pack Abs #1 and Extended Stretch #1. I didn’t burn as many calories (340 according to my FitBit) but I still got a great and enjoyable workout. The first Hi/Lo segment really motivated me again and 6 Pack Abs #1 really hits your core thoroughly. And I just love the Extended Stretches. They are a wonderful way to finish off any workout.

Cardio Party is 39 minutes; 9 minute warm up and 4 minute cool down/stretch. No equipment needed. However, during the boxing segments I used one pound boxing grips to increase the intensity a bit. I am listing all of the exercises/combos in the order they appear but Cathe returns to many of them several times.

  1. Cardio boxing
  2. Jump rope w/ alternating knee raises
  3. Cardio boxing
  4. Hi/Lo: walk forward and back; add a hop; 3 V steps + step knee; V step forward and back; mambo forward and back; single arm speed bag moving forward + cross punch and 2 steps back; repeater knees
  5. Blast 1: 3 ground and pounds + 3 high blocks
  6. Cardio boxing
  7. Hopping hip/heel shifts side to side w/ various arm movements
  8. 2 low squatting side steps then reach toward opposite foot
  9. Grapevine
  10. Cardio boxing
  11. Hi/Lo: grapevines; chasse w/ cross-back step; hamstring curls; up and back hop steps; low side to side steps
  12. Blast 2: punch up to side then down to other side w/ tap outs
  13. Cardio boxing
  14. Air squats
  15. Attacks (small hops up onto toes while bringing clasped hands down from overhead to between thighs)

Calorie Crush is 15 minutes; the last minute is a cool down. Equipment: 6 inch step. This is like a mini Imax workout, made up of 4 step combos separated by intensity blasts. Each step combo is repeated 6 times before doing the blast. I am only breaking down the blasts below. I really enjoyed this bonus. It definitely kicks the intensity up several notches. I was in my peak heart rate zone (according to my FitBit) during the Calorie Crush. The choreography is complex in my opinion and it is not taught in layers–just thrown at you, so I had trouble catching on to every single combo. And I never did completely catch onto combo #3. But that is okay because it clearly still worked me hard! There is a lot more impact/jumping in the Calorie Crush than there is in the main workout. No tuck jumps or burpees but you are definitely jumping. If this still isn’t intense enough for you, raise your step to 8 inches.

  1. Wide jump onto step, jump off + one plyo jack + power 3
  2. 3 hops w/ hamstring curls traveling around edge of step; straddle jacks on step
  3. Over facing over step (laterally); changes to just lateral steps over the step
  4. 4 wide box jumps + around the world knees

6 Pack Abs #1 is 10 minutes; 30 second stretch. Equipment: fitness mat. This was an impressive core bonus! I love it and it did an excellent job working my entire core, front to back. It has a lot of boxing inspired moves. I always have a pair of boxing grips near by and used them for any core move that included a boxing arm movement. I definitely think this is intermediate level–maybe even high intermediate level. It really challenged me but I was able to do every exercise as presented by Cathe, so it isn’t advanced. I loved it!

  1. Alternating Sit Outs (lower into bear crawl position, place one hand on ground and extend same side leg out underneath you and straight out to side while tapping shoulder with opposite hand, alternate sides)
  2. Triangle Choke Reverse Lift (lay on back, extend one leg straight to ceiling, other leg is bent with foot behind other knee, hands are on mat beside hips, do a reverse crunch in this position; do 8 reps then swap legs and do 8 more reps, do 8 more reps alternating legs)
  3. Guard Block Punches (lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, hands are on guard, crunch up then lean to side, return to center then lower (Cathe calls it “slip side”, alternate sides)
  4. Body Shot Sit Ups (do a full sit up then do a body shot punch, alternate arms)
  5. Boxer Sit Ups (full sit ups w/ 4 cross punches at top of sit up–two high and two low)
  6. Hip Thrusts w/ Upstrike (lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, do hip raise and punch arm across body toward floor at head level, alternate sides)
  7. V Plank (in straight arm plank, bring foot up outside of same side hand, alternate sides; changes to bringing foot up to outside of same side hand then bring same foot up under body, knee toward chest, alternate sides)
  8. Supermans
  9. Repeat #7 & 8

Extended Stretch #1 is 13 minutes. These Extended Stretches are an excellent way to end a workout. Cathe takes you through some very basic and relaxing flows to cool you down after you finish your workout then starts stretching you out. This one stretches out your entire body but there is a lot of focus on the lower body so it is a nice one to use at the end of a cardio or lower body workout.

Starts sitting cross-leg on mat w/ backs of hands on knees and palms facing ceiling (where Extended Stretch #2 ends, actually) with eyes closed, taking deep breaths. Still sitting cross-leg, twist torso placing one hand on floor behind you and other on knee to stretch spine. Get on hands and knees and do cat/cow. Child’s pose; while in child’s pose, walk hands out to one side and continue stretching. Down dog. Lower body down to mat so you are laying on belly, push back to child’s pose then back into down dog. In down dog, bend one knee and hold then switch legs and hold; continue pedaling feet. Walk hands back to feet and hang down in forward fold, hands gripping opposite elbows. Still in forward fold, lower hands to floor and rotate head side to side. Walk hands out to down dog, lower down to mat and back into child’s pose. Up dog. Pigeon pose. Lay on back and hug knees into chest; circle hips to massage spine. Lay on back, one knee bent with foot on floor, other leg extended to ceiling, hands pulling calf to stretch leg. Place ankle over bent knee then pull leg/knee into chest (reclining pigeon); close gap between thighs so they are crossed and grip feet, gently pulling down on feet. Happy baby pose. Corpse pose. Return to cross-leg position with backs of hands on knees and palms facing ceiling.

Pyramid Pump Chest (7 minutes) Each exercise is done for 5 sets and each set increases in reps then decreases back down the pyramid in this fashion: 1 set of 12 reps, 1 set of 10 reps, 1 set of 8 reps, 1 set of 10 reps, 1 set of 12 reps. Equipment: dumbbells, sliding device, stability ball and a fitness mat.

Since I did not do any of the Pyramid Pump Bonuses as add ons to the main workout, I cannot accurately review them that way. I did the Pyramid Pumps using the bonus DVD that collects them all together. See the Pyramid Pump review if you want more information.

Chest Fly + Incline Chest Press (stability ball and DBs for both)

(Cathe uses the same DBs for both exercises: 8# DBs for 1st set, 10# DBs for 2nd set, 12# DBs for 3rd set, 10# DBs for 4th set, 8# DBs for 5th set)


Basic Premixes:

Main Workout + Extended Stretch #1 (48:16 minutes)

Main Workout + 6 Pack Abs #1 (49:00 minutes)

Main Workout + 6 Pack Abs #1 + Extended Stretch #1 (58:13 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush (54:11 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush + Extended Stretch #1 (63:23 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush + 6 Pack Abs #1 (64:07 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush + 6 Pack Abs #1 + Extended Stretch #1 (73:30 minutes)

Main Workout + Pyramid Pump Chest (45:52 minutes)

Main Workout + Pyramid Pump Chest + 6 Pack Abs #1 (55:49 minutes)

Main Workout + Pyramid Pump Chest + 6 Pack Abs #1 + Extended Stretch #1 (80:09 minutes)

Timesaver Premixes:

Timesaver #1 (Calorie Crush) (27:53 minutes)

Timesaver #2 (Blasts + Calorie Crush) (31:57 minutes)

Timesaver #3 (only Hi/Lo) (23:07 minutes)

Timesaver #4 (Only boxing) (25:23 minutes)

Timesaver #5 (Hi/Lo + Blasts) (27:11 minutes)

Timesaver #6 (boxing + Blasts) (29:26 minutes)

Timesaver #7 (1st round only) (25:18 minutes)

Timesaver #8 (2nd round only) (23:54 minutes)

Timesaver #9 (3rd round only) (16:51 minutes)

Timesaver #10 (1st & 2nd rounds) (35:43 minutes)

Timesaver #11 (1st & 3rd rounds) (28:39 minutes)

Timesaver #12 (2nd & 3rd rounds) (17:15 minutes)

Timesaver #13 (Pyramid Pump Chest) (19:35 minutes)

Scrambled Premixes:

Scrambled #1 (Calorie Crush MishMosh) (53:27 minutes)

Scrambled #2 (Calorie Crush MishMosh) (51:24 minutes)

Scrambled #3 (Boxing & Blasts MishMosh) (37:34 minutes)

Scrambled #4 (Hi/Lo & Blasts MishMosh) (40:51 minutes)

Scrambled #5 (Boxing & Abs mixed in) (34:36 minutes)

Scrambled #6 (Boxing & Abs at the end) (35:20 minutes)

Double It (64:37 minutes)



5 thoughts on “LITE: Cardio Party

  1. So one thing to keep in mind on this calorie crush, is that there is no breakdown on purpose so that after repeated workouts, you don’t feel bored with the teaching segment. There are only 4 combos, so she is trying to get to it quickly.

    Of course, I don’t think anyone will catch onto these combos the first time out of the gate (especially the pony/straddle combo, which baffled me initially…and I am a complex step lover!).

    But for me, this was the best of all the calorie crushes: it is fun to concentrate on the step combo, then get my heart rate high, bring it back down, and start a new combo. And just 4 rounds (not 10, like iMax 2), so keep your spirits up!

    My calves are burning on the second blast with the 3 hops around and over…not sure why I find that the hardest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Cathe’s IMAX workouts. I have no problem with the choreography in IMAX 1 & 2, but IMAX 3 was so complex. I think the choreography in this bonus is similar to IMAX 3 complexity. Intense–but i makes you think, too. At 4:30am tho, I am not always at the top of my game mentally!


  2. hi, do you think this workout would be easy to follow? keep in mind I have two left feet! you sound like you are doing well!


    1. The main workout–yes, it is easy to follow. I have two left feet as well and hate complex choreography and I had no problems with it. The Calorie Crush on the other hand is a short step add on and it has complex step choreography. But that is not included in the main workout. To do the Calorie Crush you have to choose a premix that includes it. So you should have no problem with the main workout.


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