Cathe’s Maximum Intensity Strength

Maximum Intensity Strength is a solid old school Cathe strength workout, circa 1998. It is the third workout on the Power Hour + workout DVD that contains 3 workouts. Body Max and Power Hour have already been reviewed on this blog.

Maximum Intensity Strength looks dated, but it is an excellent strength workout. It is straight forward weight work. Nothing fancy about it. Because of that, some folks might find this workout boring. I will admit it doesn’t have the fun factor that most Cathe workouts contain, but it is such a great workout I know I will use it frequently.

Because it is an older workout, it is set up a little differently. It is chaptered, of course, (yay Cathe!) and even has the workout broken down so you can “mix and match”–but no actual pre-mixes. Nevertheless, it would be simple to go in and just do upper body or lower body–or just back and biceps–any combination you want. The “mix and match” section has it broken down that way to make it simple.

It clocks in at 75 minutes, but is actually a bit shorter than that. Again, unlike her newer DVDs, you cannot skip the two and half minute intro–though you can just fast forward over it. So minus that, the workout is 72:30; 6:30 warm up, 62:30 training time and 3:30 stretch. I will break it down even further for you here: lower body 19 minutes, chest 8 minutes, back 8 minutes, shoulders 5:30 minutes, biceps 5:30 minutes, triceps 8 minutes and abs 8:30 minutes.

You need an 8 inch step, a barbell and dumbbells for this workout. The warm up is a light cardio workout on the step. The choreography for the warm up is pretty basic.

Lower Body: squats, static lunges, plie squats, quarter deadlifts, back lunges, back lunges off step.
Chest: push ups, lying chest press, lying chest fly; repeat all three moves.
Back: bent rows, bent rows underhand grip, reverse flies
Shoulders: upright row, overhead press, lateral bent arm raises
Biceps: crazy eights and full curls, hammer curls, hammer curls with twist at top
Triceps: lying french press, close grip tricep bench press, tricep dips off step, tricep kickbacks

You finish with ab work (your feet will be on the step through the ab work), then a stretch that focuses on the abs first, then the lower body.

So, as you can see, these are standard exercises. The reps range from 8 to 16 (often 12) and most exercises are repeated at least once. She usually gives you a short break between a set and you stretch the muscle you worked briefly. The tempo of the reps are slow enough that you can go pretty heavy.

A solid, excellent strength workout! Another Cathe gem.

5 thoughts on “Cathe’s Maximum Intensity Strength

  1. Hope you do not mind me picking your brain here: do you know which Cathe workout(s) have the most thorough Back routines (besides STS)? : )


    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply–it has been a busy new years for me! I think Ripped w/HIIT’s Lift it Hit it Back, Biceps & Shoulders is excellent. Not only because of the finishers but the shoulder work is all rear delt work. It’s been a while since I did it, but I remember Cross Train Express back work being excellent. As for new stuff–the Muscle Meltdown on ICE Low Impact Sweat is excellent. That review will be going up next week but as long as you use the appropriate weight for you (rather than the lighter weights Cathe is using because it is an “intermediate” program) then you will work your back hard. Cathe almost always works the back well in her strength workouts. However, the trainers who have the best back workouts is Body Beast, hands down. Followed by RIPT90.


      1. Thank you! : ) I posted here as I think the back work in this particular Cathe dvd is excellent. I was looking for the most thorough. I pre-ordered ICE, so this sounds excellent with the M Melts! Very looking forward to trying this one. I don’t have any Hiit ones of hers just cause the pacing looked quite fast for me, although I suppose the lifting ones wouldn’t be. Cool! Yes. Body Beast. Have been looking for this one on Craigslist for awhile now.
        : ) Thank you for the suggestions and I am looking forward to trying ICE myself and to reading your reviews at some time.
        Happy New Year!!


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