LITE: Metabolic Blast

Metabolic Blast is part of Cathe‘s LITE series. LITE stands for Low Impact Training Extreme and Cathe created it as intermediate level workout series. For more information on the LITE series as a whole, please see the LITE Series review. Metabolic Blast contains 4 bonuses that are included in premixes and can also be done on their own: 6 Pack Abs #2, Pyramid Pump Back, Extended Stretch #2 and Calorie Crush. They are all broken down below the workout breakdown.

This was another great metabolic weight training workout, similar to ICE‘s Metabolic Total Body. Cathe used pretty light weights in this workout, so the very first time I did it I used heavier dumbbells than Cathe did on most of the exercises, and I still ended up putting up arrows on several of the exercises, so I increased some of the weights the next time I did the workout. So the second time through I got a much better workout. However, some of the exercises were tough (for me) even with the light weight Cathe was using. But I have chronic left shoulder problems that have been flaring up recently. So part of the problem was pain–but some of it was just the muscle burning out. For instance, the first exercise when you go to the mat–side plank with rear delt raise. I started with a 5 pound dumbbell (which is heavier than the 3 pounder Cathe was using) but then ended up dropping down to a 3 pound weight because it was burning my arm and shoulder out–on both arms, not just my left! The second time I did this workout I went straight to 3s and at first, it felt ridiculously light, but soon enough, my shoulder was burning with just the 3 pounder!

This is a great workout but I think it did focus on my shoulders a lot more than any other muscle group, unlike Metabolic Total Body which really does hit every muscle group and with heavy enough dumbbells can give you true total body strength workout. This workout gave me some good cardio, too. With the right weights, I found this more of a weighted cardio workout than a strength workout–except for the shoulders. They get worked very well. This is not entirely low impact either. There is a little bit of jumping, which surprised me. I found some of it (#2 especially) hard to modify into a low impact move. However, I was not trying so this is just an opinion. I have no problems with impact, I just expected a workout like this to have zero impact. #11 below is a balance move that I had to modify, I just did knee lift and kicks since I am very balance challenged. The next time I do this workout, I plan to do the double standing premix.

Metabolic Blast is 42 minutes; 6 minute warm up and 5:30 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells. The workout starts with Cathe and crew already holding a set of 5 pound dumbbells. I list the weights Cathe used and the weights I used. If I only list Cathe’s weight, that means I used the same weight she did.

Metabolic Standing:

  1. Reverse lunge w/ bicep curl + overhead press + side lunge w/ side leg lift + one arm overhead press (Cathe is using 5# DBs; I used 8# DBs)
  2. One arm snatch (DB on floor, grab DB w/ one hand and do a snatch overhead, return to floor and jack feet in and out), alternate arms (Cathe used one 8# DB, I used one 12# DB)
  3. 4 jabs up, 4 jabs across, 4 leg abductions, squat w/ a small hop, stand and do overhead press (Cathe used 5# DBs)
  4. Forward leaning rear delt fly 2x + curl into overhead press into 2 overhead tricep extensions (Cathe is using 5# DBs; I used 8# DBs)
  5. Squat Lunge / Squat Press (facing the side, squat w/ DB at shoulder, pivot into lunge facing front while lowering DB toward foot, pivot back into squat facing side, pivot back into lunge facing front while doing an overhead press) (Cathe uses one 5# DB, I used one 9# DB)
  6. 8 pass under lunges / 8 traveling lunges (alternating reverse lunges while passing DB under front thigh / alternating very shallow side lunges while holding DB in both hands and circling it in between lunges) (Cathe uses one 5# DB; I used one 8# DB)
  7. Squat w/ 2 small jumps / lunge kick lunge stand (side squat to each side w/ small hops (curl DBs to shoulders when squatting) / reverse lunge w/ bicep curl + front kick + rear lunge w/ bicep curl then stand) (Cathe uses 5# DBs; I used 8# DBs)
  8. Cross back lunge w/ lateral raise / 1 front raise / upright row (Cathe uses 5# DBs)
  9. 3 squat press / 1 goal post press / 2 singles (singles=one squat press + one goal post press) (Cathe uses 5# DBs; I used 7# DBs)
  10. Rear lunge w/ torso twist, alternate sides (DBs start at sides, curl up when lunging and bring DBs together for twist) (Cathe uses 8# DBs)
  11. Alternating bicep curls w/ leg extensions, alternate legs (balance move–standing on one leg, raise knee, extend leg then lower leg–do bicep curls while doing this) (Cathe is using 5# DBs; I used 8# DBs)
  12. Front / Lateral raise w/ calf pumps (keeping both arms straight, lift one arm to the front while lifting the other to the side, alternate arms doing calf pumps throughout) (Cathe used 3# DBs; I used 5# DBs)
  13. Scarecrow lift w/ hamstring curls (Cathe uses 3# DBs)

Metabolic Floor:

  1. Side plank w/ front angle rear delt raise (Cathe is in modified side elbow plank, top leg extended straight w/ bottom leg bent; starts with single reps then changes to lower arm, lift halfway, lower arm then lift all the way to top) (Cathe used one 3# DB)
  2. Weighted sit ups (full sit ups holding DBs in front of chest w/ arms bent) (Cathe used 5# DBs)
  3. Chest fly w/ glute squeeze (chest fly while raising and lowering hips in bridge; changes to keeping hips raised isometrically while doing partial rep chest flys–open arms, raise halfway, open arms, then raise both arms to top) (Cathe uses 8# DBs; I used 10# DBs)
  4. Press and pull over (lay on back, knees bent and raised off ground, do 2 narrow chest presses rotating DBs at top, then do one pullover; changes to lifting one leg to ceiling when doing chest presses (alternate legs) then extend one leg out when doing overhead press) (Cathe uses 8# DBs; I used 10# DBs)
  5. Breast stroke swimmers (laying on belly)

Calorie Crush is 11 minutes; 2:20 minute cool down/stretch. This is all cardio–no equipment needed. This bonus really builds. It starts at an intense intermediate level then jumps to some advanced cardio around #6. Even though she does make the advanced moves easier than when performed in her more advanced workouts, tuck jumps and single leg burpees are still advanced moves. I was working very hard by the end of this Calorie Crush.

  1. Low loaded seal jacks (4 squat jacks swinging straight arms out wide and clapping in front of you + 4 regular jacks)
  2. Swinging split jumps (jump in stationary lunge, swinging arms overhead and down, do 12 then change legs)
  3. Hopscotch (hopping hamstring curl; she has you add different arm combos but the legs always stay the same)
  4. One legged tuck jumps (hopping knee raise)
  5. Quarter turn jacks (2 jacks then turn and do 2 jacks to the side, alternate sides–making a quarter turn each time you do 2 jacks; changes to quarter turning after every jack–front, side, front, other side)
  6. 3 alternating twist / 1 jump (the twists are just tapping to each side while slightly twisting body + one wide tuck jump)
  7. Mogul burpees (jump out into plank then jump feet in to one side of body, jump feet back out to plank, jump feet in to other side of body, jump feet back out to plank, jump feet in, stand and jump)
  8. Jump front / back / front and run back (just like it sounds–wide leg long jumps forward them jump backward, jump forward again and run backward back to start)
  9. One legged burpee (one lateral skater + one leg burpee, alternate sides)

6 Pack Abs #2 is 10 minutes; 40 second stretch. Another excellent intermediate level core workout. I did not like it as much as 6 Pack Abs #1 but it is still a great core bonus. I found this one a little more challenging than 6 Pack Abs #1.

  1. Long leg lift crunches (lay on back, hands behind head and legs extended straight, do basic crunches while lifting one straight leg, alternate legs; changes to extending arms straight over head)
  2. Long reach butterfly sit ups (lay on back, knees bent and open with soles of feet together, place one hand behind head and other arm is extended straight overhead, do a full sit up trying to keep feet on floor, alternate which hand is behind head and which arm is extended)
  3. Reverse cycling (start on back but prop yourself up on your elbows, bicycle legs but in the opposite direction that you would traditionally cycle)
  4. Wide swing knee ups (lay on back, legs extended straight and arms extended over head/on floor in a V, do a full sit up while also raising one leg and bringing both hands under knee, alternate legs)
  5. Side to side tap outs (sit on bottom, knees bent and feet raised off floor, palms on mat behind you, rotate hips to one side lowering onto forearm and tapping other hand against same side/ top calf, alternate sides)
  6. Roll ups (start sitting up in C sit with arms extended overhead, roll down to mat then roll back up to straight spine with arms extended overhead, roll back down halfway and hold for 4 counts then lower back down to mat)
  7. Knee circle planks (in straight arm plank, bend one knee and circle the knee)
  8. Staggered arm plank holds (start in knee elbow plank and hold, raise knees so you are in full elbow plank and hold; while in full elbow plank, alternate walking forearms forward and back)

Extended Stretch #2 is 11 minutes. This is absolutely wonderful and exactly what I need at this time in my life–more flexibility work. I am so thrilled that Cathe has added one of these extended stretches to each DVD in this series. I plan to use them a lot. Maybe every single time I do a LITE workout. This one is wonderful and the fact it starts with some basic standing flows really just extends the cool down with some dynamic stretching. When she uses the Extended Stretches in premixes (tacked on to the end of the workout) you skip the stretch that is part of the workout and go straight to the Extended Stretch bonus.

Starts in mountain pose. Inhale and extend arms overhead then swan dive down into forward fold, straighten spine/flatten back then roll back up to standing, keep repeating this flow. Hold forward fold. Step one leg back so you are in runners lunge then lower back knee to mat; leave one palm on floor and rotate spine raising other arm (same side as front leg) to ceiling. Return to forward fold. Raise into flat back and hold; roll back to standing, raising arms overhead, forward fold then step back to down dog. Child’s pose. Butterfly stretch w/ palms on floor behind hips to stretch chest. Still seated on mat, knees bent and feet on floor, hands still on mat behind hips, raise hips and cross one ankle over opposite knee then lower hips to floor; from this position, lower leg to floor so you are sitting in a modified lotus position, twist spine placing one hand on floor behind you and other arm on knee; in same position, take arm that was on floor behind you and extend overhead and to opposite side. Sit on bottom with straight legs extended in a wide V in front of you and walk hands out between thighs. Sit cross-legged and walk hands out on floor in front of you. Sit cross-leg with backs of hands resting on knees, palms facing the ceiling and eyes closed.

Pyramid Pump Back (9 minutes) Each exercise is done for 5 sets and each set increases in reps then decreases back down the pyramid in this fashion: 1 set of 12 reps, 1 set of 10 reps, 1 set of 8 reps, 1 set of 10 reps, 1 set of 12 reps. Equipment: stability ball and dumbbells

Since I did not do any of the Pyramid Pump Bonuses as add ons to the main workout, I cannot accurately review them that way. I did the Pyramid Pumps using the bonus DVD that collects them all together. See the Pyramid Pump review if you want more information.

Pullovers (stability ball and DBs) + Standing Single Arm Back Fly (one DB)

(For pullovers Cathe uses 8# DBs for 1st set, 10# DBs for 2nd set, 12# DBs for 3rd set, 10# DBs for 4th set, 8# DBs for 5th set; for back flys Cathe uses one 5# DB for 1st set, one 8# DB for 2nd set, one 10# DB for 3rd set, one 8# DB for 4th set, one 5# DB for 5th set)


Basic Premixes:

Main Workout + Extended Stretch #2 (45:56 minutes)

Main Workout + 6 Packs Abs #2 (50:34 minutes)

Main Workout + 6 Pack Abs #2 + Extended Stretch #2 (55:49 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush (51:38 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush + Extended Stretch #2 (56:53 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush + 6 Pack Abs #2 (61:31 minutes)

Main Workout + Calorie Crush + 6 Pack Abs #2 + Extended Stretch #2 (66:46 minutes)

Main Workout + Pyramid Pump Back (49:49 minutes)

Main Workout + Pyramid Pump Back + 6 Pack Abs #2 (59:42 minutes)

Main Workout + Pyramid Pump Back + 6 Pack Abs #2 + Extended Stretch #2 (75:54 minutes)

Timesaver Premixes:

Timesaver #1 (Calorie Crush) (22:35 minutes)

Timesaver #2 (Calorie Crush + Pyramid Pump Back) (31:43 minutes)

Timesaver #3 (No Metabolic Floor) (31:08 minutes)

Timesaver #4 (Metabolic Standing + Calorie Crush) (42:06 minutes)

Timesaver #5 (Metabolic Floor + Pyramid Pump Back) (30:18 minutes)

Timesaver #6 (Pyramid Pump Back) (20:46 minutes)

Scrambled Premixes:

Scrambled #1 (Metabolic Floor first) (40:40 minutes)

Scrambled #2 (6 Pack Abs #2 mixed in) (50:34 minutes)

Double Metabolic Standing (50:39 minutes)

Double Metabolic Standing + Calorie Crush (61:36 minutes)

Double Metabolic Standing + Metabolic Floor (60:11 minutes)

Double Metabolic Standing + Calorie Crush + Metabolic Floor (71:09 minutes)

9 thoughts on “LITE: Metabolic Blast

  1. In loved Metabolic Blast too! I agree with you, this one feels like cardio with weights which I’m totally okay with 🙂 The blast though, does not belong to a series named Low Impact training extreme. I wish the blast were in line with the workout and not all jumping like Cathe’d usual fare.
    I’m happy that you’re feeling better and stronger!


    1. I agree! My confusion is, anyone who has done Cathe’s Afterburn, Ripped with HIIT low impact workouts and X10 Low Impact, knows that she can make low impact advanced. So didn’t she? This is a Low Impact series, so why did she think she had to add impact to make things more advanced?


  2. Great breakdown of this workout! I’m having unilateral issues here as well amongst other things, so looking forward to this one as well as all of LiTe when I’m back in the game!! Looks like a lot of fun even though I’ll probably falling all over the Step/cardio workout!! Lol
    I think Cathe is just a shoulder emphasizing instructor. Building the shoulders makes your waist look smaller, so it might be partly esthetic/sculpting in addition to addressing shoulder weakness. I have found, however, that I usually need to add more chest work to even it out.


    1. The IMAX Calorie Crush has some pretty complex step choreography, in my opinion! Sorry to hear you aren’t doing so well. I hope you are recovering. I’ve never been a big fan of chest work. I tend to prefer back, shoulder and lower body work. It’s gotten worse, too since the mastectomy scar tissue makes some chest exercises uncomfortable. I am all about modification now!


  3. I just love your reviews so much! I have all the LITE ones open again, and reading them in more detail now that I have done the workouts at least once (some twice…I am following the rotation in the calendar).

    I noticed you mentioned this workout emphasizes shoulders, and that is interesting, because I did PHA 2 this morning (Extreme Premix 1, thanks to your recommendation! thanks!), and I was thinking, gee, this only had one shoulder exercise.

    So perhaps that was part of Cathe’s planning for the series?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t you love that PHA premix? In fact, I love the Extreme 1 premixes on all 3 of the main strength workouts (PHA 2 and the Stack Sets workouts).

      And yes, Cathe probably did structure the workouts themselves with the program as a whole in mind. I like shoulder work so I don’t mind–but man, this workout hits my shoulders hard! Lots of burn!


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