Cathe’s Legs & Glutes

Legs & Glutes is an incredible lower body strength workout by Cathe. So good, in fact, that I fear I will not be able to walk tomorrow. It is one of those special gifts Cathe gives you—two full workouts on one DVD. The other workout on this DVD is Kick, Punch & Crunch, which has already been reviewed on this blog. It is also an amazing workout—so this DVD is a gem.

Legs & Glutes is 51 minutes long; 4 minute warm up, 42 minute training period (30 minute standing legs and 11 minutes mat work) and 5 minute stretch. The first minute or so is an intro by Cathe, so it’s technically about 50 minutes. There is also a cardio component to this workout—or more accurately, metabolic weight training. In addition to that, you also do some plyometrics, which works like little HIITs thrown into the workout.

Equipment needed: an adjustable step—you will need it at 14 inches and 8 inches, dumbbells (15#, 12# and one 3#), ankle weights, the bar from a barbell for balancing, and a yoga mat.

After the short warm up, you will be using 12 or 15 pound dumbbells for the following exercises: you start immediately on the 14 inch step with leg presses. A lot of them. Then it’s hover squats. You get a 3 pound hand weight and put it on the ground to raise one heel off the ground. The other leg is the working leg for rear lunges. Before you switch sides you do some plie squats, then elevated lunges on the other side followed by some more plies. Break your step down to 10 inches and do drop squats. You put your dumbbells down to do some explosive (plyo) plie squats followed by a plie/curtsey lunge combo. Get on your 10 inch step holding the bar for balance. Your heels will be hanging off the step for calf raises. Grab your dumbbells again for one legged deadlifts. More plie squats.

Next you will get back onto the 10 inch step for slow motion step ups (she calls them “sculpting drills”). No dumbbells—you will use “genie arms” and it is somewhat of a balance move as only the toe of the working leg touches the floor. Next is explosive (plyo) lunges that alternate with pulsing lunges.

Now you put the ankle weights on and grab the bar for balance. You will have the ankle weights on for the rest of the workout. I will add that you do enough reps that even if you don’t have ankle weights you will still get a great leg/glute workout.

You need the 10 inch step again for outer thigh leg press. More calf raises—just like the earlier ones, only this time you have on ankle weights. Standing leg extensions. End with standing outer thigh lifts.

Get your mat because it’s time for floor work! Pull your 10 inch step close to the mat. Laying supine on the mat, put one heel on the step and the other leg straight in the air for a zillion glute/hamstring tucks and pulses. You can get rid of the step for the rest of the workout. Get on your hands and knees for glute/hamstring raises. Lay on your side for outer thigh/glute sweeps. The workout ends with inner thigh lifts.

Brutal workout. I loved it. Cathe does something that is hard to come by (outside of programs like P90X)—she creates a lot of split workouts. I’m not saying they aren’t out there, but neither in the quantity nor the comprehensiveness that Cathe creates. In fact, even her total body workouts contain premixes so you can use them as split workouts if you chose. Now that I have become an official Cathe workout hoarder, I am excited that I will be able to add splits much more frequently to my workout calendar. Legs & Glutes is a perfect lower body addition.

And the DVD contains the usual Cathe bonus–premixes! This DVD has some pretty awesome premixes. First you have your standard premixes that are unique to Legs & Glutes. This includes an extreme premix that is 79 minutes (which scares the crap out of me! The basic workout was brutal—I am not yet ready to take it to the extreme!). Another Extreme that excludes the floor work and is 67 minutes. Something called Leg Press Mania that is 56 minutes (I will probably try that one—sounds like I may get some extra leg presses, which I love). Then it breaks it down into shorter workouts: Standing exercises only 39 minutes, floor work only 11 minutes, and ankle weight exercises only 21 minutes. Now here is where the premixes get really unique. There are 7 more premixes that combine Legs & Glutes with Kick, Punch & Crunch. Yes! And don’t forget, Kick, Punch & Crunch has 7 of it’s own premixes. So you get two full workouts and 20 premixes, 7 of which combine the two workouts! How amazing is that? I will probably at some point do the 75* minute monster: Kickbox Cardio Drills plus Kickbox and Strength Circuit + Abs. (*11/25/12 edit–this premix is listed as 82 minutes, but I did it this morning and it is actually only 75 minutes.)

Outstanding workouts! Outstanding DVD!

12 thoughts on “Cathe’s Legs & Glutes

  1. A few more questions for you. How many risers equals 14 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. It looked to me that cathe started with 4 risers and the remainder of the program she used 3 risers? How much weight is used for ankle weights? Lastly, do you think butts and guts has a better standing workout?
    Sorry for all the questions! Answer only when convenient.
    Thank You!!


    1. Hi Debbie! On a regular club step and the square high step, the platform is 4 inches and each riser is 2 inches. So 14 inches is 5 risers, 10 inches is 3 risers and 8 inches is 2 risers. I haven’t done Legs & Glutes in a while so I don’t remember what ankle weights Cathe uses (or if she even shares the weight her ankle weights) but I use 2.5 pound ankle weights when I do that workout. And personally, I think Butts & Guts is one of Cathe’s best lower body workouts.


      1. thank you!! I totally agree with you about butts and guts as being one of cathe’s best lower body workouts!!


  2. HI! It looks like I will be needing a barbell for this workout and others.Is this a straight bar? And how much weight should I get? Also do I need to get a “clip” thing to put on the weight so the weight doesn’t fall off?
    Thank You!


    1. Hi Debbie! For starters, I would get a barbell kit. That’s what I did at least. I bought a 100 pound starter set from Dick’s Sporting goods. Straight bar metal bar, plates and clips. It cost me $110 but that was 5+ years ago. I have returned to Dick’s on Black Fridays to increase my poundage. I now have a lot more than a 100 pounds in plates by building them up over time. When you purchase a set it comes with clips but due to the pace of Cathe’s workouts, you need clips that are easier to remove to add/subtract plates during a workout. These are what I use on all of my barbells (I have 3 barbells now):


  3. The last time you did this, did you keep your weights as presented/listed or did you up them? I’m wondering if this is one of those workouts that she reps you out so much that you can’t go really heavy. . .


    1. Hi Liz, it’s been a while since I’ve done this workout but I did pull out my workout card and it looks like I used 12s and 15s for everything except the plie squats and I used 25s for that one. I do plan to return to this one at some point in the next few months. Cathe has a live version so I’ll revisit this one before doing the live version. But I haven’t scheduled anything yet.


  4. I really love your reviews, but wondering if you ever go back and revisit these older workouts? I am trying to get my 11-year-old to exercise more, so showed him Kick, Punch, Crunch today in hopes that the music and different moves would be of interest. Of course, just previewing the workout with him made me want to do KPC again, and then that made me think of Legs & Glutes. I just did X Train Legs today, but think that Legs & Glutes has a bigger “fun” factor.

    (I keep reading your Cathe Live reviews, and now really wondering if I should subscribe…)


    1. Oh–I love Cathe Live. I do not know Cathe, nor do I receive any kickbacks for my reviews–I just love them. I don’t think you would be sorry if you sign up. If you love Cathe’s DVD workouts, I think you will like these even more. At least I do!

      And yes, I do return to the majority of the workouts on my blog, tho not nearly as frequently as I would like. That is the problem with having such an enormous workout library. I want to do them all. Every day. But obviously that is not possible! It’s why I create rotations in advance–to try to work in favorites I haven’t done in a long time. Now I haven’t done Legs & Glutes in probably about 6-8 months. I have done KPC in the past month. I love that one, too. One of her best, I think. I agree, Legs & Glutes does have more of a fun factor that Xtrain Legs. Legs isn’t really that much fun. However I used to do it pretty frequently because of the way it hits everything from every angle–very comprehensive. But since I discovered barre workouts and Tracy Anderson, I haven’t returned to it in a while. I tend to use Cathe’s other workouts for my lower body work, then do TA and other barre to round out my lower body work.

      I think it’s great your helping your child get interested in fitness. I tried that with my daughters. I failed with my oldest. She just thought her mother was a weirdo. But the youngest got hooked with Turbo Fire and Chalean Extreme (she was 14 at the time). There has been no going back for her and she is in college now. She did Cathe when she lived at home and now she downloads Cathe workouts and does them on her computer. So with some kids, it works!


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