Ripped with HIIT: Plyo HIIT

For more information on Cathe's Ripped with HIIT program see the overview post. Plyo HIIT contains two HIIT workouts and holy cow--Cathe has really kicked it up a notch! These were super tough and super intense! I always expect intensity with Cathe, but wow! I am on my first week of my Ripped with HIIT … Continue reading Ripped with HIIT: Plyo HIIT

Cathe’s Intensity

Intensity--just as the title indicates--is an intense cardio workout and I adore it! I really don’t know why I am ever on the fence about purchasing a Cathe workout. This was another one I went back and forth on and finally just did it. Let me give some background on this workout. It is described as … Continue reading Cathe’s Intensity

Cathe’s Legs & Glutes

Legs & Glutes is an incredible lower body strength workout by Cathe. So good, in fact, that I fear I will not be able to walk tomorrow. It is one of those special gifts Cathe gives you—two full workouts on one DVD. The other workout on this DVD is Kick, Punch & Crunch, which has … Continue reading Cathe’s Legs & Glutes