Cathe’s Basic Step

Just like High Step Circuit, when I purchased my club step this DVD was included. I am not an advanced stepper but normally I prefer very intense cardio. So, like High Step Circuit, this DVD was just collecting dust. But due to my new circumstances of needing easier workouts, I decided it was time to finally try this workout.

It is a very basic step cardio workout. Low impact, easy to follow, steady state cardio. It is made up of two basic step combos, each approx. 10 minutes long. Cathe builds each combo in layers, giving you plenty of time to learn each portion of the combo before combining it into the finished combo. Some of the basic steps in this workout: A-step, turn step, L-step, V-step, around the world, Charleston kicks, repeater knees, step insoles, outer thigh raises, cha-cha steps, rocking horse.

Not intense but it is fun and doable for me. My cardio endurance has really declined since starting chemo. Even when I am back to feeling almost “normal” and able to do heavier strength work, I can’t do the intense cardio I use to do–I get dizzy and queasy when I try. )o: So I need workouts like these so I can still get my cardio in.

Basic Step is 30 minutes; 7 minute warm up and 4:30 minute cool down and stretch. Cathe has her step at 6 inches but one of her crew members has their their step @ 4 inches and another one has their step @ 8 inches.

13 thoughts on “Cathe’s Basic Step

  1. This was my first Cathe workout 14 years ago, which came with my step along with Cardio & Weights (which is still a favorite). My daughter still talks about watching me rewind and re-rewind the knees around the world section until I finally got it! And the rest is history…

    I hope you are doing well. As others have said, your commitment to your health and fitness is inspiring!

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    1. Thanks! I haven’t return to Basic Step for a while but I will be visiting it again this summer, I’m sure! However, I have returned to Low Impact Step a few times. I still enjoy that one.


  2. You are such a hero for carrying on with your reviews under such difficult circumstances. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a couple of years now and would like to award you a ‘total badass’ medal if that were possible. You must be inspiring so many women in similar situations. Thank you

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    1. Thank you Sue! I don’t feel like much of one these days, my fitness level has dropped so far. But I’ll build myself back up eventually. I have a goal to do STS again in 2019!


  3. Actually, this is the very first Cathe routine I ever tried, and eventually resulted in my Cathe obsession. I only purchased the home step from Big 5 so that I could set my Wii fit board on it, and the DVD just came in the box. I never heard of Cathe and didn’t try the routine for the longest time. And the DVD wasn’t even the regular Basic Step, but instead had a compilation of the Basic Step routine, a circuit workout (where the weights are 3 pounds!), and a low impact step routine with “blasts.” I remember struggling through the Charleston steps in the basic step routine when I first started.

    You are a huge inspiration, and I love that you are keeping up with your fitness routine in spite of the challenges you are facing at the moment.

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    1. If I had come across this workout sooner I might have been a Cathe convert earlier than I was. The first Cathe workout I ever did was Muscle Endurance. I was a Firmie back then and ME was WAY above my fitness level. I put that on a shelf and didn’t touch it again for years! When I finally did (I was fitter by then)–I was sold! I loved it!

      And thank you! I keep doing what I can. I think helps me recover faster from the chemo.


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