Rhythmic Step

ImaxRhythmic Step is on one of Cathe‘s wonderful “collection” DVDs. There are 3 cardio workouts on this DVD; the other two workouts are Interval Max and Maximum Intensity Cardio. I have actually had the collection a long time and reviewed the other two workouts  a year or so ago. But I put off doing Rhythmic Step because I am afraid of Cathe’s complex step choreography. However I recently did and reviewed a rash of Cathe step workouts (The Classics Vol 1 and Cardio Hits) and found them so doable, that I decided to finally give Rhythmic Step a try. I thought that after doing so many of Cathe step workouts successfully (some with pretty complex choreography) that I would finally be able to do one of her newer, super-complex step workouts with less of a problem. I was wrong. The choreography in Rhythmic Step was incredibly complex and I was lost multiple times. I feel really sad about it, too, because I really liked it. It was fun, had a good beat, and the choreography went well with the music. But it was very complex. And unlike the workouts in The Classics Vol 1 and Cardio Hits, it was not well taught. She repeatedly threw complex step combos at you with no real building of the individual steps. In addition, the choreography grew increasingly complex as the workout progressed.

I found it very much like her other crazy-complex step workouts: Step Blast, Low Impact Challenge and Party Rockin Step 1. However, I would align it more closely with Step Blast. Here is why (btw–my reason is based entirely on personal opinion/preference): I really enjoyed Step Blast and Rhythmic Step. I like them so much I might actually consider one day taking the time to learn their complex choreography. They are worth in IMHO. Not so with Low Impact Challenge or Party Rockin Step 1. I did not find either of those fun enough to waste anymore time on. However, all 4 progressed in a similar way for me. Even though every combo in these 4 workouts was complex, I was able to eventually catch on to the early combos–but by the final combos I was lost repeatedly. I will say, that with Rhythmic Step, I found it easier to compensate for my two left feet and still stay in the rhythm of the workout even tho I couldn’t do every step combo. Not sure if that makes sense or not. I guess, what I am saying, is that even tho there were steps I fumbled every time they came round, I was able to pick up at the next part of the combo and carry on, still getting a decent workout.

Before I move into the breakdown, I just have to say, do not let fear of complex choreography stop you from purchasing this trio of workouts. Maximum Intensity Cardio and Interval Max are excellent and intense workouts with very doable choreography–nothing complex about those two. Just those two workouts make the DVD worth every cent, even if you never do Rhythmic Step.

Rhythmic Step is a 62 minute steady state cardio step workout. There is no plyometrics or intensity blasts but it is high impact. If you can catch onto the choreography, you will still get a pretty intense workout. Cathe and crew use a 6 inch step. It was created in 2001 so there was no silliness or horrible costumes. Cathe gives a one minute intro, then you go into a 10 minute warm up and stretch–and the complex step choreography starts right there in the warm up. There are 3 combos totaling 48 minutes and a 3 minute cool down/stretch. Combo 1 is 11 minutes, combo 2 is 14 minutes and combo 3 is 14 minutes. The combos are all taught in layers, then strung together in a finished product. Then, after all 3 combos are taught, they are all strung together in what she calls a Rhythmic Step Challenge which last another 9 minutes. It is very challenging. The final 3 minutes of the workout are just stretching using the 4 inch step topper as a prop.

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