Cathe’s Step Blast

Step Blast is a 55 minute cardio step workout; 6 minute warm up, 45 minute cardio step and 4 minute stretch. You need an 6 inch step for this workout. Step Blast is part of a multi-workout DVD. The other workout on this DVD is Step, Pump & Jump which will be reviewed separately.

I wanted to love this workout. I really did. In fact, the jury is still out. I think it will take doing the workout a few more times before I can come to a decision on it. So there is a good chance this review will be edited at some point in the future. For now however, I was dissappointed in the workout. I’ve come a long way with Cathe step choreography. I used to hate it due to the complexity. Then I started catching on and enjoying her step cardio segments. So I started accumulating more Cathe workouts—and now I LOVE her step workouts! Until I did Step Blast, that is. Holy cow! It is the most complex step choreography of Cathe’s that I have done. There were times when I felt like I was back at square one, standing behind the step and staring at the tv because I simply could not get the steps.

But let me start at the beginning. The main part of this workout consists of 3 step combo routines. After learning the 3 routines, they are all strung together into a long routine that is done multiple times and interspersed with blasts (this is called “Blast Challenge”). All of the choreography in this workout is complex, from beginning to end (except the actual blasts). However, it does start easier and get more complex as the workout progresses. So combo 1 is easier than combo 2 and combo 2 is easier than combo 3. But none of them are easy. In addition, this is a pretty intense step workout. I have been doing a lot more of Cathe’s step workouts and I am learning her typical choreography. So even though the warm up and the first two routines are complex choreogrpahy, I was able to catch on. Enter combo 3 and that was it for me. I never got that combo. She does teach the individual steps—layering the routines—and this worked very well for me through most of the workout. I was even able to learn and do the individual steps of combo 3… until she strung them together into a full combo. Then I was lost. And I never really found my way after that. I simply could not “get” routine 3 when it was complete. So when she repeatedly does all 3 combos strung together into one long routine… well, every time we hit combo 3, I was once again lost. However, I was frequently lost before that! These are not short combos and they are all complex, so when she started stringing combos together, I kept getting lost at various parts of the workout—not just combo 3, though combo 3 was deal breaker every time.

So what kind of steps are thrown at you? There were lots of cha-chas, pivots, shuffling around and/or over the step, peg legs w/ pivots, mambos, ponies, fast foot repeater (yeah—didn’t happen for me), double ricochet, and much more that I am forgetting. The blasts for the most part were fairly basic choreogrpahy and I didn’t have any problem with them.

I really liked the music—it fit the workout; a lot of older top 40 music. I was actually enjoying myself in the first half of the workout. It was pretty intense for a dancy step cardio workout, and I was catching on to the choreography, so I was liking it. But then along came combo 3…. The choreography in this workout became so complex that there is a part of me that isn’t motivated to attempt it again. But then I remember, I thought that about a lot of Cathe’s step workouts that I now love. So I know I will come back to this workout at some point and give it another go.

As a rule, I love Cathe’s premixes. However, I cannot ever see using the premixes associated with this workout because in the premixes that interest me, I can’t get away from combo 3. It’s like a plague. In addition to the Step Blast only premixes, this DVD has the wonderful bonus premixes that combine Step Blast and Step, Pump & Jump into various premixes.

Step Blast only premixes: Combos 1, 2 & 3 41 minutes, Combos 1 & 2 and blast challenge 44 minutes, Combos 2 & 3 and blast challenge 45 minutes, Combos 1 & 3 and blast challenge 44 minutes, Combos 1, 2 & 3 only (no warm up/stretch) 31 minutes, Combos 2 & 3 and blast challenge (no warm up/stretch) 35 minutes.

Step Blast/Step, Pump & Jump premixes: Step and high/lo 90 minutes, step and weights 63 minutes, Step, high/lo and weights circuit 85 minutes, Step and high/lo cardio circuit 60 minutes, Step, high/lo and weights circuit 85 minutes, Step and weights circuit 81 minutes, Step and weights circuit #2 68 minutes, Weights and step circuit 61 minutes.

7 thoughts on “Cathe’s Step Blast

  1. Combo 3 is like the plague! LOL. I cannot really get down with any of Cathe’s steps, so good for you for getting along that far into it. : )
    I was just thinking, I wish Cathe would sell more of the 2 workouts on 1 DVD formats again. I thought Lean Legs & Great Glutes would have done well on one DVD with premixes mixing them up. I do miss the 2 workouts on one DVD.


    1. Her choreography is crazy in that workout. Not worth my time to learn either. I always thought I give it another try, but I still haven’t been motivated to. And you are right! That would be a great combo (Lean Legs & Great Glutes). I wish she still did things like that, too. I like how in Xtrain she put Burn Sets all on one DVD so we got tons of great premixes.


  2. I really think the trick with combo 3 is that when she first teaches it, the two cha-chas around the step go forward, but when she puts them in the combo, you need to turnaround and go backward. That is confusing, I admit.

    I love your reviews, and have read nearly all of them for the Cathe DVDs I have, and I really wish I could do that one right next to you, because Step Blast is one of my favorites, and I feel sure it would be one of yours too if we could just get this one thing smoothed out for you.

    Thanks for all your reviews,


    1. It’s been so long since I’ve done this workout I had to go and read my review again! Now I want to give it another go! I remember it now. I haven’t been doing step workouts recently so I need to do a few of her step workouts before I try Step Blast again, or I’ll probably be lost through the whole thing! But I remember really wanting to like this one. And you’re welcome! So glad my reviews are helpful to others too!


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