Ripped with HIIT: Low Impact HIIT

lowimpactFor more information on Cathe’s Ripped with HIIT program see the overview post.

Had I come to this workout by itself, without having purchased and done other Ripped with HIIT workouts as part of a rotation, I might have been a bit disappointed in this workout, primarily because it has the word “HIIT” in the title and compared to the other Ripped with HIIT workouts I’ve done, it pales in comparison–at least in the intensity department. However, what made it so welcome when I did Low Impact HIIT #1 today was the fact that the other workouts in the series were so @#$&% intense I needed something a bit lower key. So it is important, I think, to look at how this workout fits into the program as a whole. You can’t (or shouldn’t be) pounding your joints every day with hardcore plyometrics, so alternating Plyo HIIT with Low Impact HIIT is a great idea. You still get an intense workout, but you are giving your joints a break.

Like any workout, you get what you put into it, but that is even more descriptive of low impact workouts. If you want this workout to be intense, then you need to move fast, step wide and reach full.

Low Impact HIIT contains two low impact, intense cardio workouts approx. 30 minutes long. #1 was not HIIT level intense. I’m not crazy about #1 plus I found some of the moves awkward. You use a mat for the first part of the workout as a floor marker and my foot kept catching on it. The second time I did the workout my foot caught and I actually fell. Not fun. Because it is low impact, you have to be doing something other than jumping to get your heart rate up there. That something in workout #1 is moving very fast. Cathe has other intense low impact workouts and she does not move as quickly in those as she does in this one. This was light speed sometimes–very hard to keep up. She definitely brought in some completely new and fresh moves; I just found some of the exercises awkward. I didn’t mind the super-fast pace of some of the moves either–I was just surprised. However, after doing Low Impact HIIt #1 twice, I probably will not revisit it again.  Low Impact #2 was more intense and used dumbbells to increase the intensity. I adored Low Impact HIIT #2. It still didn’t get me into the anaerobic range, but I loved it nonetheless. It was more fun, no awkwardness and an all around great little workout. The second time I did both workouts I did the extreme premix that combines the two of them: Low Impact #1 warm up and workout, Low Impact #2 workout and stretch. Low Impact #1 felt almost like a warm up for Low Impact #2. It was a good workout but not that intense.

Low Impact HIIT #1 is 28 minutes long with a 5 minute warm up, 20 minute training time and 3 minute stretch. For this workout you need a mat which you use primarily as a marker and 2 dixie cups.

Have your mat laid out in front of you; you use it as a marker.

1. Slam Its

2. Jump Shot with a 7 Knee Repeater

3. Football Runs

4. Zig Zag Puddle Jumps

5. Dixie Cup Shuffles (2 sets)

6. 3 Power Pushes and Lift (2 sets)

7. Forward Leaning Lunges/Low Galloping Jacks  (2 sets)

8. High Low Boxing Jabs

9. Fred Astair (these are side to side lunges, staying low and touching the ground with finger tips) (2 sets)

10. Jump Shot and Lunge Drop (2 sets)

11. Lean Back and Volley Forward  (2 sets)

12.  Surfer Thrusts (these are basically squat thrusts where you come up in a low angled squat) (2 sets)

Low Impact HIIT 2 is 30 minutes long with a 4 minute warm up, 22 minute training time and 3 minute stretch. You need one 8 pound dumbbell and one 10 pound dumbbell.

1. Pivoting Apple Pickers

2. Weighted Knee Up Squats

3. Mountain Climbers (Toes Aim In)

4. Down Up Down Abductions

5. Explosive Lunges

6. Pivoting Sumo Squats

7. Squat Kick Squat Lunge

8. Side Lunge Wood Chops

9. Corner to Corner Diagonal Lunges

10. Travel Bob and Weaves

11. Running Burpees

12. Marching Sumos

13. 3 Rope Climbs/1 Elbow Strike

14. Cross Under Kicks

15. Windmills

All of the Ripped with HIIT workouts included two Bonus Ab workouts:

Bonus Abs 1 is 10 minutes. I really enjoyed this abs workout. Lots of fun–I love how it starts standing. You will need an 8 pound dumbbell and a mat for this bonus. The workout starts standing, holding one 8 pound dumbbell. 1. Standing Oblique Crunches, 2. Alternating Oblique Crunches with Knee Lift, 3. Lay on mat, still holding one 8 pound dumbbell. Seated Lean Back Crunches, 4. Pullover Sit Ups with a Twist, 5. Pullover Heel Tap Extended Crunches, 6. Set dumbbells aside for this move; High Low Planks with plank Jacks.

Bonus Abs 2 is 13 minutes long. Bonus Abs 2 is much more challenging than Bonus Abs 1 and not nearly as fun. But still, very effective–I really felt it! 1. Seated One Arm V-Ups, 2. Ankle Grabber Sit Ups, 3. Bent Leg/Straight Leg Bike Maneuver, 4. Banana Holds, 5. Alternating Leg Forward Crunches, 6. Hip Lifts into Balancing Snow Angels, 7. Supermans into Swimmers

LOW IMPACT Hiit One Premixes
Premix #1: Extreme Low Impact HiiT #1 – Double it 48 minutes
Premix #2: Extreme Low Impact HiiT #1 and #2 Combined 50 minutes
Premix #3: First Half of Low Impact #1 and Last Half of Low Impact #2 32 minutes
Premix #4: First Half of Low Impact #2 and Last Half of Low Impact #1 27 minutes
Premix #5: Low Impact #1 + Abs #1 36 minutes
Premix #6: Low Impact #1 + Abs #2 38 minutes
Premix #7: Scrambled Mix #1 (scrambled together some of the intervals from both Low Impact HiiT One and Two) 29 minutes
LOW IMPACT Hiit Two Premixes
Premix #1: Extreme Low Impact HiiT #2 – Double it 51 minutes
Premix #2: Extreme Low Impact HiiT #2 and #1 Combined 49 minutes
Premix #3: First Half of Low Impact #2 and First Half of Low Impact #1 27 minutes
Premix #4: Last Half of Low Impact #2 and Last Half of Low Impact #1 30 minutes
Premix #5: Low Impact #2 + Abs #1 37 minutes
Premix #6: Low Impact #2 + Abs #2 39 minutes
Includes the entire Low Impact HiiT Two workout plus Bonus Abs Two. The stretch follows the ab routine.
Premix #7: Scrambled Mix #2 (scrambled together some of the intervals from both Low Impact HiiT One and Two) 27 minutes

14 thoughts on “Ripped with HIIT: Low Impact HIIT

  1. I did something different with low impact hiit one, I used a step for the first three drills and also for the ‘lean back and volley forward’ one. (took that from the ice low impact sweat) that made it a little better for me. but wow they move fast!


    1. I did that workout again recently and it didn’t bother me as much as it used to because of Cathe Live–she tends to use those moves frequently in her low impact workouts so I got more accustomed to them. But she still moves crazy fast in the DVD workout! And that is a good idea because they do seem like exercises you would normally do with a step anyway.


  2. I’ve just started doing this DVD not long ago. As someone with a 3 level cervical spinal fusion and new adjacent level herniations, it’s imperative for me to keep all my workouts low impact. I miss my running and all other high impact activities but honestly, I think this DVD is great. Just this morning I did the premix 3 from #1 and I burned 345 calories in 32 minutes. I’m so happy to have found Cathe!


    1. I definitely understand that! I don’t have back issues, but my heels are held together by plates and screws and I definitely appreciate lower impact workouts. I particularly love #2 on this DVD. I’ve actually been spending more time these days looking for intense but lower impact workouts. Kettlebells fit that bill nicely.


  3. I love Low Impact HiiT! LOVE IT. It’s true that it won’t be as intense as plyo HiiT, but then, my days for plyo are long-gone. I tried each of the workouts once as-is, and then like you, also did the extreme premixes. That’s what I really love. I found each of those premixes to be an awesome workout. Funny thing – I thought workout #1 was harder than #2, probably because I had to move so fast. I haven’t done plyo HiiT in so long, I’ve about forgotten what it feels like, and I know I’ll never be able to attain that level. Nor will I be able to take advantage of the health benefits true HiiT provides. But when I do one of those premixes, I feel very, very worked out. I’m just extremely grateful to Cathe for continuing to provide low impact workouts. Trust me, she’s the best when it comes to keeping the impact low but intensity high. The others out there just don’t get it. But she finds new and creative ways to allow us to maintain a darned good fitness level.


    1. That’s what I love about Cathe workouts–there is something for everyone. And she creates some HIIT level low impact workouts. Afterburn and X10 Low Impact both push me to my limits every time! Plus, HIIT is all relative. Not everyone is at the same fitness level, so some workouts will be more intense for some people. I know I’ve read reviews of workouts that kicked my butt that someone on Amazon thought was too easy. And honestly, Cathe gives an excellent and intense workout even when it is low impact. And tho I do a lot of plyometrics, I sometimes just want something intense but no jumping! Some days I can’t stand another jump lunge!


  4. I enjoyed both of these workouts, and also fell on Hiit #1 (during the Dixie Cup Shuffles…my shoe sort of stuck on the hardwood floor, and because I was trying so hard to move fast, my momentum carried me to the ground). Next time, I will concentrate more on my form and try my best to go at my own speed, ignoring how far behind I become.

    As for the awkward moves, I kinda liked them. I like teaching my body something new. I found myself going back after the end of #1 and watching those surfer thrusts carefully, then trying them in slow motion. And the Zig Zag Puddle Jumps were fun! But then again, I like learning new step routines, which many folks simply do not have the patience for.

    And thanks for reviewing these in the context of the overall program. Sometimes I find the Catheletes are all looking to be maxed out on every single workout. I can see that I am not as fit as they (or you!) are, but still, I enjoy working out daily, and need something less punishing to my now over-50 body.


    1. I really love Cathe’s low impact workouts and I wanted to love both of these. But I am happy I at least love #2. And you’re right–I am not a fancy foot work person! I like more athletic type workouts. Cathe has won me over with most of her step workouts but some of them are just to complex choreography-wise for me. But it’s great that Cathe has something for everyone–even on one DVD!


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