Cathe Live: Low Impact HIIT Circuit

lowimpactliveThis is a very cool workout and just what I needed today. This illness I am fighting hit me hard again last night so when perusing Cathe’s Live workouts I was looking for something that wouldn’t kill me this morning. Low Impact HIIT Circuit sounded about the right speed. And I got a great workout without killing myself. In fact, it feels like that workout I have been searching for and want to always have on hand. Think of it as a combination of Ripped w/ HIIT’s Low Impact HIIT and HIIT Upper Body Circuit + X10‘s compound strength moves–all wrapped up into Low Impact HIIT Circuit Live. And using the dumbbells Cathe used I even got some decent strength work, tho in the future (when I am not ill) I will use heavier weights for some of the exercises and get an even better workout. A cardio + strength circuit workout that is low impact and lots of fun.

Low Impact HIIT Circuit is 53 minutes long. It aired live 2/12/15. Here is a clip from this workout that Cathe posted on her forum. It has a 9 minute warm up and a 3 minute stretch. For this workout she recommends having the following dumbbells weights available: 8, 10, 12 and 15. You also need a mat. You alternate two low impact HIIT moves with 2 compound strength moves.


  1. Squat digs
  2. Sprint shooters
  3. Squats with bicep curl into overhead press, 12# DB
  4. Reverse lunges with bicep curl to overhead press, 10# DB
  5. Slam its–do wide squat jumps on a diagonal, one foot lands on the corner of the mat then squat jump to other side, alternating sides
  6. Circle jumps w/ knee ups–circle arms and jump with one foot on corner of mat then bring outside knee to opposite elbow 7 times, alternate sides
  7. Angled side lunges, 4 each side, keep alternating (she calls this active recovery)
  8. Plie squat w/ upright row, 12# DB
  9. Kettlebell swings into one arm overhead lat pull downs, 10# DB
  10. Shuffle fast the length of the mat and touch fingertips to ground, shuffle back the length of the mat and touch fingertips to ground; keep shuffling back and forth
  11. 3 low and wide side steps the length of mat (like skaters) and one push (like a basketball jump shot, but low impact version)
  12. Forward leaning lunge with rear delt fly, 8# DB
  13. Reverse lunge w/ arms circling from sides to overhead, straight arms, 8# DB
  14. 3 rope climbs + 1 elbow strike
  15. High-low jabs
  16. 4 hammer curls, on 4th do overhead press then 3 overhead tricep extensions, 10# DB; halfway through you change to 12# DB and the count will also change to 1 hammer curl to 2/2 count, 2 regular hammer curls, on second go to overhead press, one overhead tricep extension to 2/2 count and one to single count
  17. W bicep curl to V overhead press w/ reverse lunges, 10# DB
  18. Squat to side and back then jump forward like you are throwing a ball, then squat back to other side and jump forward like you are throwing a ball (Cathe describes as like you are catching a ball when squatting and “volleying” it up when jumping forward); alternate sides
  19. Explosive side lunges, alternate sides
  20. Overhead press to side then pivot and lunge to other side lowering dumbbells to feet when lunging, 10# DB
  21. Wood chops to side, 10# DB
  22. Long reach lunges
  23. Fred Astaires–alternate bringing leg out straight side to side while also alternating touching one hand to ground and raising the hand other overhead
  24. Start standing, lower hands to ground, jump feet back to plank, 2 push ups, jump feet back in, stand
  25. One arm rows, halfway through change hand/dumbbell position, 15# DB
  26. Windmills
  27. Deadlifts alternated with deadrows, 15# DB
  28. Tricep push ups w/ leg press (raise one leg while doing a tricep push up)

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