Rockout Knockout

rockoutRockout Knockout is another of Cathe‘s new workouts and I love it! This one is a kickbox-style workout and it is a lot of fun. I haven’t done all 9 of Cathe’s new workouts yet (though I bought them all), but I have done 3 of them and, so far, none of them are advanced level. This one is pretty intense tho. I used 2 pound weighted gloves for the entire workout and feel like I got a great cardio workout. It was varied and a lot of fun. I like how it was put together, too. She has it broken down into segments; the main workout has 3 sections plus there is a heavy bag bonus. When I did the workout I did the premix that consisted of the main workout + the heavy bag bonus clocking in at 65 minutes. More than any of Cathe’s other heavy bag bonuses, this one does not require a heavy bag (tho Cathe and crew are using one, of course). With my weighted gloves it was awesome on its own–no bag needed! So, with the premix I did, that makes 4 sections. I really like that because it keeps the workout interesting by varying the focus.

This workout contains something called triple track audio. You can play the workout with Cathe’s instructions only, with Cathe’s voice plus vocal music and, finally with Cathe’s voice with instrumental music only. The default is Cathe’s voice plus vocal music and that’s how I played it.

The main workout for Rockout Knockout is 55 minutes long; 8 minute warm up, 40:30 minute training time and 6:30 minute cool down. The heavy bag bonus is 10 minutes. The warm up consists of lots of punches and kicks.

Main workout:

Different varieties of jabs and jacks

One arm speed bag forward with cross punch and then “retreat”

Jab, cross, reach and pull with “lift” (hop)

Step cross side kick and pump (hop)

Power hops forward/block jacks back

Plyo jacks/wide jacks with 2 small cross jacks

Ice breakers

1 sequential kick and 3 marches

3 sequential kicks and 3 marches


Wide walk forward and back with punches

Knee and back kicks

Kick front and back while turning in a circle

Front, back, front kicks with punch down

Punch down only

3 punches down and one elbow strike with jump

Wrap jack (wrapping is an arm movement)

Put on your boxing gloves if you have them

Jump rope

Jack and jabs

Punch up and punch down

Punch combo

Low jogs/high knee run

Pendulum run with arm variations

Shuffle feet jump rope

Jabs in horse stance (different tempos)

Upper cuts  in horse stance (different tempos)

Hooks  in horse stance (different tempos)

High, middle, low jabs and side jabs

Remove gloves for Kickbox Combos

There are 4 combos. The first 3 are boxing and kicking and the final one is boxing only. They are taught layer style with the punches being taught first then the kicks, then it is all put together. Even though I had 2 pound gloves on, my heart rate dropped during this section. It still stayed elevated, it just wasn’t as intense as what precedes it. The combos are pretty doable, tho more complex than I am used to. I did have a hard time with the third combo, but finally caught on by the end.

The Kickbox Combos ends the training period of the main workout. You move on to the stretch unless you are doing a premix.

Heavy Bag Bonus (10 minutes)

The bonust starts with a combo that is built in layers: jab cross hook upper is the first layer; pop-pop duck (punch-punch duck) is the second layer; front kick hammer punch down is the third layer. Then you string it all together and repeat it on the other side.

Next is another short and easy but intense combo: jacks and kicks alternated with hooks.

The bonus ends with a series of drills, one right after the other:

side kick squat

jab cross at varying tempos

burpee with jabs

jabs and hooks

upper cuts (varying tempos)

backfist against bag


Rockout Knockout + Heavy Bag bonus 65 minutes

Timesaver #1: (Warm Up + Kickbox Cardio + Cardio With Gloves + Stretch) 39 minutes

Timesaver #2: (Warm Up + Cardio With Gloves + Heavy Bag Bonus + Stretch) 36 minutes

Timesaver #3: (Warm Up + Kickbox Cardio + Kickbox Combos + Stretch) 44 minutes

Timesaver #4: (Warm Up + Cardio With Gloves + Kickbox Combos + Stretch) 43 minutes

Scrambled #1: (Warm Up + Kickbox Combos + Kickbox Cardio + Cardio With Gloves + Stretch) 55 minutes

Scrambled #2: (Warm Up + Kickbox Cardio +Kickbox Combos + Cardio With Gloves + Heavy Bag Bonus + Stretch) 65 minutes

7 thoughts on “Rockout Knockout

    1. It’s always nice when a good workout can reframe your perspective on the day. I am currently in the midst of doing the 30+ workout blender workouts I have created and every single one of them makes my morning better. At this point, I don’t want to do anything else. I’ve even been neglecting Cathe’s live workouts!


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