HIIT, Cardio Core, Weights and Bosu ball

HIIT, Cardio Core, Weights and Bosu Ball was a super intense workout from Yvette Bachman. I was really working hard during this workout and I was worn out by the end of it! I was inspired by the fact that Yvette wears weighted gloves in just about every one of her workouts–making them even more intense, that I started doing some research. In one of the comments below one of her workouts someone asked about her weighted gloves. She shared that they are one pound gloves and the brand (which I do not remember now, sorry). I own a pair of 2 pound gloves and a pair of one pound gloves but on both of them the palms are open, which means if I am also lifting dumbbells I have to wear lifting gloves underneath the weighted gloves which is kind of a PIA. Yvette’s are opened palm, too btw. So I did some research and I found a pair that has a closed palm! So I ordered them and I used them during this workout and wow! Like I said, I found this to be super intense. Not sure how much using the weighted gloves increased the intensity but this workout wore me out! And btw–I love, love, love my new weighted gloves. If you are interested, they are FILA Weighted Exercise Gloves.

This is one of Yvette’s long workouts at 69 minutes. The workout consists of cardio intervals alternated with shoulder and bicep strength intervals and core intervals. At the 50:40 minute mark you get out your bosu ball and the remainder of the workout uses the bosu ball. The remaining 18 minutes of the workout is primarily cardio, core and body weight strength intervals using the bosu ball but the final 4 minutes of the workout (@65:15) is more weighted shoulder work (still alternated with bosu work). Unlike Yvette’s other workouts, this workout has no stretch. It seemed like there was supposed to be a stretch but the video cut out before the stretch. However this is the complete workout because she alerted you that the last move is the last move, then after you do a quick child’s pose, she says we’re going to stretch then the video cuts out. So you will need to add on your own stretch. I used Cathe‘s Rockout Knockout stretch which is 6:30 minutes long. It is perfect for this workout because Cathe stretches out your shoulders and lower body.

Overall, this is an excellent and intense metabolic workout. You get intense cardio, you work your core and shoulders, and you also get some bicep and lower body workout tho the muscle group that gets the best work is shoulders. I love the entire workout because I love using my bosu ball, but if I wanted to do this on a work morning, I would do the first 50:40 minutes, scrub to 65:15 for the final 4 minutes of shoulder work then use Cathe’s 6:30 minute stretch. That would give me an awesome 61 minute workout.

HIIT, Cardio Core, Weights and Bosu Ball is 69 minutes long; 8 minute warm up and no stretch. Equipment: bosu ball, 8, 10 and 15 pound dumbbells and sliding disks. Yvette (and me) is also wearing weighted gloves. At the beginning of the workout, a fitness mat is on the floor in front of Yvette and her class. The first part of the workout each exercise is done for 40 second intervals then about halfway through she changes to 30 second intervals. The weights below are what Yvette used and I used the same weights she did for nearly every exercise.

  1. Burpee + 2 air jacks
  2. Burpee + 4 cross punches while standing (8# DBs)
  3. 2 butt kick runs to side + one knee pull
  4. Crab w/ curl and overhead press (while in crab, alternate hammer curls into overhead press) (10# DBs)
  5. Jab, cross, jab, cross (while moving laterally) + 2 knees (while moving back)
  6. Burpee + overhead press when standing; ends w/ 8 alternating overhead presses (15# DBs)
  7. Repeat #5 on other side of body
  8. Burpee + one squat + one squat jump; ends w/ 7 squats then pulses in static squat (Yvette used 10# DBs, I used 15# DBs)
  9. Cross jacks
  10. Plank T stand overhead press, alternate sides (10# DBs)
  11. Shuffle 2x to side + knee raise while clapping hands under thigh
  12. 6 alternating shoulder taps in plank, jump feet in, stand and tuck jump
  13. Front raise to side raise then lower (8# DBs)
  14. Mario hops (alternating knee raises w/ a hop while swinging arms)
  15. Sliding mountain climbers
  16. Sumo squat jump + 4 front kicks, alternate sides
  17. In straight arm plank, slide feet in and out
  18. Wacky jacks (pendulum feet while doing jack arms but arms are opposing–one goes up while the other goes down)
  19. In straight arm plank, pass one DB from one side of body to the other (Yvette used one 10# DB, I used one 15# DB)
  20. Sumo jacks, swinging one DB between thighs at bottom of jack and overhead at top (one 10# DB)
  21. Burpee + 8 high knee runs
  22. Butterfly sit ups (legs in butterfly, raise arms overhead at top)
  23. Hammer curl to overhead press (15# DBs)
  24. 8 hammer curls (15# DBs)
  25. 2 hops + one jump lunge, alternate sides; ends w/ alternating jump lunges
  26. Plank punches
  27. 2 scissor runs + 1 sumo squat jump
  28. Start standing, walk out to plank, 2 push ups, walk hands back to feet, stand and do 2 jacks
  29. Knee pull hops
  30. Sit on bottom, torso leaned back and legs lifted, push legs out straight then pull knees into chest
  31. 1 air jack + 2 front kicks
  32. In straight arm plank, alternate raising straight arms to side; ends w/ plank hold (8# DBs)
  33. Jump to side, squat jump forward, jump back, jump to other side–repeat pattern; ends w/ forward squat jumps only then hold squat and pulse
  34. Burpee +  overhead press (15# DBs)
  35. Air climbers (butt kick runs while alternating pushing arms overhead)
  36. Repeat #2
  37. 3 ice breakers + side lunge jump w/ elbow smash
  38. Repeat #8
  39. 2 torso twists + 2 overhead punches + 1 knee pull
  40. Knee pulls on one side of body
  41. Plank jacks
  42. Repeat #39 & 40 on other side of body
  43. Start standing, walk out to plank, walk hands back in, stand and jump
  44. Repeat #13
  45. 2 jacks + sumo squat jump diagonally, alternate sides
  46. Crazy jacks
  47. Bicycle crunches
  48. Front back attack (squat jump forward, squat jump back, 2 squat jumps in place while slamming clasped hands down between legs); ends w/ all attacks
  49. Repeat #10
  50. Jacks w/ arms swinging side to side
  51. Repeat #4
  52. 2 alternating side lunges while punching down and 2 while raising arms overhead
  53. Repeat #23
  54. Shuffle 3x to side + 2 jacks; ends w/ all jacks
  55. Alternating front kicks
  56. Squats; add a jump (jump squats); ends in pulse squat
  57. Pulse squat 3x + 1 knee raise, alternate sides
  58. Hold squat for a few seconds then jump back to plank and back up to squat

(@ 50:40) Put mats away and get out your bosu ball. This takes approx. 1 minute so you get a break, too. Bosu is always soft side up unless otherwise noted.

  1. Hop on bosu 4x then lower into squat and hold for 3 counts; ends holding squat while windmilling arms
  2. Burpee + jump on and off bosu
  3. Step on and over bosu laterally
  4. With bottom/small of back on bosu, so a full sit up then raise into squat and pulse 2x; ends w/ squat hold
  5. Straddle step w/ knee raise on bosu, alternate legs
  6. With bottom/small of back on bosu, so a full sit up then stand (do not use hands); add a jump
  7. Turn bosu upside down so flat side is up, hold bosu at edges and do a burpee, stand and raise bosu overhead
  8. Fast straddle step on and off bosu
  9. In straight arm plank w/ hands on bosu, do alternating swim arms
  10. Repeat #8 starting w/ other foot
  11. Turn bosu upside down so flat side is up, grip bosu at edges and do plank jack, jump feet in and raise bosu overhead while doing a standing jack
  12. Curtsy lunge then jump on bosu, landing in squat
  13. Turn bosu upside down so flat side is up, grip bosu at edges while in plank and rock bosu side to side
  14. Repeat #12 on other leg
  15. Jump lunge side to side while punching down on bosu
  16. Step on bosu while other leg steps out to side, alternate sides
  17. In forearm plank on bosu, step feet out and in
  18. Repeat #16 w/ different arm movement
  19. Burpee, jump on top of bosu landing in squat and hold squat for 4 count; ends w/ 8 count squat hold
  20. Turn bosu upside down so flat side is up, grip bosu at edges and while in plank, alternate raising legs
  21. Front raise to side raise then lower (8# DBs)
  22. In straight arm plank w/ hands on bosu, alternate tapping hand to opposite shoulder
  23. Overhead press in single, single, double pattern (15# DBs)
  24. In straight arm plank w/ hands on bosu, alternate raising straight arms to side
  25. Hold DBs at shoulder height, bringing elbows together in front of body, open arms wide and do overhead press (10# DBs)
  26. Hold straight arm plank w/ hands on bosu

For more info on Yvette Bachman and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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