Great Glutes

greatglutesFinally! Number 4 of Cathe‘s newest workouts is finally up to her usual level of torture! Seriously, though, Great Glutes is an intense and challenging workout for your lower body and I adore it. I pre-ordered all 9 of her new workouts and have done 4 so far. Though I really like the other 3 I have done so far (Flex Train, Rockout Knockout and Lean Legs and Abs) they are not advanced like most of her workouts are. This one is! I mentioned in the Lean Legs and Abs review, it should be used in conjunction with Great Glutes to work your lower body entirely. I said this because I was going from the write up/summary of both workouts (on Cathe’s website), plus having actually done Lean Legs and Abs, it sounded accurate. I partially rescind that after doing Great Glutes. Lean Legs and Abs does focus on the quads and outer thighs, and if you want to hit other muscle groups you will have to add something. Great Glutes however hits just about everything and stands on it’s own as an excellent lower body workout. My legs/glutes were burning during this workout and several times I was so close to failure by the end of the sets/reps. In fact, during the floor work I failed during pizza presses. OMG–so many! It burned!

Due to my experiences with Flex Train and Lean Legs and Abs I automatically lifted heavier this time. For every weighted exercise in Great Glutes Cathe uses 8 pound dumbbells. I went straight to 10 pound dumbbells and in the future will use 12 pound dumbbells. She also used the pink firewalker band (lightest band) and I used the green (medium band), but in the future I will use the blue firewalker (heavy band).

Great Glutes is 55 minutes long; 7 minute warm up, 42 minute training time and 7 minute stretch. The Chair Bonus is 8 minutes. The workout is broken down into sections, which makes it easier for premixes. Like I said above, I prefer the extreme premix with everything thrown in, but if you are looking for something shorter, it works nicely.

Equipment needed: dumbbells, Slide N Glide disks, stability ball, chair, firewalker and mat.

Compound Leg/Glutes (16:30 minutes)

Sumo squats with upright row  (dumbbells)

Hammer punch lunges

Sumo squats with upright row   (dumbbells)

Hammer punch lunges (other side)

Sumo side-to-side squats   (dumbbells)

Hammer punch lunges (both sides)

Sumo side-to-side squats   (dumbbells)

Squats with pulses  (dumbbells)

Static lunges putting one dumbbell on floor and picking up

Kneel and lift back knee slightly and hold

Single leg deadlifts  (dumbbells)

Sumo squats  (dumbbells)

Glide Disk Legs/Glutes (8 minutes)

Side lunge with disk

Reverse lunge into warrior lunge with disk

Crossback lunges with disks

Stability Ball Legs/Glutes (6 minutes)

Roll ball in and out (laying supine, both heels on ball)

Roll ball in and out (laying supine, one heel on ball), then pulsing and lifting at top

Inner thigh ball squeezes

Laying on back with legs in air and in a “V”, throw ball and catch between feet

Floor  Work (9:30 minutes)

On all 4s, do hydrants

Lower to elbows and do pizza presses (so many!)

Bonus Chair Legs/Glutes (need chair, firewalker and dumbbell) 8 minutes

Behind chair, double leg calf lifts

Beside chair, one leg calf raise holding one dumbbell on working side

Hamstring push backs with firewalker band

Hamstring lifts with firewalker band


Great Glutes Extreme:  (warm up + Compound Legs/Glutes + Glide Discs Legs/Glutes + Bonus Chair Legs/Glutes+ Stability Ball Legs/Glutes + Floor Work  + Stretch) 63 minutes

No stability Ball: warm up + Compound Legs/Glutes + Glide Discs Legs/Glutes + Bonus Chair Legs/Glutes + Floor Work  + Stretch) 56 minutes

No Glide Discs: warm up + Compound Legs/Glutes + Bonus Chair Legs/Glutes + Stability Ball Legs/Glutes + Floor Work  + Stretch) 54 minutes

No Floor Work: (warm up + Compound Legs/Glutes + Glide Discs Legs/Glutes + Bonus Chair Legs/Glutes + Stability Ball Legs/Glutes + Stretch) 53 minutes

Timesaver #1 (no floor work): (Warm Up + Compound Legs/Glutes + Glide Discs Legs/Glutes + Stability Ball Legs/Glutes + Stretch) 46 minutes

Timesaver #2 (no glide discs): (Warm Up + Compound Legs/Glutes + Stability Ball Legs/Glutes + Floor Work + Stretch) 47 minutes

Timesaver # 3 ( no stability ball): Warm Up + Compound Legs/Glutes + Glide Discs Legs/Glutes + Floor Work + Stretch) 48 minutes

Timesaver #4 (standing only): (Warm Up + Compound Legs/Glutes + Glide Discs Legs/Glutes + Bonus Chair Legs/Glutes + Stretch) 46 minutes


17 thoughts on “Great Glutes

  1. Hi! I just got thru doing great glutes because your review made me excited to find a great butt exercise, However, I found this workout very easy! Also it didn’t just do glutes. It does calf raises. Do you have any other glute workout suggestions. I find it weird that you thought it was easy and I didn’t. I guess everybody’s exercise level is different.


    1. Did someone hack you account? Because on 10/10/18 you commented that this was a great workout and now, 3 days later, it’s too easy? But regardless, everyone’s fitness level is different. If you found it too easy, then perhaps my reviews aren’t going to give you the information you are looking for in workouts and you need to find a reviewer more your fitness level.

      And Cathe named the workout “Great Glutes” because she apparently felt there is a glute focus–but in my review I do state that it is a full lower body workout, hitting all of the lower body muscle groups, not just the glutes.

      If you are looking for something more challenging for your glutes, you could try Edge Booty Extreme 2. But again, I found that program tough but it may be too easy for you. Its just my opinion.


      1. I feel so badly. My intention was in know way to hurt you. I was just letting you know of my experience. Yeah about me saying it was a great workout on 10/10/18 i watched the video and it looked like a great workout. I am sorry for the confusion. I should of said that I just watched it. Your reviews are wonderful. and so wasn’t this one. You are very thorough and that is why I love your reviews. I hope you continue to answer my questions.You have helped greatly. Thank You!


    1. Hi Debbie! That is an individual thing. As long as you have the energy and you don’t feel as if you are over-training then yes, go ahead and add cardio. Pre-cancer I always did two workouts a day–an hour in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. My afternoon workout was usually cardio. It never caused me any problems. Any time I did start feeling like I was overdoing it (usually due to intense morning workouts) I just took a week or two off from doing doubles (that’s what I call my afternoon workout). So listen to your body and do what feels right for you.


    1. It is a great workout. There should be no problem doing this workout every other day if you want. Just make sure you give your lower body a day of rest between each time you do it. You can alternate it with cardio and/or upper body workouts. Of course, every other day isn’t necessary. I personally work my lower body 2-3 times a week either through focused lower body workouts or total body strength workouts.


  2. I just did this workout today and you were NOT kidding about those pizza presses! Holy cow whyyyyy so many? LOL. My glutes were on fire!

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