Cathe’s Slide & Glide

Cathe’s Slide & Glide is a very unique cardio + strength workout. This is one Cathe workout I was on the fence about buying, but finally decided to get. I knew I wouldn’t regularly do the strength portion, but since I realized how cool the sliding disks are, I was interested in the sliding disk cardio. Of course, this workout has premixes to make this a much more useful workout for me–specifically the premix called Double Trouble, which is the cardio segment done twice for a 52 minute cardio workout. But now that I’ve done the full workout, the strength is actually decent (but too short). Considering the only equipment you actually need for this workout are the disks and a firewalker band (the firewalker band is only for the strength work), this the perfect travel workout! You could be on the top floor of a hotel and since it is low impact, you can get a good cardio and strength workout without bothering the people below you!

So, in several contexts this is an impressive workout. However, like I said, I will be reserving the strength part of this workout for travel only. I do really like this workout. It is fun and fast paced and it is a very good workout–however, it is not the super-high Cathe intensity I am used to in most of her workouts. But that will not stop me from using it. It is solid and fun, effective and very different/unique. And I was sweating a lot during it–so I was working hard! The key, of course, is to use the disks properly. Cathe has a short intro that gives instructions on how to use the disks that it is important any newbie to slide & glide disks watch before doing the workout. If done properly, the disks recruit all kinds of new muscles you wouldn’t be using otherwise.

Slide & Glide is a 52 minute cardio + strength workout; 5 minute warm up, 21 minutes of cardio, 21 minutes of strength/abs and 5 minute stretch. All you need for this workout is the sliding disks and a firewalker band. You use the disks in every section of the workout–warm up, cardio, strength, abs and stretch.

The cardio section is comprised of the following moves–all with your feet on the disks: skater-lunges with different arm variations, pulse squats, back lunges, holding in a low lunge and sliding one leg out and back, “airplane” which is slide-lunge leg to side, hold side-lunge squat and slide on leg to the side and back, “long” lunges with arms in the air, “jumping” jacks (you’re obviously not really jumping), lunge front-side-back, burpees to mountain climbers, cross back lunges, slow reverse lunges, push up jacks, jab front and squat back, burpee squat thrusts and oblique twists. The moves appear in that order, though some of them come back and are done again (jumping jacks in particular, though that isn’t the only move that gets a repeat performance!). You also do multiple sets of most of the moves.

Strength section:
Laying on your back with feet on disks and hips raised, alternating hamstring/glute slide-outs.
Laying on back with legs in the air, V-press with firewalker around ankles.
Tricep push ups with hands on disks alternated with sliding out in front of you with one hand.
Lat pulls with firewalker.
Bicep hammer curls with firewalker.
Walking/dragging plank with staggered push ups.
Cross over/under side walking pushups.

The strength section ends with a unique abdominal section using the disks. The moves include: sit ups with heels on disk where you slide your legs in and out as you sit up, and a very cool plank oblique move where you slide your leg to the side then underneath you to your other side then back out. There were other abdominal moves, too, but I really liked the uniqueness of those two moves.

The workout ends with a stretch that uses the disks.

Premixes: Cardio + Stretch 31 minutes, Cardio + Abs + Stretch 40 minutes, Muscle conditioning 31 minutes, and Double Trouble (cardio done twice) 52 minutes.

11 thoughts on “Cathe’s Slide & Glide

  1. My body is enjoying this one much more than I expected. It realy nicely defines my hamstrings. and I love the strength and stretch coherentness to it. That is what I’ve always appreciated about ballet type workouts and this has the same benefit (and I can actually do it!)
    If you have tried out any more sliding programs, please remember to post!


    1. That is a great workout! I haven’t done it in a while, but I need to return to it. I had Cathe’s HIIT scheduled for yesterday and I just didn’t feel like doing tuck jumps and air jacks, etc. I ended up substituting a kickboxing workout, but Slide & Glide would have been a perfect substitute, too. To be honest, I am starting to get tired of all of the jumping and I have been looking into other types of workouts that can possibly give me intensity but without so much impact. Currently it has been barre and kettlebell, but you’ve given me the idea to start looking for some disk workouts, too.


      1. Me too. I have been getting away from jumping. Unfortunately, although I am a forever fan, Cathe does a lot of it. Even in some ‘low impact’ workouts of hers.
        Have fun with kettlebell!


  2. Okay I am SO all over this! I’m thrilled I ordered this along with the discs. It sounds like a perfect intro to the Cathe workouts too so that I don’t end up killing myself with the extra tough ones I know my exercise guru friend loves! I can’t wait til they get here!!


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