Cathe’s Core Max

coremaxCore Max is part of Cathe’s Hardcore series. It is a multi-workout DVD and contains 3 core workouts. One that uses no equipment, one that uses a stability ball and one that uses a medicine ball and a stability ball. They are all approximately 20 minutes long.

Even though I liked these workouts (well, I liked Core Max 1 and 2), I don’t know how often I will come back to it. Cathe is really good about working your core in the majority of her strength workouts. And she generally works them for at least 10 minutes. In addition, the more current her workouts, the more comprehensively she works the core. So I feel like if I am already doing lots of Cathe workouts, my core is already being worked adequately. Nevertheless, I am not sorry I got the workout. I do think that I may sometimes use the first two core workouts. Plus, they pop up frequently in the monthly rotations she puts up on her website. And one day, I do plan to do some of those.

Core Max #1 is 21:30 minutes long and uses no equipment. This is a solid core workout. It is challenging, but not the most challenging Cathe core workout I’ve done (and I’ve done most of them). Perhaps that is because it is 20 minutes long? She wants to be sure you can get through the entire workout? I’m not sure. However, like I said, it is a solid core workout that is challenging enough and hits your entire core from all angles. I enjoyed it.

Here are the moves (this list is copied and pasted from Cathe’s website since her workout description lists everything):

1) Super Mans
2) Levitation Holds
3) Hip Lifts Bent Leg
4) Hip Lifts Straight Leg
5) Corkscrew
6) Opposite elbow to knee
7) Reach to outside of knee
8) Frog Style crunches (both knees open to sides)
9) Crunches with straight legs in air
10) Crunches w/knees bent on floor
11) 3 level crunches
12) rope climb crunches
13) Frog Style crunches (second time)
14) 3 level crunches (second time) w/ pulses at the top
15) Ax Crunches
16) Reverse Crunches
17) Crunches w/Arms and legs extended
18) Reverse crunch (second time)
19) Straight Leg Prone Plank
Hip Dip Planks

Core Max #2 is 20 minutes long and uses a stability ball only. It was more challenging than Core Max #1, and I think that had to do with the balance issues of using the ball. It was a very good workout, but several of the moves (roll ins and pikes/jacknifes) I had a hard time keeping the ball under my feet. The pikes/jacknife move itself is extremely challenging on the ball. She makes you do it in other workouts, too (Kick, Punch and Crunch is one), and it is always difficult for me. Again, the move itself is very hard, but it I also have a serious problem keeping the ball in place to even perform this difficult move.

Here are the exercises in Core Max #2 (again, copied from Cathe’s website):
1) Superman on ball
2) Roll Out’s
3) Roll In’s
4) Roll In’s for obliques (legs pull in on an angle)
5) Pikes (jacknife) on the ball
6) Crunches on top of ball
7) Long Lever Ball Exchange
8) Vertical Oblique Rotations w/ legs straight in air
9) Side to Side Chops
10) Ax Chops for Obliques
Pelvic Tilt Crunches

Core Max #3 is 18 minutes long. It uses an 8 pound medicine ball for every exercise and during the second half it adds the stability ball. I have some mixed feelings about this workout. I think the exercises on the first half of the workout when you are only using the medicine ball are the hardest core exercises on any of the three Core Max workouts. But then when the stability ball is added, the exercises get easier at first–then awkward and painful on the neck. She does give an option for reducing neck strain (placing the ball behind your head) but that seems awkward, too. Overall, I like this Core Max the least of the three.

Here are the exercises in Core Max #3 (again, copied from Cathe’s website):
1) Superman (no equipment)
2) Curl Up’s w/ med ball
3) Rocket Shoots
Modified V-Sit
At this point you use both stability ball and medicine ball together
Oblique Rotations w/ knees bent in the air
Side to side rotations
7) supine wood chops on a diagonal
8) side to side wood chops on stability ball holding med ball
9) Oblique crunches w/med ball on shoulder
10) Long Range crunches
11) Short range crunches
12) Long Range crunch (2nd set)
13) Short Range crunch (2nd set)

Premixes: This workout also has 3 premixes. I haven’t done them, so I don’t know any details. What I do know, is each premix takes the exercises from the three main workouts and mixes them up in different ways. Balanced Core 22 minutes, Complete Core 21 minutes and Tough Core 18 minutes.

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