Cathe’s Yoga Relax

Yoga Relax is a 52 minute yoga workout from Cathe. This and another yoga workout, Yoga Max, are part of Cathe’s Low Impact Series. I had a hard time deciding whether to get these workouts and in the end only got Yoga Relax due to the reviews. I found Yoga Relax beautifully relaxing and just what the body needs after a week of Cathe’s advanced and difficult workouts. I do realize that Yoga Max probably won’t be as relaxing, but I really like how Cathe creates and leads workouts–including yoga. And though I am a fitness fanatic, the area I most neglect is flexibility. I don’t neglect it because I don’t like it. I do–I love doing a good yoga/flexibility workout. But my mind focuses on results and I can feel the results from great cardio and strength training. Even though yoga/flexibility makes me feel good, my mind prefers the results of cardio and strength training.

Nevertheless, I know flexibility training is important and I enjoy it so I do my best to incorporate it. Yoga Relax will make that easier. Not only is it so relaxing, but I really felt the deep stretching. Yoga Relax is 52 minutes long, but like most Cathe workouts she has created premixes for the time constrained. There will be more on those later, but first, let’s get to the workout. For the most part I am using the names Cathe gives to the poses unless I know the correct “yoga” name for it. Some poses she doesn’t identify and I don’t know what they are called, so I will just try to describe them.

Yoga Relax starts with a warm up series that consists of child pose, cat/cow, dog wag, and shoulder stretching while in child’s pose. Move into downward dog and “paddle” the feet then hold in downward dog. Next is a forward fold series that moves into standing side stretches and ends with a standing stretch in which you lean backward, stretching the hips, low back and chest. Then you move into a forward lunge series that has a new pose I’ve never encountered before that Cathe called “dragon.” It was very deep and lovely. You end the lunge series with a deep hamstring stretch then go into downward dog before doing the lunge series on the other side of the body. You’ll do some more cat/cows before moving onto the balance poses. She does two balance poses: tree pose and dancers pose. Next is goddess pose that moves into a straddle stretch series.

Now you sit on the floor. The first pose is butterfly to a runners stretch. However, this isn’t what I call a runners stretch (which Cathe calls a lunge stretch). For her runners stretch, one leg is out to the side and the other is bent and you reach toward the extended leg. Transition to a sitting twisting spine stretch and end with pigeon before doing the sitting poses on the other side of the body.

Lie on your mat for bridge pose, happy baby and lying spine twist. The workout ends with corpse which transitions to fetus and finally ends with butterfly as the final pose.

I love this yoga workout. Of the reviews I read on this workout there are a lot of complaints as to how long Cathe holds these poses. I didn’t find that to be true. It is a relaxing yoga series–not a fast moving power yoga. I felt she held the poses the appropriate amount of time. Other people complained of how much she talked throughout the workout. This makes no sense to me. She is a trainer leading a workout. She didn’t babble about irrelevant things. She gave instructions–and some of the best instructions I’ve received in a yoga DVD, to be honest, which is probably why I felt so much more deeply stretched out than I normally do from other yoga DVDs I possess.

There are two shorter premixes, one that is 29 minutes and one that is 33 minutes. I have not done the premixes yet, but I found a break down of them. Both premixes contain the warm up series, standing torso stretches, lying supine stretches and final resting poses. Here are the differences: Premix #1 has standing straddle stretches. Premix #2  has deep stretches on mat. Neither of them have the balance poses or seated upright stretches. Or at least, that is what I gather from the break downs I found on a message board. Once I actually do the premixes I will come back and update this post if that is incorrect.

9 thoughts on “Cathe’s Yoga Relax

  1. Love Cathe’s yoga workouts! I love the length of time she holds the length she holds the poses!
    I am into yin yoga and the true yin is held five minutes! However to me that is to long for some poses.
    So I think cathe help the right amount of time for each pose. I wish she would do a yin DVD. Holding some stretches a tiny bit longer but not as long as five minutes.
    I carry stress in my neck and upper back causing headaches and I would love her to address this in a yin style!
    I have tried the elements yoga as well. I like Tamil Doge (I hope I am saying it right) even better then the Ashley Turner. She is good to but Tamil is just, I love his voice really. When I get to the floor it is delicious to close my eyes after the standing poses! . It is like a body massage! Especially one pose that u bend forward and hold a strap and lift my arms behind the back! Stretches the shoulders so nicely!
    Give him a try! He has two dvd’s and two workouts on each.


    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I will have to check him out. Not any time soon tho. I have a year subscription to The Yoga Collective so I have been focusing on that and Barlates yoga workouts these days. I also want to try some of Jessica Smith’s YouTube yoga workouts. So I already have a lot of yoga To Do’s for a while, but I will add him to my list to try at some point.


  2. Hi
    I absolutely love this workout and agree 100% with your review. Do you know of any other yoga dvds that are like this (i also have yoga max but prefer this one) – poses held for a long time with excellent instruction? Thanks so much for your site — it is soo helpful.



    1. Hi Yolanda! Cathe’s yoga workouts are unique and I love them but I have discovered another yogi whom (in my opinion) is the absolute best at creating doable yet challenging and relaxing yoga workouts. Her name is Ashley Turner. I have bought all of her yoga workouts produced by Element. I think they are all excellent, but the one that most closely resembles Cathe’s Yoga Relax is Ashley’s Yoga for Stress Relief and Flexibility.


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