Total Stretch

Total Stretch is a new workout from Jessica Smith. It contains 3 flexibility workouts. Two are approximately 30 minutes and one is 18 minutes. Just like Feel Good Fusion, these new workouts from Jessica are exactly what I need at this time in my life. Sadly I have had days recently where I cannot even … Continue reading Total Stretch


Cathe’s Yoga Relax

Yoga Relax is a 52 minute yoga workout from Cathe. This and another yoga workout, Yoga Max, are part of Cathe‚Äôs Low Impact Series. I had a hard time deciding whether to get these workouts and in the end only got Yoga Relax due to the reviews. I found Yoga Relax beautifully relaxing and just … Continue reading Cathe’s Yoga Relax

Cathe’s Stretch Max

Cathe's Stretch Max is a lovely little stretching DVD. It contains three 20 minute stretch workouts, perfect to add on to the end of a workout when your body is already warmed up. I love to stretch, but I have a really hard time working it into my workout schedule because I put priority on … Continue reading Cathe’s Stretch Max