Lastics Lite: Stretch Express

Lastics was recommended to me by a blog reader a year or more ago and a Lastics DVD has been on my Amazon wishlist ever since. But I could never motivate myself to buy it. It was an hour long and it isn't cheap. I knew I would not use an hour long stretch workout … Continue reading Lastics Lite: Stretch Express

Essentrics Stretch Series Vol. 1

Essentrics Stretch Series Vol 1 contains three 30 minute workouts. Just like all Classical Stretch/Essentrics workouts you are moving constantly. They are dynamic flexibility/mobility workouts. The moves change in some fashion any time you repeat it and there are many components to each move. Because of this, it is much to difficult to break these … Continue reading Essentrics Stretch Series Vol. 1

AngieFitnessTV: Mobility Strong Flexibility Routine

Mobility Strong is a flexibility routine from AngieFitnessTV. This is another little workout included in Angie's Triple Threat fitness program. I really liked this one a lot. You use a stability ball and you do a lot of dynamic and static stretching. I really felt like I needed it this morning. My back muscle are … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Mobility Strong Flexibility Routine

AngieFitnessTV: Fit Over 40 Stretch & Let Go

Stretch & Let Go is Day 19 in AngieFitnessTV's Fit Over 40 program. Because it is part of a 30 day program, Angie schedules these long stretch and flexibility workouts for your rest days. I have been using them as add ons to other workouts to get an extended stretch. This is another nice, deep stretch … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Fit Over 40 Stretch & Let Go

AngieFitnessTV: Fit Over 40 Stretch & Unwind

Stretch & Unwind is Day 12 in AngieFitnessTV's Fit Over 40 program. This is a very relaxing stretch workout. It is a great little workout to use after a more intense workout that doesn't include a cool down and stretch (or maybe an inadequate cool down and stretch), since the beginning is gently active, so … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Fit Over 40 Stretch & Unwind

Core Movements: Volumes 5 & 6

This is the final DVD in Tracie Long's Core Movements series. This DVD contains Volume 5: Push Back and Volume 6: Bottoms Up. Before I get to information on these specific workouts, I have to discuss the actual physical DVD. I ordered the Core Movements series through Tracie Long's website. When I received them, the 3 … Continue reading Core Movements: Volumes 5 & 6