Power Pilates Workout // Pilates HIIT Fusion

Power Pilates Workout // Pilates HIIT Fusion is a body weight strength training workout from Heather Robertson. This workout starts out as a nice, feel good workout then the creep starts and it gets more challenging. It is never advanced or super difficult but I did get some nice strength work in my triceps and … Continue reading Power Pilates Workout // Pilates HIIT Fusion

Yoga HIIT Fusion Workout // No Equipment, No Jumping

Yoga HIIT Fusion Workout // No Equipment, No Jumping is another great yoga fusion workout from Heather Robertson. This workout combines dynamic flexibility, mobility and body weight strength. It's not really a HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) as I did not find any of the exercises "high intensity" but the exercises are done interval … Continue reading Yoga HIIT Fusion Workout // No Equipment, No Jumping

SaraBethYoga: 30 Minute Full Body Yoga Flow & Stretch

30 Minute Full Body Yoga Flow & Stretch is a great yoga practice. It was a feel good flow but not as easy as most of SaraBeth's yoga workouts that I choose to do. It is not advanced or anything, but I generally gravitate to her easier workouts. I really enjoyed this though. She does … Continue reading SaraBethYoga: 30 Minute Full Body Yoga Flow & Stretch

Yoga Fusion: Power

This is a particularly odd workout review so I have to give some background. I have some favorite workouts that I initially did on VHS and were eventually released on DVD. But two of my favorites never ended up on DVD. This workout: Yoga Fusion Power, and its sister workout Yoga Fusion Strength & Sculpt. … Continue reading Yoga Fusion: Power

Yoga Inspired Full Body Workout

Yoga Inspired Full Body Workout is a wonderful, feel good dynamic and flowing yoga workout from Heather Robertson. It has everything--flexibility, mobility, and strength. I broke a sweat during this workout and I was working. But I wasn't working hard. And the stretch at the end? Seems pretty long for a 30 minute workout, but … Continue reading Yoga Inspired Full Body Workout

Day 7 Home Workout Challenge // Full Body Stretch & Recovery

Apparently back in May 2020, Heather Robertson created a 7 day workout challenge. (Here is the playlist if you are interested.) They all look like very good workouts and I might try some of them at some point but I am starting with this nice long Full Body Stretch & Recovery workout. Unlike the majority … Continue reading Day 7 Home Workout Challenge // Full Body Stretch & Recovery

Perfect 30: Perfect Flow

Perfect Flow is part of Cathe's Perfect 30 series. Perfect Flow contains one 30 minute mobility workout, one 30 minute yoga workout and a 9 minute core bonus. The other two workouts included in the Perfect 30 Series are Perfect HIIT and Perfect Pump. I won't be doing Perfect Pump until the beginning of December … Continue reading Perfect 30: Perfect Flow

Essentrics: Class of 2012

Class of 2012 is another Classical Stretch/Essentrics workout that is led by Sahra Esmond-White. Sahra says this workout is a favorite in the classes she teaches so she decided to bring it to DVD for everyone to enjoy. And I am glad she did! It was an excellent mobility, flexibility and bodyweight strength workout. Her … Continue reading Essentrics: Class of 2012

Focus: Reach Further

This workout is part of Tracie Long's Focus Series. She says it is the 4th in the series and there is a total of 6 workouts in this series (I think). With this workout, I've now done all of Tracie's Focus workouts. This is an excellent workout. In 30 minutes you will get yoga, flexibility, … Continue reading Focus: Reach Further

Essentrics Stretch Series Vol. 1

Essentrics Stretch Series Vol 1 contains three 30 minute workouts. Just like all Classical Stretch/Essentrics workouts you are moving constantly. They are dynamic flexibility/mobility workouts. The moves change in some fashion any time you repeat it and there are many components to each move. Because of this, it is much to difficult to break these … Continue reading Essentrics Stretch Series Vol. 1