Essentrics: Class of 2012

Class of 2012 is another Classical Stretch/Essentrics workout that is led by Sahra Esmond-White. Sahra says this workout is a favorite in the classes she teaches so she decided to bring it to DVD for everyone to enjoy. And I am glad she did! It was an excellent mobility, flexibility and bodyweight strength workout. Her … Continue reading Essentrics: Class of 2012

Focus: Reach Further

This workout is part of Tracie Long's Focus Series. She says it is the 4th in the series and there is a total of 6 workouts in this series (I think). With this workout, I've now done all of Tracie's Focus workouts. This is an excellent workout. In 30 minutes you will get yoga, flexibility, … Continue reading Focus: Reach Further

Essentrics Stretch Series Vol. 1

Essentrics Stretch Series Vol 1 contains three 30 minute workouts. Just like all Classical Stretch/Essentrics workouts you are moving constantly. They are dynamic flexibility/mobility workouts. The moves change in some fashion any time you repeat it and there are many components to each move. Because of this, it is much to difficult to break these … Continue reading Essentrics Stretch Series Vol. 1

AngieFitnessTV: Move Healthy Mobility-Flexibility

Move Health Mobility-Flexibility is exactly what the title indicates--a long flexibility and mobility routine from AngieFitnessTV. I love long stretches like this one to add on to the end of intense workouts that clock in at 35-45 minutes. Angie includes this workout in her Triple Threat fitness program. Move Health Mobility-Flexibility is 15:10 minutes. Equipment: … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Move Healthy Mobility-Flexibility

AngieFitnessTV: Bounce for Health Feel Good Recovery Workout

Feel Good Recovery Workout is part of AngieFitnessTV's Bounce for Health Series. Angie said this is a good workout to use on an active recovery day. She said it is also a good workout to do when coming back from an illness or surgery. However, Angie also points out the height of your bounce is … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Bounce for Health Feel Good Recovery Workout

Gentle Yoga Stretch

Gentle Yoga Stretch is another yoga/flexibility collection from Jessica Smith. Jessica has quite a few of these types of workouts and she does them very well. These are more excellent and thorough yoga practices to add to my collection. I didn't find them as gentle as the title promises but that could be due to … Continue reading Gentle Yoga Stretch

Total Stretch

Total Stretch is a new workout from Jessica Smith. It contains 3 flexibility workouts. Two are approximately 30 minutes and one is 18 minutes. Just like Feel Good Fusion, these new workouts from Jessica are exactly what I need at this time in my life. Sadly I have had days recently where I cannot even … Continue reading Total Stretch