Total Stretch

Total Stretch is a new workout from Jessica Smith. It contains 3 flexibility workouts. Two are approximately 30 minutes and one is 18 minutes. Just like Feel Good Fusion, these new workouts from Jessica are exactly what I need at this time in my life. Sadly I have had days recently where I cannot even do these workouts and other days where these are the toughest thing I can manage. So I am glad Jessica creates workouts appropriate for every fitness level.

Deep Stretch is 31:30 minutes. It is set out doors. Jessica is on a fitness mat in the grass with palm trees and flowering shrubs behind her. Sometimes during the workout a box appears in the upper right hand corner showing Jessica doing a modified version of the stretch. This is a very gentle total body stretch. Jessica makes an effort to hit every muscle/joint in the upper and lower body. It starts with neck stretches. Shoulder stretches. Tricep stretch. More shoulder stretches. Wrist and forearm stretch. Chest stretch. Upper back stretch. In split stance, with legs straight, hinge forward over front leg, stretching hamstrings. Still in split stance, bend front knee and do a side bend. Stand with legs wider than hip width, toes turned out, lower down into deep squat, hands on floor, back straight, heels on floor if possible. Sit down, knees bent, lower one leg to side (opening hip/outside of leg on floor) and keep the other knee raised, foot on floor, press hand into knee on floor, twisting torso away. Sit cross-leg and walk hands forward, hinging forward; walk hands to side, over one knee still hinged forward. Bend one leg in front of you and the other behind you (like in a Z) and twist torso toward front leg; changes to walking hands forward over front leg and hinging torso forward, placing forearms on floor. Still in same position, grab foot of back leg and stretch quad and hip flexor. Cross bent legs over each other in front of you, knee over knee and hinge forward. Lay on stomach, legs extended straight, one arm extended straight out to side on floor, push torso up with other hand, raising onto side and bending one knee behind other leg to stretch deeper. Still laying on stomach, bend knees and bring soles of feet together, lifting feet off ground; changes to raising and lowering one leg in this position, alternate legs. Lay on back, one leg extended straight, other knee bent w/ ankle crossed over opposite knee while also stretching shoulder. In same position, one leg still straight, other still bent but foot is now on floor, raise one hip and twisting toward the side, keeping other hips and shoulders on the ground. Reclining pigeon stretch. From reclining pigeon, cross legs and grab an ankle in each hand, pulling legs toward you. Legs still crossed, extend arms straight out to side and lower crossed legs to one side, doing a spinal stretch. Still on back, knees bent and raised, legs open, grab toes (happy baby). In same position, bring soles of feet together, holding them in hands and pulling them toward you. Ends sitting cross-leg with eyes closed.

Dynamic Stretch is 34 minutes. This workout is set outdoors on a deck with the ocean behind Jessica. Sometimes during the workout a box appears in the upper right hand corner showing Jessica doing a modified version of the stretch. All of the exercises in this workout are flowing. You do not hold any stretch. This was also a nice flowing, dynamic stretch. It is more active and challenging than the other two stretches on this DVD due to the flowing nature but it is not difficult at all. Once again, she makes an effort to get some movement and mobility into every joint. I even perspired mildly. It starts with deep breaths. Alternate raising knees and hugging them in to chest. Crescent knees, circling the hip joint. Leg swings forward and back. Leg swings side to side. Standing squat stretches, only holding foot for a brief pause and alternating legs. Swing arms front and back. Alternate circling the arms. Goal post arms, pulling elbows back and stretching chest. Eagle pose arms. Flow between goal post arms stretch and eagle arms. Lower into wide plie squat and huge yourself, hands on opposite shoulders, lean forward and round spine then straight legs and reach arms overhead. Wide leg forward fold, hands gripping opposite elbow and swaying torso side to side. Straighten and arch spine. Cross one leg in front of the other and forward fold, reaching toward floor then straighten and reach arm overhead, bending toward side to stretch side. Legs wide, arms extended straight to sides, shift side to side in lunge; start reaching hand down to opposite foot. Pivot into a lunge w/ back leg straight and do large circles w/ arms. Lower into runners lunge w/ hands on floor, rotate toward front leg and raise hand to ceiling, then rotate in the opposite direction, raising other arm to ceiling. Drop knee to floor, then raise into pyramid, keeping hands on floor, flow between these two moves. Lower into wide/deep plie squat, stretching inner thighs. Flow from chair pose to standing and arching spine, arms overhead. In split stance w/ back heel raised and both arms extended straight in front of you, open one arm (same as front leg) to side while lowering into lunge and twisting torso toward arm/front leg, flow in and out of this position. Standing calf stretches. Raise one knee and extend leg out straight then lower, alternate legs. On hands and knees, do cat/cow stretch, lifting one leg behind you when arching back, alternate legs. Still on hands and knees, lift one leg and place foot on floor, turning knee out to side and raise same side arm, twisting torso and arm to sky, In same position, raise torso (one knee on floor, the other foot on floor w/ knee turned to side, arms extended straight to sides, lower one arm toward same side foot on floor while reaching other arm over head, flow in and out of this pose. Reclining pigeon, bringing knee in to chest then lowering leg so heel taps floor. Lay on side, knees bent in front of you, extend top leg straight in front of you then sweep it behind you, grab your heel/foot to stretch quads, flow between these two moves. Lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, reach one arm across body and tap floor on opposite side, raising hips into bridge when you do, alternate sides. Still on back, raise both legs straight to sky and extend arms straight to sides on floor, open legs wide into a V then bring legs together, crossing them. Still on back, with arms extended to sides on floor, knees bent and feet raised off floor, twist hips to side and extend top leg, alternate sides. Kneel on floor with feet flexed and toes on floor, rock forward and back, bringing glutes to heels then rocking back forward. Roll back to standing and arch your back. Finish w/ deep breaths into tricep stretches.

Total Stretch is 17:30 minutes. It is set outdoors with beautiful scenery–trees, etc. Jessica is on a fitness mat in the grass. This was a very nice and relaxing total body stretch. She does not do any difficult stretches and always takes her time getting into position–no rushing. I felt like she stretched all of my major muscle groups. It begins with deep breathes and arching the spine and opening the chest then rounding the back. Neck stretches. Circle the arms forward. Shoulder stretches. Standing cat-cow. Chest stretch w/ hands laced behind you then forward fold, reaching arms to sky. Release hands to floor while still in forward fold then roll back to standing. Get on all 4s then raise one arm to sky, rotating torso then thread it under body, lowering head to mat so you are in thread the needle pose. Kneel on mat, bottom on heels and lean torso back, hands on floor behind you and arching chest toward ceiling. Butterfly stretch. Open legs into a wide V and lean torso to side, reaching arm toward foot and other arm overhead. Bend one leg in front of you and the other behind you (like in a Z) and walk torso forward over front leg. Keep one leg bent in front of you, foot near bottom and wrap other leg over bottom leg, foot on floor, hug leg and twist, doing a spinal and hip stretch. Lay on side, top leg bent in front of you w/ knee on floor, bottom leg bent behind you, grab heel behind you and pull on it, stretching quads and hip flexor. Get on hands and knees and tuck toes under then rock hips back toward heels, stretching feet. Come into a wide, deep squat, toes turned out and bottom close to floor. Raise into forward fold then roll up to standing. Place palms on small of back and arch spine. Ends with a deep breath reaching arms overhead.


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