Fit Tower: Total Body

Total Body is one of Cathe‘s Advanced Fit Tower workouts. I knew the moment I started previewing this workout I was going to love it and once I did it–loved it! What an excellent total body strength workout! It is very metabolic, too. My heart rate was elevated in my cardio zone more than half of the workout. This is a higher rep workout done at a brisk pace. The first time I did this workout I used the same weights that Cathe used and that challenged me for everything except deadlifts. But due to the fast pace of this workout, you need either more than one barbell or you will have to use the pause button because she gives you no time to change the weight on your barbell after deadlifts/before chest press. Luckily I own 3 barbells so I will have two ready to go the next time I do this workout.

This workout now ranks up there as one of my favorite strength workouts. My all time favorite is still STS Total Body but this one falls in a close second!

This workout uses the Fit Tower and the band/mat that came with it plus additional equipment. Included on this DVD is a Bonus Abs segment that is also included on the other two Advanced Fit Tower workouts: Legs, Glutes & Core and Boot Camp. This workout is chaptered by muscle group (warm up, legs, chest, triceps, shoulders, biceps, legs, back, stretch), then under each muscle group it is broken down further by exercise.

Total Body is 49:30 minutes; 4:30 minute warm up and 5 minute stretch. Equipment: Fit Tower, resistance band that came with the Fit Tower, full step at 10 inches, dumbbells, and a barbell. During the warm up the Fit Tower with the mat under it is nearby but as soon as the workout actually begins the step at 10 inches is positioned beneath the Tower with the fitness mat beneath it, the bar is set at level 10 and the barbell clips are set at level 8. Since you do not actually use the Fit Tower during the warm up, I suggest having it set up before you begin the warm up, otherwise you will have to pause the workout to set it up.

  1. Uneven squats (start standing on top of step, step squat off side of step, one foot remains on step the entire time) (Cathe uses one 15# DB)
  2. Deadlifts (Cathe uses 45# BB)
  3. Elevated Lunges, singles and pulses (lunges w/ one foot on the step behind you) (Cathe uses 12# DBs)
  4. Chest press, done to various tempos (Cathe uses 45# BB)
  5. Close grip bench press, done to various tempos (Cathe uses 30# BB)
  6. Chest flys, done to various tempos (Cathe uses 20# DBs)

Cathe and crew break everything down–they put away the step, remove the barbell and set it aside and remove the barbell clips from the tower. The fitness mat is still under the tower. The bar is lowered to level 3.

  1. Drop set push ups w/ hands on bar: 12 reps @ level 3, 10 reps @ level 2, 8 reps @ level 1
  2. Raise bar to level 4 or 5 and do tricep dips
  3. Tricep kickbacks w/ band (lower bar to level one, wrap band around bar holding one end of band in each hand, place one foot on bar between band, do straight arm push backs; hinge forward at hips and the move changes to an actual kickback, bending at the elbows to push band back)
  4. Raise bar to level 7, face the tower in a split stance, holding a DB in one hand and the other hand is on the bar, do stationary lunges while also doing single straight arm side raises (Cathe uses one 8# DB)
  5. Repeat #4 but this time remain in lunge isometrically w/ front heel raised (but continue doing the single straight arm side raise)
  6. Hold band in front of you in both hands w/ about a foot of band between each hand, palms facing the ceiling, pull band out to sides in a fast pulse–lots of reps
  7. Raise bar to level 8 for dumbbell touchdown overhead press–stand beside tower with one hand on bar and other hand holding DB, reverse lunge while bringing DB down to floor then do a front knee raise as you stand while also going a single arm overhead press (Cathe uses one 12# DB)
  8. Barbell push press complex (clean and press + 3 squats w/ overhead press +  1 deadlift + 2 upright rows) (Cathe is using 25# BB)
  9. Barbell bicep curls, done to various tempos and isometric holds (Cathe uses 30# BB)
  10. Front leg raise w/ bicep curl (stand beside tower w/ one hand on bar and other hand holding DB, raise and lower straight leg in front of you while also doing a single arm bicep curl) (Cathe uses one 12# DB)
  11. Repeat #10 but this time you do a single arm W curl and also angle leg out to side
  12. Single leg push down dips, singles and pulses (face the tower and place one hand on bar for balance while holding DB in other hand, raise one leg behind you and do single leg squats while hinged forward slightly) (Cathe uses one 15# DB)
  13. Crossback lunge pulses and singles (Cathe uses one 20# DB)
  14. One arm bent over rows (lower bar to level 4, one hand rests on bar while the other arm is rowing) (Cathe is using one 25# DB)
  15. Seated lat pull down with band (raise bar to level 7 and drape band over top of tower, sit beneath the tower and grip one end of band in each hand up near top of tower, pull bands down and out to side so arms are in goal post and pulse)
  16. Pull ups (scoot under bar and grip bar with overhead grip, knees are bent and feet are on floor, pull chest up to bar then lower, keeping hips raised)
  17. Sit cross leg on floor beneath bar and raise bar to a level 10, do pulls ups, raising butt off floor and pulling yourself up to approx. forehead level

Bonus Abs is 11:30 minutes. I really enjoyed this ab add on. It was not advanced–more intermediate level.

  1. Bar is at a level 3 and resistance band is draped over the top of the tower, sit under tower so knees are under bar, hold one end of band in each hand, lean back and when you sit back up, bring one knee into chest, alternate knees (you are lowering as if in full sit ups, arms extending straight at bottom of sit up then as you raise, bend elbows, pulling band back toward shoulders)
  2. In same position (sitting up) as #1, still holding one end of band in each hand, extend arms straight out to sides of body (in a letter T), alternate pulling band down to floor
  3. Still sitting in same position as #1, band is still draped over top of tower, but now you are holding both ends of the band together in both hands, do full sit ups while “rope climbing” the band as you raise and lower torso
  4. (set band aside) Heel tap crunches–lay on back with one heel resting on bar and other leg extended straight below the bar, hands behind head, crunch up and hold, raise bottom leg so shin taps bottom of bar, lower leg back to ground then lower head; changes to singles (raising and lowering leg and head at same time); changes to raising both head and leg and holding isometrically at top of move for 3 counts
  5. Low reverse crunches–lay on back with arms/hands on floor beside hips, raise legs straight to ceiling and raise and lower hips
  6. Elbow to knee crunches–lay on back, one foot resting on bar, the other leg extended straight w/ calf on bar, one arm behind head (same side as foot on bar) and other arm extended straight out to side (same side as straight leg), raise straight leg while crunching up, bringing opposite elbow to knee; changes to both feet on bar, both hands behind head, raise head/shoulders and twist elbow toward one side, alternate sides
  7. Lower bar to level 1, get into straight arm plank with hands on bar, alternate tapping feet in under body; ends holding plank isometrically


Main workout + Bonus Abs 60:41 minutes

Upper Body Focus 30:34 minutes

Upper Body Focus + Core 41:59 minutes

Legs & Shoulders 31:29 minutes

Legs & Shoulders + Core 42:55 minutes

Legs Only 28:06 minutes

Legs & Chest 43:52 minutes

Legs & Chest + Abs 55:17 minutes

Total Body Extreme (some exercises are repeated) 70:52 minutes

Total Body Extreme + Abs 82:18

Scrambled (main routine done in a different order) 48:42 minutes

Main routine with bonus abs mixed in 60:08 minutes

Double it 89:17 minutes


10 thoughts on “Fit Tower: Total Body

  1. Hi again. Although I do not have a Fit Tower I do have a squat rack with extra J racks, AND seeing this workout on your Top Ten Total Body workout list has me intrigued, especially as I am planning a ‘metabolic week’ once I finish my Strong and Ripped rotation. You indicate that it is a high rep workout, if possible, I would appreciate it if you be able to give me an idea of the rep range on most of the exercises? Many thanks.


  2. I have a ton of Cathe videos and love them but struggle with Barbell moves because I can’t find a good set of barbells that’s easy to change the weights on or would fit on the fit tower. What barbell set do you use?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have 3 different sets of barbells. The one I use on the FIt Tower I got at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I got it a long time ago and I don’t see anything like it anymore. It came with a 15 pound barbell and 100 pounds of plates. It fits the Fit Tower perfectly. They do have sets like that now but they all say the barbell is threaded. I don’t know if that makes any difference, but none of my barbells are threaded. I also haven a barbell that I got with Les Mills Pump that looks just like the barbell Cathe uses. That also fits the Fit Tower. As for changing plates quickly, I had problems with that too. I just bought different clips and that solved that problem. So that;s an easy fix. Here are the clips that I use:


  3. Hello, I read all your reviews and I am so happy that you are doing well and back to Cathe workouts. You are such an inspiration! I remember doing this workout once and liking it but finding it way too fast to lift near what Cathe does. Reading your review makes me want to revisit it


    1. She does do this workout at a pretty fast clip but I was able to lift what she did without a problem. However, this isn’t one I see being able to increase what I am lifting on many of the exercise due to her pace. But I do love these types of workouts–the ones that give you good strength work while also giving you cardio.


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