Cathe’s Terminator

terminatorThe Terminator DVD is another of Cathe’s compilation DVDs. It contains 3 long workouts that are created by combining segments from 4 existing workouts from her Intensity Series: Imax 2, Cardio & Weights, Muscle Endurance and Bootcamp. So they are all basically long premixes–and they are tough. Premixes on crack.

I’ll give a brief summary of each workout that is used in the Terminator workouts; however, each workout is described in detail on this blog, so for a more detailed review of each workout, click on the link.

Imax 2 is a cardio/interval/HIIT workout that is done on a 6 inch step. It contains 10 intervals and each interval contains a short step cardio routine that is repeated 6 times, a blast/HIIT and a recovery.

Bootcamp is a cardio + strength workout that is set up circuit fashion. There are 8 circuits. Each circuit has 4 segments and each segment is done for a minute: cardio, lower body strength, upper body strength and abdominals. Cardio is all done on the floor. Equipment needed is a barbell, dumbbells and a medicine ball. Bootcamp also uses a 14 inch high step, but the high step segments are not used in Terminator.

Cardio & Weights is a cardio + strength workout set up circuit fashion. All of the cardio is done on a 6 inch step. You also need dumbbells. There are 4 circuits. Each circuit starts with step cardio, then does a compound/4 limb strength move and ends with heavy weight work.

Muscle Endurance is a strength workout. It is a tough, full body endurance workout. You need a barbell, dumbbells and a high step for the moves used in Terminator, though in the workout itself, you would use the high step at 16 inches. Since you are not actually using it for step ups in Terminator, you can have it set at 14 inches and it will not affect the workout at all.
Imax Extreme

Imax Extreme is the only workout of the 3 that is basically pure cardio… even though it’s not. The only weights used in Imax Extreme are the compound weight moves from Cardio & Weights, and if you use the same poundage as Cathe, you’re not getting much “real” strength work; this makes Imax Extreme a HIIT & metabolic weight training cardio workout. And it is intense.

Before I go any further, I have to come clean on something. It is something I have mentioned in recent reviews, but this workout confirmed it. I do not hate Cathe’s step choreography. I used to think I did, then Intensity came along and made me rethink things. Then I did CTX and was pretty sure I had been wrong. Then today I did Imax Extreme and I rescind it all. I love Cathe’s step choreography. I will admit that it is an acquired taste. Her choreography is complex, but she has many, many common moves and the more you do her workouts, the more you familiar you are with them. And suddenly, it gets easier to pick up on.

Imax Extreme is a lot of fun. This workout mixes together two of Cathe’s workouts: Cardio & Weights and Imax 2. It does have some complex step choreography, but I estimate 85% of it I only had to watch one run through and I caught onto it pretty quickly. But again, I have to attribute that to becoming familiar with Cathe’s footwork.

Cardio & Weights is a cardio + stength workout. It combines step cardio, compound strength moves (metabolic weight training) and heavy strength work. However, you will not see any of Cardio & Weight’s heavy strength work in the Terminator workouts–only the cardio and the compound moves. Imax 2 is an interval/HIIT program. Each interval has 3 phases. A step routine that gets the heart pumping, then a HIIT, then a recovery period before you move into the next interval.

Here is a quick break down of Imax Extreme: 74 minute workout; 5 minute warm up, 64 minute training time and 5 minute stretch. For this workout you need a step at 6 inches and dumbbells. (I use the step in 8 inches to make the workout more intense–but Cathe has hers set at 6 inches.)

Cardio & Weights warm up
Cardio & Weights step cardio #1
Cardio & Weights compound move #1 (plie squat w/upright row)
Imax 2 intervals #2 and #3
Cardio & Weights step cardio #2
Cardio & Weights compound move #2 (lunge w/overhead tricep extension)
Imax 2 intervals #4 and #5
Cardio & Weights step cardio #3
Cardio & Weights compound move #3 (lunge w/hammer curl)
Imax 2 intervals #6 and #7
Cardio & Weights step cardio #4
Cardio & Weights compound move #4 (deadlift w/deadrow)
Imax 2 intervals #8 and #9
Imax 2 cool down and stretch

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a cardio + strength circuit workout that combines segments from Imax 2, Bootcamp and Cardio & Weights. It is a fun, tough workout. I do have a few issues with this workout that are perhaps unavoidable in a compilation workout. Because you are doing Bootcamp strength work, the barbell comes in to play several times. However, for me at least, each time it was presented, I needed to change the plates. Well, because this workout is pieced together from multiple workouts, the short break you might get during the workout to adjust plates is absent. So I had to keep pausing the DVD to change the plates on my barbell. That was a little irritating, but I did figure out how to make it work for me.

The Gauntlet is set up circuit fashion. Each circuit contains: one Imax 2 interval, one Bootcamp lower body move, one Cardio & Weights compound move, one Bootcamp upper body move and one Bootcamp cardio move. There are 6 circuits. If you notice, each circuit finishes with a Bootcamp cardio move and each circuit begins with an Imax 2 interval–with no recovery in between. These are intense cardio segments. In fact, with most of the Bootcamp cardios (not all of them–but the majority) you are finishing in your anaerobic zone and then you jump right into an Imax 2 interval.

So, I paused my DVD and changed the plates on my barbell at the end of each circuit, giving myself a brief recovery. Of course, I have a workout log with each move of every strength workout I do already recorded with the weight I plan to use–so it’s pretty easy for me to know what the next barbell strength move is and quickly prepare the barbell for it. 

The Guantlet is 70 minutes long; 7 minute warm up, 59 minute training time, 4 minute stretch.

You do the warm up from Imax 2 and the stretch from Cardio & Weights. Equipment needed: barbell, dumbbells, 6 inch step and an 8 pound medicine ball.

Imax 2 warm up

Circuit #1:
Imax 2 Interval #1
Bootcamp barbell squats
Cardio & Weights dumbbell Plie squats/upright row
Bootcamp dumbbell Military Press
Bootcamp cardio: Speed skaters

Circuit #2:
Imax 2 Interval #4
Bootcamp Side Lunge with medicine ball
Cardio & Weights Tricep kickbacks w/ lunges
Bootcamp DB Tricep Extensions
Bootcamp cardio: Jack series

Circuit #3:
Imax 2 Interval #7
Bootcamp Squat with round house kick
Cardio & Weights dumbbell Hammer curls w/ lunges
Bootcamp barbell bicep curls
Bootcamp cardio: Terminator climbers

Circuit #4:
Imax 2 Interval #10
Bootcamp Front and side kicks
Cardio & Weights dumbbell Deadlifts/Deadrows
Bootcamp dumbbell One arm rows
Bootcamp cardio: Kickbox jack and jabs

Circuit #5:
Imax 2 Interval #3
Bootcamp barbell Static Lunges
Cardio & Weights dumbbell Plie squats/upright row
Bootcamp pushups
Bootcamp cardio: Sequential power kicks

Circuit #6:
Imax 2 Interval #6
Bootcamp dumbbell forward and reverse lunges
Cardio & Weights dumbell Deadlifts/deadrows
Bootcamp barbell Rows
Bootcamp cardio: Kickbox speedbag

Cardio & Weights Stretch

The Viper

The Viper is another cardio + strength circuit workout. This one combines Imax 2, Cardio & Weights and Muscle Endurance. It is another fun, tough workout. For this workout you need a barbell, dumbbells, a step at 6 or 8 inches and a high step. There are 4 circuits and each circuit starts with Cardio & Weights cardio step followed by an Imax 2 interval and ending with several strength moves from Muscle Endurance. Because of the way this workout is structured, you actually have a bit of time to change plates on your barbell for most of the barbell moves. The high step will only be used for tricep dips, to sit on for upper body strength moves, or to rest one hand on for one arm rows, so the step height isn’t really an issue.

Viper is 80 minutes long; 5 minute warm up, 71 minute training period, 4 minute stretch.

Cardio & Weights Warm up

Circuit #1:
Cardio & Weights cardio #1
Imax 2 Interval #1
Muscle Endurance barbell squats
Muscle Endurance barbell deadlifts
Muscle Endurance dumbbell one arm rows

Circuit #2:
Cardio & Weights cardio #2
Imax 2 Interval #2
Muscle Endurance barbell bicep curls
Muscle Endurance tricep dips
Muscle Endurance dumbell tricep kickbacks

Circuit #3:
Cardio & Weights cardio #3
Imax 2 Interval #5
Muscle Endurance barbell lunges
Muscle Endurance dumbbell chest flys

Circuit #4:
Cardio & Weights cardio #4
Imax 2 Interval #9
Muscle Endurance dumbbell overhead press
Muscle Endurance dumbbell front and side raises
Muscle Endurance dumbbell rear delt raises
Muscle Endurance push ups

Muscle Endurance stretch

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