Kelly Coffey-Meyer

Kelly Coffey-Meyer is another of my favorite trainers and I own everything that she has created, including a few of her older workouts that I haven’t gotten around to doing/reviewing. Kelly’s workouts are intermediate level workouts, but if you use the right dumbbells for your fitness level, you can make them high intermediate and pretty darn challenging. She frequently has a low impact/beginner modifier present. She is best known for her 30 Minutes to Fitness series. Each DVD in that series contains 2 thirty minute workouts, plus premixes. Some of them also contain shorter bonus segments that can be done on their own and/or are included in a premix. Kelly does a lot of metabolic/boot camp style workouts. She likes to alternate cardio with strength training, which I love, and she also does a lot of cardio boxing, which I also love. Kelly’s weight training workouts frequently contain unique twists on common moves so that you can get a great strength workout without using super heavy weights.

She also has a paid streaming site. Before she launched her paid streaming site, she created six workouts on YouTube which she offered for free. They are still up on YouTube at the time I created this page, so if you are interested, you can check out her free YouTube workouts here.

Listed below are all of her DVD workouts that have been reviewed on this site. I start with her 30 Minutes to Fitness workouts and end with her older, pre-30 Minutes to Fitness workouts.

30 Minutes to Fitness: all of these DVDs contain two 30 minute workouts unless otherwise specified.

Super Sculpt

Box Fit

Strong & Lean

Cardio Sculpt Overload (one 28 minute workout + 3 bonuses and lots of 30-40 minute premixes)

Sculpting RX

Step Boxing

Step Boxing 2

Build & Burn (contains five 30 minute workouts)

Cardio Quick Fix

Body Design (6 segments ranging anywhere from 12 to 17 minutes, plus warm up and stretch)


Amped-Up Cardio

Strength & Stamina

Athletic Conditioning Volume 1

Athletic Conditioning Volume 2

Your Healthy Back (one 30 minute workout)

Cardio Pump

Lean Body Circuits

Slim Sculpting

Muscle Up/Lift 2B Fit

Home Gym Intervals

Your Best Body

Trim Down




Body Training

Muscle Definition

Split Sessions

Body Shop

Boot Camp

Cardio Blast

Circuit Burn

Shape Up


Plateau Buster

Non-Series Workouts: the following workouts only contain a single workout (and premixes)

NYC: Body Sculpting Workout

Step Boxing