Kelly Coffey-Meyer

Kelly Coffey-Meyer is another of my favorite trainers and I own everything that she has created, including a few of her older workouts that I haven’t gotten around to doing/reviewing. Kelly’s workouts are intermediate level workouts, but if you use the right dumbbells for your fitness level, you can make them high intermediate and pretty darn challenging. She frequently has a low impact/beginner modifier present. She is best known for her 30 Minutes to Fitness series. Each DVD in that series contains 2 thirty minute workouts, plus premixes. Some of them also contain shorter bonus segments that can be done on their own and/or are included in a premix. Kelly does a lot of metabolic/boot camp style workouts. She likes to alternate cardio with strength training, which I love, and she also does a lot of cardio boxing, which I also love. Kelly’s weight training workouts frequently contain unique twists on common moves so that you can get a great strength workout without using super heavy weights.

She also has a paid streaming site. Before she launched her paid streaming site, she created six workouts on YouTube which she offered for free. I did and reviewed them at the time. They have since been removed from YouTube. I am sure they are still available on her Raw streaming site but that is not free. However, I left the reviews up in case anyone was interested.

Listed below are all of her DVD workouts that have been reviewed on this site. I start with her 30 Minutes to Fitness workouts and end with her older, pre-30 Minutes to Fitness workouts.

30 Minutes to Fitness: all of these DVDs contain two 30 minute workouts unless otherwise specified.

Cardio Fit

Power Splits

Super Sculpt

Box Fit

Strong & Lean

Cardio Sculpt Overload (one 28 minute workout + 3 bonuses and lots of 30-40 minute premixes)

Sculpting RX

Step Boxing

Step Boxing 2

Build & Burn (contains five 30 minute workouts)

Cardio Quick Fix

Body Design (6 segments ranging anywhere from 12 to 17 minutes, plus warm up and stretch)


Amped-Up Cardio

Strength & Stamina

Athletic Conditioning Volume 1

Athletic Conditioning Volume 2

Your Healthy Back (one 30 minute workout)

Cardio Pump

Lean Body Circuits

Slim Sculpting

Muscle Up/Lift 2B Fit

Home Gym Intervals

Your Best Body

Trim Down




Body Training

Muscle Definition

Split Sessions

Body Shop

Boot Camp

Cardio Blast

Circuit Burn

Shape Up


Plateau Buster

Non-Series Workouts: the following workouts only contain a single workout (and premixes)

NYC: Body Sculpting Workout

Step Boxing