30 Minutes to Fitness: Athletic Conditioning

ACKelly Coffey-Meyer recently came out with two new workouts: Athletic Conditioning and Slim Sculpting. They are both part of her 30 Minutes to Fitness series, but the one I am reviewing here appears to be launching a new series within a series. It is subtitled “Young Adult Series” and the title Athletic Conditioning is actually Volume 1; so apparently there are more volumes to come. The purpose of these workouts are to help teenagers and college age athletes stay in shape off-season. But I didn’t see why it wouldn’t be a good workout for anyone, so I bought it anyway. It’s Kelly Coffey-Meyer, after all, so it must be good! And it is spectacular! It is also different than her other workouts. Her crew members are all young adults and she teases them good-naturedly throughout. Also, unlike in her other workouts, she stops to check form. Normally Kelly does every rep of every exercise in her workouts, but not in this one. It was a little unusual.

Although Kelly always puts out excellent workouts, the 36 minute Athletic Cardio workout might be most intense workout she has ever created. I’m not sure why it is geared only towards young adults. Older adults do intense cardio, too. Surely she has heard of Insanity? Asylum? Cathe HIIT workouts. Amy Dixon Breathless Body workouts? I’m 43 and welcome Shaun T (and the other trainers mentioned) kicking my butt (in fact, my husband has already purchased Insanity Max 30 for me for my birthday in January–Whoo hoo!). Now, don’t misunderstand; though Athletic Cardio is a very intense cardio interval workout, it is no Insanity or Cathe HIIT workout. Nevertheless, it still worked me hard. I even took some personal breaks during the full minute of tuck jumps (see #9 below). Excellent and intense cardio workout. The 26 minute stretch was thorough as well. Put them together (which they aren’t btw–you get no premixes with this workout) and you have a very effective 62 minute cardio and flexibility workout.

Workout 1: Athletic Cardio is 36 minutes long, 5:30 minute warm up, 28 minute training time and 2:30 minute stretch. Every exercise is done for one minute followed by a 15 second recovery. The only equipment you need is a heavy dumbbell to tap your toes on for one exercise and a mat to protect your elbows for another exercise. The warm up starts with squats, diagonal lunges, knee raises, arm circles, stretches, reverse lunges, jacks, bounce side-to-side, jog, front leg raises and knee rotations.

1. jog, jog, hold–repeat for one minute.

2. 3 squat jumps (touch the floor with fingertips) and hold–repeat for one minute.

3. one squat thrust, one jack–repeat for one minute.

4. skaters–repeat for one minute.

5. box jumps–repeat for one minute (repeat, jumping the other direction for another minute).

6. 8 mountain climbers, then flip over (tough!)–repeat for one minute.

7. jump rope on one foot 8 times, jog forward and back, jump rope on other foot 8 times–repeat for one minute.

8. leap forward with one leg then step back–repeat for one minute (then repeat using other leg for another minute).

9. 4 tuck jumps then pause briefly (hardest move in the workout for me)–repeat for one minute.

10. hurdles (rotating legs/hips from back to front like hurdling)–repeat for one minute.

At this point she has you grab a mat and dumbbell.

11. plank up/downs (from high plank to low plank–elbows/hands on mat)–repeat for one minute.

12. push up from floor into side plank–repeat for one minute.

13. alternate fast tapping of feet on dumbbell–repeat for one minute.

14. alternating side lunges–repeat for one minute.

15. squat to side, 3 fast jogs, squat to other side, 3 fast jogs–repeat for one minute.

16. in and out feet as fast as you can–repeat for one minute.

17. lateral jumps over dumbbell–repeat for one minute.

18. 8 punches and 2 hooks–repeat for one minute.

19. reverse lunge to knee raise–repeat for one minute (repeat on other leg for another minute).

Workout #2 is a 26 minute stretching workout. You need a mat and a towel. This isn’t the best long stretching workout I’ve ever done but it does a thorough job. She starts with something she calls scales that is active stretching/balance: you lean over, raising one leg behind you and touching your toe with the opposite hand, keeping both arms and legs straight; alternate sides. Then you do something she called caterpillars which I really liked: keeping legs straight, bend over and walk hands out till you are in plank, drop the hips into up dog, walk hands back to feet and bend knees into a crouch then straighten them (but do not stand up!); repeat 4 times. After this you do a combination of basic stretches and yoga moves–down dog, up dog, pigeon, thread the needle, child’s pose, deep runners lunges with variations, lots of hamstring stretches. When laying and sitting on mat you will use the towel to get deeper leg stretches. Various spine stretches. Tricep and shoulder stretches. She ends with more standing hamstring and quad stretches.

5 thoughts on “30 Minutes to Fitness: Athletic Conditioning

  1. Thank you for your review! I have Slimsculpting, but passed on this one. I’ve heard other good reviews, but this one tipped me over the edge into buying it!


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