Kettlebell Krush

kettlebellkrushKettlebell Krush is a new workout by the kettlebell master Paul Katami. It is a tough and effective metabolic strength training workout. And only 40 minutes! He packs a lot into 40 minutes! I really enjoyed both of Paul’s new workouts; this one and H.I.5. Both are short but intense and so varied that they are also lots of fun. I had forgotten what a great presence Paul has on screen. I really need to pull out some of his older workouts in my collection. From memory, the other two workouts I own by Paul, A.S.A.P Hollywood Bootcamp 4×4 and Burn & Build, were much more intense and advanced than these two new ones. But that could also be because they were both almost twice as long. If I had been doing Kettlebell Krush or H.I.5 for 70+ minutes, I might find them just as intense and advanced as the other workouts!

In addition to the workout, Kettlebell Krush has a 3 minute “clinic” in which he goes over form for two exercises included in the workout: kettlebell swings  and clean & rack.

Paul has two female crew members; one doing advanced versions of the exercises and one modifier. They all have 3 kettlebells in front of them, but I only observed them using two of the bells. I brought out my 20 pound kettlebell, my 15 pound kettlebell and my 10 pound kettlebell, but like Paul and crew I only ended up using my 20 and my 15 pound kettlebells.

Once this workout starts, it moves fast and never really slows down until the end, tho there are a few recovery type moves (like halos after swings). The moves continue to get more challenging as the workout progresses. The little 10 second recovery doesn’t seem like much!

Kettlebell Krush is 40 minutes long with a 4 minute warm up, 33 training time and 3 minute stretch. The warm up starts sans kettlebell, but then you grab the lighter one near the end of the warm up. The warm up includes basic squats, deadlift, a balance move (knee up and extend same leg back with hand reaching to floor), do this balance move again but add a row with the lighter kettlebell.

Grab your heavy kettlebell. Each number below represents one 30 second interval. Remember, you get a 10 second recovery between each 30 second interval.

1. kettlebell swings
2. repeat kettlebell swings
3. kettlebell swings, alternate hands
4. repeat #3

Grab a lighter kettlebell
5. alternating halos
6. hold kettlebell behind head (half halo) and squat
7. French press
8. push press: squat, pushing kettlebell overhead at top of move
9. combine 6, 7 and 8
10. repeat #9
11. clean to rack
12. clean to rack, other side
13. repeat #11
14. repeat #12
15. double squat with swing: first squat and swing then clean and hold bell for second squat
16. repeat #15 other hand
17. holding bell in clean, squat and front lunge
18. #17 other leg
19. clean to rack to front lunge
20. #19 other leg
21. single arm deadlift
22. gunslinger reverse lunge
23. hold in static lunge; toss and flip the bell, holding the handle with one hand and catching/cupping bell in other
24. lunge and overhead press (holding base in one hand and handle in the other)
25. french press (holding base in one hand and handle in the other)
26. #21-25 other side (but don’t combine; they each get their 30 seconds just like the first time through)
27. krush swings: kettlebell swing but with a toss at the top so you catch the base of the bell in your hands (this is a “krush”)
28. swing, krush, squat
29. swing, krush, squat, rotate while in squat
30. #29 other side
31. lateral lunge with ripcord row
32. #31 other leg
33. get into a side lateral lunge and quarter turn into low lunge (with hands on floor–you don’t actually use the bell for this move, but it is near your foot)
34. #33 other side
35. repeat #33 but add push up after low lunge
36. #35 other side
37. combine #30-36
38. #37 other side
39. Inch worm (kettlebell is on floor between legs–you don’t use it for this); lean forward, straight legs, walk hands forward in to plank and “salute”–raise right hand/left leg then salute other side, walk hands back to feet and stand
40. burpee (still not using kettlebell)
41. while in plank, rotating renegade rows with kettlebell
42. staying in plank do side wall climber (no kettlebell): bring right leg toward left elbow and left leg comes up; alternate sides
43. combine #39-42–do this combination for a total of four 30 seconds sessions with 10 second rest between


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