30 Minutes to Fitness: Body Training

BTBody Training is a unique duo of workouts by Kelly Coffey-Meyer that really surprised me. I was on the fence about getting it, but I’ve become so obsessed with her workouts that I want all of them (well, almost all; there are a few I probably will never buy), so I just bought it. I am so glad I did! As of this writing, I have only done Workout #1 but I adore it! And I am so surprised I love it so much! Before I go any further, a little information about these workouts. They are part of Kelly’s 30 Minutes to Fitness series. The object of these workouts is no equipment except your own body weight. Workout #1 is Standing Legs and Workout #2 is Pilates/Floor and of course they are both approx. 30 minutes long. Unlike her other workouts, the Warm Ups are already incorporated into the workouts (well, Workout #2 doesn’t have a warm up but it doesn’t need one). Now, I love to lift iron, so I honestly didn’t expect to love Workout #1. I knew it was possible for body weight workouts to be brutal (see Atletica 4, Ilaria‘s Ab’s and Push Ups Plus, Tonique and basically any Jillian Michael‘s workout) and even barre and mat workouts can be painful and effective (Cathe, Piloxing and Tonique); but I watched a clip from this workout and it didn’t look like any of those. And I will say up front, Workout #1 wasn’t as tough as any of those I listed, but it was effective and it was fun. I got a good workout and time flew.

I’ve now done Workout #2 and didn’t like it as much. It was a good workout, but not as much fun as Workout #1 and I’m not sure where the pilates were. Workout #2 used body weight to hit multiple body parts–chest, shoulders, triceps and abs–but the main focus is on the lower body. Combine the two workouts and you will get a good lower body workout! Also, this would be a great DVD to take on vacation or when traveling.

Workout #1 Standing is 34 minutes; 3 minute warm up, 28:30 training time and 2:30 stretch. I’m not sure what I expected going into Workout #1. Barre maybe? Not at all. But it was fun. In fact, few workouts that I’ve done has the time flew by so quickly! It was not an advanced workout, but neither was it beginner, though I do think anyone could come to this workout and get a very good workout at their own level. Due to the fact you are constantly moving there is a cardio element and I worked up a decent sweat. It was fun, it worked every muscle in my lower body and all in 30 minutes. This workout will definitely be in my doubles rotation. I will list all of the exercises, but keep in mind that you will do them at different speeds, sometimes slow, sometimes pulsing, so for instance, you are not simply doing a squat–it is usually more than that. Exercises: squats, angle steps into pulse squats, side leg lifts, static lunges into repeaters, lunge/wide squat combo, back leg lift, side lunges with with knee raise, squats with heel in front, pendulum lunges into low/fast front-back lunges, front leg extensions that turn into a kind of crescent extension, plie walks, curtsy lunges and squats.

****06/20/20 Update: I recently had shoulder surgery and cannot use one arm so I have been doing lower body workouts that require no dumbbells. This is one of them but today when I did it, I added something that really kicked it up a notch. I wore an 8 pound weighted vest, a 10 pound weighted belt and 5 pound ankle weights (2.5 pounds each leg). OMG. That really increased the intensity and the burn of this workout. I was working weight harder than when I did it body weight only. ***

Workout #2 Pilates/Floor is 29 minutes long; there is no warm up, 26 minute training time and a 3 minute stretch. This workout was more what I was expecting from a “body weight” workout–push ups, leg lifts, that type of thing. Tho it was a good workout, Kelly doesn’t rep you out like most trainers I am accustomed to who do floor/mat work. Nevertheless, on several exercises she gave you enough reps to make you legs start burning. Exercises: start on all 4s and bring one leg in and out while doing a “push up” at the top of the leg move, downdog into shoulder push up, lie on your side and do a variety of leg lifts (this is where she nearly reps you out–it was starting to burn!), get on all 4s and cross one knee behind the other then kick out to the side, get into lunge with knee touching the floor and raise and lower knee, “dolphin” push ups (lay on belly knees bent/heels at butt and kick/push up into plank), side V-sit ups (alternate legs straight and legs bent), get on all 4s for a series of leg exercises: straight leg raises, pizza presses and hydrants, side-lying tricep push ups and end with sit ups in which you bend and pull in alternating knees.


B.T. Mix One – 31 minutes (Warm-up, First 6 standing and 6 floor exercises & Stretch)

B. T. Mix Two – 33 minutes (Warm-up, Last 6 standing and 6 floor exercises & Stretch)

B. T. Hip Mix – 22 minutes (Warm-up, 6 exercises, Abs & Stretch)

B. T. Strength Mix – 16 minutes (Warm-up, 6 exercieses, Abs & Stretch)

3 thoughts on “30 Minutes to Fitness: Body Training

  1. I picked up this one at her NY’s sale & wasn’t really sure about it when I ordered it either. It is quickly becoming a favourite of mine now! When I did workout #2 and added cathe’s ICE to the mat Bands only premix to it, I was sore for a couple of days. Looks light weight, but it isn’t. Not for me, anyway. Oblique work is great as well.


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