30 Minutes to Fitness: LIFT

LIFTWow. That is all I can say. Wow. If you are looking for something different, for something to really challenge you in a new way, LIFT  is the workout for you. As it is part of Kelly Coffey-Meyer‘s 30 Minutes to Fitness series, there are two workouts on this DVD. Though they are both excellent and challenging, the one I am referring to by that first sentence is Workout #1: Olympic Lifting. I have never done anything like that. It was tough.

Now, in the introduction Kelly tells you to do the tutorial first because form is paramount in Olympic Lifting. And I probably should have, but I am working overtime right now and cannot even do my doubles workouts for the next few weeks–so all I have is my hour in the morning, and this morning I needed to squeeze in both workouts on this DVD. However, the Olympic Lifting workout had a lot of teaching as part of the workout, so I’m not 100% sure the tutorial is necessary. I say this because during the workout she mentions that once you get the form down, you can use the Total Body Mix which is 17 minutes and only includes the lifts, no teaching. But don’t be fooled and think the teaching is easy–it’s not. She is basically building each Olympic Lift, so you are still working hard even while learning.

The second workout is called Powersculting. It is another tough workout. This one is metabolic strength training that is designed to give you a total body strength and cardio workout. It is set up in circuits. You will do each exercise for a full minute and it can get exhausting. Kelly is using 10 and 7 pound dumbbells and I, as always, used a larger variety–anywhere from 7 to 15 pounds. Now, I don’t know that I can accurately evaluate this workout. The reason I say that is because I did it immediately after finishing Olympic Lifting, which really wiped me out. So I came to Powersculpting already exhausted. And wow–I was wasted after doing them both back to back.

And there is a third workout! A Kelly bonus called Body Refiner that is 8 minutes long.

Unlike most of Kelly’s other 30 Minutes to Fitness DVDs, none of these workouts are combined together into premixes. Each workout has it’s own menu with it’s own premixes (except Body Refiner which is a stand alone bonus).

Workout #1 Olympic Lifting is 31 minutes long; 5 minute warm up, 24 minute training time and 2 minute stretch. The warm up consists of a few of the moves you will be doing in the workout but with a very light barbell. I just used a 15 pound body bar for the warm up. For the workout Kelly is using a 30 pound barbell. I used 35 pounds and, at least for my first time through, I found that plenty heavy. For most exercises, Kelly does 8 reps per set, but several exercises get more than one set. I am going to list each exercise, but some of them are actually components of the full move which Kelly is building; but nevertheless, this is how everything appears. The only premix for this workout is the 17 minute Total Body Toner which has the main exercises without the teaching.

“Bring up and under” (Clean)
Deadlift and clean
Power clean
Power clean + military press
Front squats
Full clean (start in squat)
Push press
Full clean + push press = clean and press
Split jerk
Full clean + split jerk
Clean and press
Full clean + split jerk

Workout 2 Powersculpting is 33 minutes long; 3:30 warm up, 27:30 training period and 2 minute stretch. For this workout you need a set of heavy and a set of light dumbbells. Kelly uses 10 and 7 pound dumbbells. As I mentioned above, I used a much wider variety. Each exercise listed below will be done for a full minute. The premixes for this workout are: Core & Legs Mix 13 minutes and Timesaver Mix 24 minutes.

You start with one heavy dumbbell. There are 7 circuits and each circuit has 3 exercises; remember, you do each exercise for one minute:

Circuit 1: Step side-to-side arcing dumbbell overhead from hip to hip; bend side to side, holding dumbbell in front of you, so elbows nearly (or do) touch thighs; Step side-to-side arcing dumbbell overhead from hip to hip

Grab the other heavy dumbbell

Circuit 2: Upper cuts and curtsy dips; straight leg lifts to front, reaching dumbbells toward opposite toe; upper cuts right and left, curtsy dip left and right

Circuit 3: Wide squats to plank, do renegade rows, then stand (advanced is jumping in and out of plank); (put down one dumbbell) swing dumbbell side to side, in a kettlebell core move; (pick up other dumbbell) wide squats to plank, do renegade rows, then stand (advanced is jumping in and out of plank)

Circuit 4: Side chamber knee with body block (still holding dumbbells); close pulsing squats; side chamber knee with body block (still holding dumbbells)

Put down heavy dumbbells and grab lighter ones

Circuit 5: Alternating front lunges, touch dumbbells together under the leg at bottom, and then together at chest level at the top; crescent kicks; alternating front lunges, touch dumbbells together under the leg at bottom, and then together at chest level at the top

Circuit 6: Double step touch side to side, push dumbbells front and then side; alternating side lunges; double step touch side to side, push dumbbells front and then side

Circuit 7: Alternating reverse lunges with  w/overhead triceps extension; touch toe out in front, bent one arm side delt raise, alternate sides; alternating reverse lunges with  w/overhead triceps extension

8 minute Quick Body Refiner

You will need a barbell. Lauren does modifications w/out a barbell
1. Roll barbell in and out while on knees, hands on barbell–total core work
2. With hands still on barbell, still on knees, jump up to feet (still leaned over and holding barbell) then jump back to knees
3. Lay on back, brace one foot under barbell and other foot on top–do full sit up, bringing the knee on top of barbell in to touch elbows
4. Put both feet on top of barbell and do hip raises
5. Repeat 1
6. Repeat 2
7. Repeat 3, except when you sit up, you will twist opposite elbow to knee (working obliques this time)
8. Put both feet on top of barbell and roll barbell in and out, then finish with hip raises.



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