Step Boxing

stepboxLEver since I discovered Kelly Coffey-Meyer and her 30 Minutes to Fitness series I have been buying up her workouts (so there is a lot more KCM reviews to come). This is the only one that I bought that isn’t part of the 30 Minutes to Fitness collection. I was intrigued by the concept of Step Boxing. I love kickboxing and I love most of Cathe‘s step workouts, so why not? I almost bought the 30 Minutes to Fitness Step Boxing workout but that did not get good reviews. This one, however, did. I am so glad I got it! It is a lot of fun and a great workout!. Let me say upfront that it is not super intense. But it is a good solid steady-state workout. Plus it’s fun!

Step Boxing is 51 minutes long; 5 minute warm up, 29 minute step-boxing, 11 minute cardio weights, 5 minutes of ab work and 1:30 minute stretch. Kelly uses an 8 inch step (and I did, too). I also added 2 pound weighted gloves. The step choreography was moderately complex but I caught onto most of it pretty quickly. There were a few I had some problems with, but none so complex that I was ever standing behind the step, lost. I could also quickly get right back into the combo when I had a misstep. And the moves are exactly what the title says–step aerobics mixed with kickboxing. She taught the step boxing combos in layers and once the combo had been completely taught, you only ran through the complete combo once or twice. She finished every combo off with some kind of step/kick/boxing drill. I really liked this, btw. I never found this workout boring because not only are the combos really fun and interesting, she kept the workout moving right along at a great, brisk pace. The bulk of the workout is the step boxing which consists of 4 combos. Once the step boxing is complete you do another very fun little “cool down” step boxing combo then you move onto the cardio weights.

The cardio weights is a fun little metabolic weight training routine. It’s a 11 minutes long and I really liked it. I used 8 pound weights which were adequate for the purpose of this–to keep the heart rate up. The exercises are lawnmower pull, forward lunge onto step and pulse while doing bicep curls, reverse lunge with upright row, squats with tricep kickbacks and the final move is burpee with tricep push ups; for this last one you do not put the weights down. You put the dumbbells on the step, jump back to plank then do two tricep push ups, then jump back in and stand.  After you do the cardio weights, you put your dumbbells down to do lateral plyo hops. Repeat the cardio weights, then the hops and that’s it for cardio weights!

Next you get your mat to do some ab work which consists of lots of crunch variations. The workout ends with a short stretch.

Unlike in her 30 minutes to Fitness workouts, there are no premixes. However, the workout is chaptered so you can only do the parts you like if you want something shorter. This is a fairly high impact workout; lots of jumping and bouncy steps. In fact, Kelly is very bouncy in this workout. So much energy! She never really slows down either, so if you aren’t already familiar with stepping and kickboxing, this workout might be difficult. I’m very familiar with both and still had to concentrate on the moves. Another winner from Kelly Coffey-Meyer! I think this might be one of my favorite step workouts! I am excited to try even more of her workouts!

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