NYC: Body Sculpting Workout

NYCSince I am so enamored of Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness (30MF) workouts and I loved her earlier (not 30MF) Step Boxing workout, I decided I need to try some of the workouts she created prior to 30MF. Enter NYC, which stands for New You Coming. It was released in 2006. I really, really like this workout. It is not an advanced workout; intermediate with the right weights (if you use weights similar to what Kelly and crew are using it would barely be intermediate), but it is a very good and very fun total body strength workout and I just loved it. I will used it for a recovery workout in the future. I have a few recovery level workouts that I really enjoy but I never seem to do them. I do think it is important to push myself, but not every single day. I really need to make a point to use recovery workouts more often. Especially when they are this much fun!
NYC consists of 53 minutes of fast-paced circuit training. Kelly and crew use an 8 inch step and two weights: one “heavy” set and one light set. I use quotes for heavy because they don’t look heavy, though she doesn’t reveal the how may pounds she is using. I used a wide variety of dumbbells, but it was a bit challenging the first time doing this workout because of how fast paced it is. In the, future I will have the dumbbells very close by so I can change them out quickly. You only use the step for strength work—this is not a cardio + strength workout—so having dumbbells fairly close by and even on top and around the step will not get in your way. Kelly places her dumbbells on the step frequently. The workout is structured by alternating exercises for an upper body muscle group with unweighted lower body work. For instance, you will do several back exercises, then you do a lower body exercise (no weights for lower body work), repeat the back circuit, do a different lower body exercise, then move on to the next upper body muscle group. You do this for the entire workout. The muscle groups that are alternated with lower body work appear in this order: back, biceps, shoulders, triceps, chest, core (yes, even the core is alternated with lower body exercises).
In addition, Kelly has her premixes! They are listed below.
NYC: Body Sculpting Workout is 53 minutes long; 3 minute warm up, 47 minute training time and 3 minute stretch. The weights listed below are the weights I used for each exercise.
One arm rows with one foot on step (20# DB)
Back pulls: holding dumbbells in front of you, elbows bent and palms up, pull arms back in a scapular retraction (8# DBs)
Back raises: bend over, and raise arms straight back, palms facing behind you (8# DBs)
Side squat and reverse lunge off step with knee raises between
Repeat back exercises
Reverse lunges off the step
Hammer curls, side and front (10# DBs)
Half (lower) biceps curls w/cross curls (10# DBs)
Half (upper) biceps curls w/down punches (10# DBs)
Curtsy lunges w/ side knee lifts
Repeat bicep exercises
Side steps w/ reverse lunges
Circle side lateral lifts (7# DBs)
Shrugs with upright rows (8# DBs)
Butterflies alternated with overhead press (8# DBs)
Squats, then add knee raise, change to squat with leg raise to side, change to squat with leg raise to back
Repeat shoulder exercises
Squats with side leg lifts, diagonal leg lifts, back leg lifts, knee raise, reverse lunge.
Overhead French press (8# DBs)
Keep elbows high and weights behind head and do elbow touches (8# DBs)
Tricep dips off step while holding dumbbells
Straddle the step for plié squats (8# DBs)
Repeat tricep exercises
Straddle the step for plié squats, other side
More legs:
Bent over squats with hands on step
Chest  (lay on step):
Pullovers (12# DBs)
Bench presses (20# DBs)
Chest fly’s (20# DBs)
Close grip presses (20# DBs)
Set dumbbells aside and grip step; raise and lower legs; grab top of step and do reverse crunches, then regular crunches then full crunches
Repeat chest exercises
Pelvic lifts, w/ dumbbells on hips.
Get rid of step and dumbbells. All you need is your mat.
Core: for the core you will several abdominal exercise, then roll onto your side and do two different kinds of leg lifts, then repeat the core exercises.
Expresso Mix (no warm-up, 1 set of all exercises, stretch) 36 minutes
Latte Mix (warm-up, 1 set of all exercises, stretch) 39 minutes
Mocha Mix (warm-up, upper body, abs, stretch) 33 minutes
Cappuccino (warm-up, all legs, abs, stretch) 29 minutes



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