Rapid Fire 2: Results

RF2I now own all 4 of Susan Chung‘s Rapid Fire workouts and I love them all so much, I can’t decide which is my favorite! Rapid Fire 2: Results is just as awesome as the other 3! Part of me thinks I like this one best, but I think that every time I do one of her workouts. She just creates awesome kickboxing workouts! Rapid Fire 2 is kickboxing cardio, metabolic strength training and core work. It is intense and fun. I love Susan’s presence and the unique combos she puts together. They aren’t overly complex, though some of them took me a second to catch onto. However, I was able to catch onto ever single combo and got an excellent and intense workout. Make more Rapid Fire workouts Susan!

Susan has 4 crew members with her: Kitty who shows low impact modifications, Bruce who shows more advanced versions of an exercise, and two other women in the back. For the cardio kickboxing portion (the bulk of the workout) Susan and crew are using one pound weighted gloves (I used my 2 pound weighted gloves). For the metabolic strength training Susan is using 5 pound dumbbells, Kitty is using 4 pound dumbbells and Bruce uses 6 pound dumbbells. As usual, I needed more of a variety of dumbbells; in fact, I noted next to each exercise the dumbbells I used for it. For some of the exercises, 5 pounds was appropriate, for other exercises I needed to go heavier. For the core work Susan is using 5 pound dumbbells and a 6 pound medicine ball, Bruce used 6 pound dumbbells and 8 pound medicine ball and Kitty used 4 pound dumbbells for everything.

Rapid Fire 2: Results is 74 minutes long; 6 minute warm up, 39 minutes of kickboxing combos, 15 minutes metabolic strength training 8 minutes core work and 5 minute stretch. There are 4 kickboxing rounds. Each round has a kickboxing combo done on both sides of the body and the combo ends with higher intensity cardio kickboxing drills to really get your heart rate up there. The cardio bursts include things like mountain climbers, 180 squat jumps, jump kicks and more. Then you move into metabolic strength training which consists of compound strength moves and even has some kickboxing (with weights!). And I really like the core work. It starts out standing core work then you move to the floor with your medicine ball. Overall, an excellent well put together workout. And, of course, Susan has her awesome premixes!

Metabolic Strength Training:

1. one arm overhead press to the side w/ round house kick; bob and weave with upper cuts #5

2. squat with lateral raise and side kick; plie squats with upright rows 5#

3. reverse lunge with bicep curl into double front kick 10#

4. squat with hammer curl and crescent kick; bicep curls 10#

5. squat to curtsey lunge with overhead tricep extension; hold arms bent, elbows in front of you and dumbbells in front of face: press/pulse dumbbells 8 times into 4 tricep kickbacks 8#

6. reverse fly with back kick; 10 reverse flies 8#

7. 3 rows to one side while in lunge, one row in the center, lunge to other side and do 3 rows; 10 reverse grip rows 10#


1. while standing and holding dumbbells, bring elbow to knee to the side of body 5#

2. hold dumbbells on front of you (like holding onto shopping cart handle) ends touching and twist side-to-side 5#

3. grab medicine ball; wood chop and overhead combo–done so fast I had to go with my 4 pound medicine ball rather than my 8 pound one

4. sit on mat; 4 sit ups tossing medicine ball up; hold feet up and toss ball up 8 times

5. lay on back and bend both knees to side; do sit up pushing medicine ball up

6. lay on back and hold medicine ball overhead; sit up and twist medicine ball to side; alternate sides

7. sit up with knees bent and heels on ground; roll ball back and forth under legs, lifting and lowering heels and moving legs side-to-side


Premixes (all premixes have warm up, core work and stretch):

RapidFire Results Re-Mixed 73 minutes: combo 1/drill 1, weights/shoulders, combo 2/drill 2, weights/biceps, combo 3/drill 3, weights/triceps, combo 4/drill 4, weights/back

Cardio Explosion 59 minutes: Combos 1, 2, 3 & 4, Drills 1, 2, 3, & 4

FlashFire Mix One 50 minutes: Combo 1, Drill 3, Weights/Back, Combo 2, Drill 4, Weights/Shoulders

FlashFire Mix Two 44 minutes: Combo 3, Drill 1, Weights/Biceps, Combo 4, Drill 2, Weights/Triceps

Metabolic Burn 35 minutes: Entire metabolic weight segment

Blazing Mix One 53 minutes: Combo 1, Combo 3, Drill 1, Drill 3, Entire metabolic weight segment

Blazing Mix Two 55 minutes: Combo 2, Combo 4, Drill 2, Drill 4, Entire metabolic weight segment

Cardio Burn 64 minutes: Combo 1, 2, 3 & 4, Entire metabolic weight segment

All Fired Up 45 minutes: Drill 1, 2, 3 & 4, Entire metabolic weight segment



One thought on “Rapid Fire 2: Results

  1. Love her too! And yes, I have all 4 of her workouts. I alternate them every time because I can’t really figure out which one is my favorite either!


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