Rapid Fire 2: Results

I now own all 4 of Susan Chung's Rapid Fire workouts and I love them all so much, I can't decide which is my favorite! Rapid Fire 2: Results is just as awesome as the other 3! Part of me thinks I like this one best, but I think that every time I do one … Continue reading Rapid Fire 2: Results

Rapid Fire: Kick, Box and Core Burn

Rapid Fire: Kick, Box and Core Burn is actually Rapid Fire 1--the first in the series by Susan Chung. I so enjoyed Rapid Fire 3 & Rapid Fire 4 that I decided I must have them all, so I am slowly accumulating them. I only have one more to purchase after this: Rapid Fire 2: … Continue reading Rapid Fire: Kick, Box and Core Burn

Rapid Fire 4: Sweat

Rapid Fire 4: Sweat is Susan Chung's most recent kickboxing workout and it is the second Rapid Fire workout I have bought. I really like Susan Chung and her kickboxing workouts. I honestly don't know which I like better--this one or Rapid Fire 3. I love them both! Rapid Fire 4 is similar to Rapid … Continue reading Rapid Fire 4: Sweat