Fit Body by Julia: Get Pumped #5: Back Focus

Get Pumped #5: Back Focus is my final 2017 workout. I feel kind of sad. I have been really enjoying the long morning workouts I have been doing while on staycation. I do have one more day before I have to return to the daily grind and I have a long Yvette Bachman workout planned … Continue reading Fit Body by Julia: Get Pumped #5: Back Focus

Cathe Live: Cardio Core Circuit

Cardio Core Circuit is one of Cathe's Live workouts that is based on one of her DVD workouts. I am trying to prep for these better than I have in the past. So a few days ago I did the DVD version of this workout for comparison's sake. I actually haven't done the DVD version in a while … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Core Circuit

BeFit: Maximum HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

Maximum HIIT Workout for Weight Loss is another 15 minute workout from BeFit. This workout is led by Mike Donavanik. I actually own one DVD by him: Extreme Burn Total Body Interval Training. I only did it once but I remember not liking it. So I was a bit hesitant when I realized he led … Continue reading BeFit: Maximum HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

Popsugar: Cardio Jump Workout to Burn Major Calories

Cardio Jump Workout to Burn Major Calories is another little 10 minute workout from Popsugar. This one is all cardio and as evidenced by the title, there is a lot of jumping! In  fact, this is a high impact workout. No major plyometric moves, but every move contains jumping. There is a modifier who does … Continue reading Popsugar: Cardio Jump Workout to Burn Major Calories

Kickbox Burn

What a find! Kickbox Burn was recommended to me by a reader of this blog and wow, am I grateful! Patrick Goudeau is a new find for me (tho he has been around for a while) but this workout is a little different. He doesn't lead it. In fact, the top of the DVD says … Continue reading Kickbox Burn

Raise Some Bell: Ultimate Kettlebell Workout

I'm a big fan of Amy Dixon's Breathless Body workouts so when I saw she had a new kettlebell workout I decided to give it a try. I really liked it! It was challenging and fun and I feel I got a great metabolic strength workout. This is not a workout for those new to … Continue reading Raise Some Bell: Ultimate Kettlebell Workout

Step Boxing

Ever since I discovered Kelly Coffey-Meyer and her 30 Minutes to Fitness series I have been buying up her workouts (so there is a lot more KCM reviews to come). This is the only one that I bought that isn't part of the 30 Minutes to Fitness collection. I was intrigued by the concept of … Continue reading Step Boxing

Atletica 4: Body Weight Training

Atletica 4 is another tough and unique workout by Ilaria Montagnani. This one is only 30 minutes but she burns you out in that short amount of time. Prior to 2012, Ilaria only had one Atletica (Atletica Vol 1) workout available and I love it. However in 2012 she came out with a flush of … Continue reading Atletica 4: Body Weight Training