Raise Some Bell: Ultimate Kettlebell Workout

kettlebellI’m a big fan of Amy Dixon‘s Breathless Body workouts so when I saw she had a new kettlebell workout I decided to give it a try. I really liked it! It was challenging and fun and I feel I got a great metabolic strength workout. This is not a workout for those new to kettlebells. Amy does include a Kettlebell 101 but as I am familiar with kettlebells, I didn’t bother watching it. This is a very fast paced workout, so if you have no experience with kettlebells, this will be difficult and I don’t recommend starting with this workout. I am always wanting to go heavier with my kettlebell workouts; unfortunately that isn’t possible with this workout. I used a 15 pound kettlebell for about 2/3 of the workout and a 10 pound kettlebell for the rest. Some of the moves were just done way too fast for a 15 pound bell. And she does some plyo, too.  Sorry, but I need a 10 pound bell for plyo.

It’s not a long workout either. At 41 minutes I can use this as my main morning workout, add on her 6 minute KB Core and another add on to round out my hour. Or I can use it as a doubles workout. This workout may not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed it. I think Amy is a great trainer and the workout was fun and challenging. Not advanced, but a high intermediate.

Ultimate KB Workout, 41 minutes; 4:30 warm up, 31:30 training period, 5 minute stretch.

Basic swings, then step side to side, then step with a hop side to side
Swing bell side to side, bringing elbow back and rotating torso
One arm rows, then add side leg lift
Suitcase squats then add front kick
Squat with overhead press
Burpee, renegade rows at the bottom and tuck jump at the top
Lunges with overhead press, turns into jump lunge with overhead press
Reverse lunge with wood chop
One leg deadlift, add bicep curl
Jump lunge with overhead press and reverse lunge with wood chop combo
One leg deadlift other leg, add bicep curl
Jump lunge with overhead press and reverse lunge with wood chop combo–other leg
Push ups, one hand on bell, touch bell with other hand at top of push up
Single arm swings
Rainbows–single arm swings turning body front and back
Overhead tricep extensions, add squat
Figure 8s
Squat and clean and rack bell
Squat and clean and bring bell straight overhead

KB Core 6 minutes
Back curtsey with wood chop
Twist side to side, swinging bell at waist
Wood chops
3 twists and a wood chop
Modified turkish get ups


3 thoughts on “Raise Some Bell: Ultimate Kettlebell Workout

  1. Hi , I would love to try this workout but don’t have a kettle bell. Do you think the workout will be challenging using a 5 kg dumb bell?
    (I’m exercising every day I’m the last 3 years so definitely not a beginner)
    Thank for the wonderful blog!


    1. I meant to ask this question about KCM’s Slim Sculpting and not Amy Dixon’s Raise Some Bell. Sorry for posting here.
      I will appreciate your advice about both workouts 🙂


    2. With Raise Some Bell I would think a 5kg DB would work well. It is a fast paced workout so it is hard to go super heavy. KCM’s Slim Sculpting on the other hand you will probably need to go heavier. If you have been working out a while you will need to challenge yourself more to get the most out of Slim Scuplting. The 5kg would probably work fine for some of the exercises but many of them you’ll need something more.


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