BeFit: Maximum HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

BeFitMaxHIITMaximum HIIT Workout for Weight Loss is another 15 minute workout from BeFit. This workout is led by Mike Donavanik. I actually own one DVD by him: Extreme Burn Total Body Interval Training. I only did it once but I remember not liking it. So I was a bit hesitant when I realized he led this workout. But I decided to try it anyway (it’s free on YouTube after all). And I am glad I did! This was a great little 15 minute workout. It is high rep and moves nonstop. You cannot use heavy dumbbells for this workout for that reason. I used 8 and 5 pound dumbbells but in the future I could probably use 10s on one or two of the exercises. The title is a little misleading. It’s not really a HIIT workout, but it is intense. You are moving non-stop so you never really get a chance to catch your breath. As you can see, there are 10 moves and the workout is 15 minutes long so you are doing each move at least minute, several for longer than a minute. This is a great finisher to any kind of workout–strength or cardio.

Maximum HIIT Workout for Weight Loss is 15 minutes long; no warm up or cool down. You need at least one set of dumbbells. I suggest having several–light and moderate. And even a kettlebell for the first exercise if you own one.

  1. Dumbbell swings (kettlebell swings holding 2 DBs; I used two 8# DBs but in the future I will use a 20# KB)
  2. Squat to Press (squat w/ overhead press; first alternating single arm then both arms; I used two 8# DBs)
  3. Tricep Overhead Extensions (I used two 8# DBs)
  4. Side Lunge Row & Press (do a side lunge and bring DB down to foot, stand while “rowing” DB and raising knee then do a one arm overhead press; I used one 8# DB but in the future I will use a 10# DB)
  5. Repeat #4 on other leg
  6. Traveling Woodchops (holding one DB in both hands, lunge to side doing a woodchop w/ DB; alternate sides; I used one 8# DB)
  7. Boom Boom Pows (lunge forward, punching one arm forward and one arm to the side, return to standing and do a double arm tricep kickback, alternate sides; I used two 5# DBs)
  8. Reverse Runner’s Lunge + 2 Bicep Curls (alternate sides; do the curls while in lunge; I used two 8# DBs, I could probably try 10# DBs in the future)
  9. Bust ‘Em Ups (squat to plank thrust, stand up, overhead press, 4 punches; I used two 5# Dbs)
  10. Hand Release Push up to Burpee (start standing, jump out to plank, lower to floor and release hands and raise them (like a superman), push back up to plank, jump feet in and jump to standing)

For more info on BeFit and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.




3 thoughts on “BeFit: Maximum HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

  1. glad you liked my BeFit workout! I have my own YouTube channel as well! There are kettlebell, step / bench, bodyweight and dumbbell routines… and a number of other workout modalities! You should check it out sometime!


  2. I know from following your reviews you love to try new workouts (understatement). Had you ever looked at fitness blender on youtube? They have over 400 workouts – all types and levels. You can go to their website and pick the type, length, level of difficulty (1-5). I am a Cathe fan as well and find that this is a close 2nd place


    1. I have actually looked into Fitness Blender and I agree that they look awesome but no music. I know I can add my own music, but I don’t see the point when there are so many awesome workouts out there that do have music. So, at least for now, I am not bothering with the workouts that don’t include any music.


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