30 Minutes to Fitness: Amped-Up Cardio

KCMAmpedUpCardioAmped-Up Cardio is a Live workout from Kelly Coffey-Meyer. It is not yet available for purchase on Amazon but you can get it at Total Fitness DVDs or on Kelly’s website Coffeyfit. I’m not sure the reason this workout is live. I think she had a road trip like Cathe does and filmed one of the workouts done at the roadtrip. I don’t really know. I follow her on Facebook and I do remember some posts about something like that. Anyway–it resulted in a workout! So yay! I, of course, pre-ordered it. I had planned to get to it sooner, but alas, that didn’t happen. However, now that I have done it, I can say I LOVE it! Great workout and lots of fun.

Like all of her 30 Minutes to Fitness workouts, this DVD contains two 30 minute cardio boxing workouts. However, unlike her other (non-live) DVD workouts, this isn’t actually two separate workouts. This is one long workout that she split into two workouts for the purpose of fitting into the “30 Minutes to Fitness” paradigm. This creates two uneven workouts. The first workout is intense with a super-short warm up and cool down. The second workout is not as intense with the same short warm up but a long cool down and then the same super short stretch. This translates into a 56 minute cardio boxing workout that consists of 7 cardio boxing combos and 5 drills. She then gives you a nice cool down and a stretch. The 7th cardio boxing combo was lower intensity than all of the others, so it seemed to naturally lead into the cool down. That is great for an hour long workout, but as a 30 minute workout, it makes Workout 2 a much lower intensity than Workout 1. If you look a the break down below, Workout 2 not only has that lower intensity cardio boxing combo, but it also has less combos, less drills and the long cool down. If you want the full workout just go to the Premixes. It is premix #1. And I love it that way. In fact, I will either use this as the full 56 minute workout or do Workout 1 for an intense doubles workout.

Now, my use of the word “intense” does not equal a HIIT workout. It is an intense steady state cardio workout. But the drills are not HIIT drills. They do contain plyometrics, but nothing is done in a way that majorly peaks the heart rate. At least not my heart rate. There are ways to increase the burn. Just do most of the drills faster. For instance, instead of doing slow knee pulls in plank–do mountain climbers. Instead of doing 10 jumping butt kicks at Kelly’s speed (which is kind of slow) double it up–you can easily knock out 20 butt kicks in the time it takes her to do 10. I managed it! I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it yet–but I loved the cardio boxing combos. They were well put together and lots of fun. She builds them and once the combo is complete, she never overdoes any of them. Excellent and fun workout!

No equipment is needed, but I used weighted gloves to increase the intensity.

Workout 1 is 30 minutes long; 2 minute warm up and 1 minute stretch. It contains 4 cardio boxing combos and 3 plyo/plank drills

Drill 1: 10 frog leaps (long jumps) + 10 slow knee pulls in plank; repeat

Drill 2: 10 jumping butt kicks + 10 alternating side kicks; repeat

Drill 3: 10 squat thrusts (squat, jump back to plank, jump back in to squat) + 20 plank jacks; repeat

Workout 2 is 29 minutes long; 2 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down/stretch. 3 cardio boxing combos and 2 plyo/plank drills.

Drill 1: squat jump to side, squat jump to side back to start, jump w/ heel tap–10 reps + 10 pledge planks (in plank alternate tapping hand to opposite shoulder); repeat

Drill 2: 10 tap and shoots (tap foot out to side and jump like making a basket shot) + 10 pike ups (in plank jump feet in twice then walk them out); repeat

Premixes (all premixes have warm up and stretch):

Combined Workouts 56:05

Combined Workouts – No Drills 43:41

Workout One – No Drills 23:09

Workout Two – No Drills 23:51

All Drills 21:48



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