30 Minutes to Fitness: Body Shop

bodyshopBody Shop is the first “pure strength” workout from Kelly Coffey-Meyer‘s 30 Minutes to Fitness series I’ve tried and I love it. I’ve done plenty of her circuit workouts and pure cardio workouts but in Body Shop, the only cardio you get is from the effort you put into the exercises. Body Shop contains 2 total body strength workouts. They are fine on their own (though that is no how I did them) but done together they are a pretty comprehensive total body workout. In each individual workout she approaches the major muscle groups in different ways, so combine the two of them into one workout and you are hitting everything.

For these workouts Kelly tells you to have a set of heavy and a set of light dumbbells. I obviously had a wider variety than just two sets of dumbbells. Mine ranged from 7 pounds to 20 pounds. The only “issue” I had with some of these exercises is that there are a lot of compound exercises such as two different kinds of rows, or plie squats with lat pull downs. I can go much heavier on one of the exercises than I can go on the other, so I felt like only one muscle group got the full benefit, at least on some of the compound exercises (not all).  I still love the workout and feel like I got a great total body workout from it, I just wish I could have challenged all of my muscle groups with every exercise.

I probably won’t use this as two separate workouts but I will definitely come back to the combined premix frequently for a great hour long total body workout. In addition, there are a lot of excellent premixes that isolate muscle groups and that is something I may use as add ons. Possibly even as doubles workouts. The hour long combined premix uses the warm up from workout #1 and the stretch from workout #2. I would classify this as an intermediate workout which you can make more difficult by increasing the weight of your dumbbells. The weights listed below are the weights I used when doing this workout.

Workout #1:33 minutes; 1:30 warm up, 30:30 training time and 1 minute stretch. 1. (heavy dumbbell) One arm horizontal rows, alternate overhand and underhand (15# DBs), 2. reverse lunge lunge with leg lift (15# DBs), 3. one arm row (overhand grip) and reverse lunge (15# DBs), 4. (two heavy dumbbells) bicep curls (15# DBs), 5. single leg deadlift (20# DB), 6. deadlift with bicep curls (20# DBs), 7. unweighted side-to-side squats raising arms overhead at top of move, 8. (one light dumbbell) one arm overhead press with side leg lift (12# DBs), 9. tricep kickbacks (12# DBs), 10. unweighted hydrant lunges, 10. (lay on floor with heavy dumbbells) pullovers (17.5# DBs) and chest flies (20# DBs), 11. single leg hip lift (20# DBs).

Workout #2: 31 minutes; 1:30 minute warm up26:30 training time and 3 minute stretch. 1. (heavy dumbbells) overhead lat pull downs (10# DBs) and plie squats (15# DBs) (alternate sets), 2. combine #1: overhead lat pull down + plie squat (10# DBs), 3. diagonal hammer curls (12# DBs), 4. cursey lunges (12# DBs), 5. alternate hammer curl and curtsey lunges (12# DBs), 6. unweighted reverse lunge, touch the floor with fingertips at bottom of move and raise arms overhead at top of move, 7. (one light dumbbell) side lat arm raise and touch elbow to knee (7# DBs), 8. one arm overhead tricep extension into a front lunge touching elbow (hand holding dumbbell) to opposite knee (12# DBs), 9. one arm overhead tricep extensions only (12# DBs). 10. unweighted knee raise side steps, side-to-side (similar to crescent knee), 11. staggered push ups, 12. hover/pulse push ups, 13. weighted pizza presses (get on all 4s and put light dumbbells behind knees and push foot up toward ceiling) (8# DB), 14. ab work.

Premixes: Combined Body Shop Workouts 1 & 2 61:30; Chest, Glutes & Abs 18:11; Lower Body Shop 18:17; Split Body Shop (Back, Biceps & Legs) 23:31; Split Body Shop (Shoulders & Triceps) 16:21; Upper Body Shop 32:26; Fast Track (Compound Moves Only) 17:35; Workout 1 (Less Compound Moves) 30:40; Workout 2 (Less Compound Moves) 28:58

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