30 Minute to Fitness: Home Gym Intervals

homegymHome Gym Intervals is one of Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s newest 30 Minutes to Fitness workouts. I had it on pre-order and I wanted to do it as soon as it arrived, but I was actually out of town on vacation when it arrived so I wasn’t able to give it a go until I got back from vacation, but it was the first workout I did when I got back! And it is actually the perfect workout for my particular after-vacation circumstances. Home Gym Intervals was created to help you use that home gym equipment you bought (stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill) that just sits there unused with clothes piling up on it. It is a cardio + strength circuit/interval workout. You do 1:30 minutes of cardio on your cardio equipment and 1 minute of compound strength work with dumbbells–and you alternate. Now, to make it a true interval workout you cannot just stroll on your treadmill or take a casual ride on the stationary bike–you need to really work hard. It’s only 1:30 minute after all. I own both a stationary bike and a treadmill; the first time I did this workout I used the stationary bike and I did the premix that combined everything–both workouts + the bonus core, and I kept the resistance on my stationary bike high, plus I tried to pedal as fast as I could against that very heavy resistance. I worked up quite a sweat and was breathing hard. For a treadmill you should be running pretty fast and possibly on an incline (which is how I will try it next).

Now, why was this such a great workout for “after-vacation”? Briefly, I have metal heels–2 plates and 12 screws in each heel. I still manage to do lots of plyometric and high impact cardio with no problem, but vacations are hard on me. We don’t rest on vacation–we go-go-go from the time we get up until we crash at night, trying to see and do everything. So for the past week I have been on my feet walking all day. Well, my heels hurt and I needed something low impact. This fit the bill perfectly using my stationary bike–no impact but an excellent solid workout! I love it!

A note on the premixes–the “combined” premix is actually missing one exercise, which really upset me when I realized it: the first strength exercise of workout #2 Squats with Bicep Curls, so in the future I will just do the workouts one after the other rather than do the premix (and add on the awesome Bonus Waist Line).

For these workouts you will need some dumbbells and a cardio machine. Though there are warm ups, the warm ups kind of transition into your first cardio interval. For dumbbells I had 12 and 15 pound dumbbells handy and found those adequate, though in the future I may go heavier for some of the exercises. Below I am only listing the 1 minute strength circuits, but keep in mind that in between each strength circuit there is a 1:30 minute cardio interval on your cardio equipment.

Workout #1 is 32 minutes long; warm up 5:30 minutes, training time 23:30 and cool down/stretch 3 minutes. You will only use one dumbbell for each exercise in this workout. Strength Circuits: 1. hot potato squat, 2. alternating one arm rows while jumping side to side while in wide squat, 3. one arm row, 4. one arm row, other arm, 5. holding one dumbbell by ends, step and “throw” dumbbell from one hip to the other, 6. pendulum curl: hold on dumbbell by ends and lift leg to side (pendulum leg lifts) and curl dumbbell each time you lift a leg, 7. one arm overhead press and push dumbbell down to opposite hip, 8. one arm overhead press and push dumbbell down to opposite hip (other arm).

Workout #2 is 28 minutes long; warm up 5 minutes, 18:30 minute training time and cool down/stretch 4:30. You will use both dumbbells for some of the exercises in this workout. Strength Circuits: 1. alternate bicep curls then do 2 double arm bicep curls with squats, 2. tricep kickbacks, 3. grab one dumbbell and hold by ends overhead; “smash” the knee by bringing knee up and dumbbell down to knee, 4. knee smash other side, 5. grab one dumbbell; squat and touch dumbbell to ground at opposite foot then do overhead press, 6. squat and touch dumbbell to ground at opposite foot then do overhead press, other arm, 7. push ups, 8. grab both dumbbells and get into crab position with dumbbells on floor; tricep dips.

Bonus Waist Line 9 minutes; bonus Waist Line is a standing core bonus and I really liked it. It worked the core while keeping your heart rate elevated. 1. With legs wide, crunch, touching elbow to opposite knee then cross punch. 2. Get in high plank and do “pledges” (touch opposite shoulder) and bring in knees and touch with opposite hand. 3. With legs wide, crunch, touching elbow to opposite knee then cross punch (other side). 4. get in to high plank and walk feet in (keeping legs straight) then step back out to plank. 5. get in boxing stance; shift ribcage 4 times then punch down 4 times. 6. field goals: arms overhead, kick straight legs in front of you and touch with opposite hand. 7. elbows to opposite knees. 8. standing crunches: bring elbows to thighs keeping pelvis/hips tilted forward.


Combined Workouts 1 & 2 (one strength circuit is missing) + Bonus Waist Line 55 minutes

Kelly’s Combined Mix 1 33 minutes

Kelly’s Combined Mix 2 27 minutes

Split up # 1 (1st half of Workout #1 and second half of Workout #2) 30 minutes

Split up #2 (2nd half of Workout #1 and first half of Workout #2) 31 minutes’

All Dumbbell Mix 27 minutes


5 thoughts on “30 Minute to Fitness: Home Gym Intervals

  1. I bought this workout a couple months ago and this kicks my booty! Using my spin bike, I leave it on a high tension and use standing position 3 so the intensity is high. With the weight work in between, I am gasping for air 15 minutes in. I really need this apparently. I’m going to use this method with her “Weights” dvd and substitute my spin bike for those cardio active rests. Thanks for your review of this🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Again…..I love your reviews. I always check here first before I buy because your breakdown is impeccable! Thanks for all you do!!


    1. You’re welcome! And thanks for the comment. It has been a long while since I’ve done this one and now I plan to revisit it. I had forgotten how much I liked it.


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