CoffeyFit Raw: Lower Body & Kettlebells

***Update: Kelly has removed all of the Raw workouts lI reviewed from YouTube. I am sure they are still available on her Raw streaming site but that is not free.***

I was so excited when I saw that Kelly Coffey-Meyer was now streaming workouts for free on YouTube! She calls them her CoffeyFit Raw workouts. Lower Body & Kettlebells is the first of her Raw workouts I’ve tried and I loved it! It delivered exactly what I expect from an excellent KCM workout–intense and tough, but not killer. I adored this workout and will definitely be returning to it. It is metabolic weight training that hits your lower body and gives you some great cardio. She also has a Raw upper body workout that I haven’t done yet (but I will–and soon!) that would be probably be perfect paired with this one to give you an hour of total body work. So far, she has done 6 CoffeyFit Raw workouts on YouTube and they are all around 30 minutes long.

This workout is done in her basement, so you are obviously not getting DVD quality sound and picture but that is just fine with me. She has music and she leads a great workout. I have no complaints! She says she is not big on warm ups or cool downs so you don’t get much in this workout. If you feel you need more of both then do your own warm up and stretch. I felt the first circuit of this workout functions as an extended warm up so I was fine there, and I followed this workout with 43 minutes of yoga, so that stretched me out plenty. This workout is done tabata style, meaning each exercise is done for 20 seconds w/ a 10 seconds recovery. However she only does 6 rounds rather than 8. For it to be a true tabata it would have to be 8 rounds (and more intense). After she does 6 rounds, rather than letting you rest, she does about 30 seconds or so of active recovery. Kelly uses both a 20 pound kettlebell and a set of 15 pound dumbbells. I used a 20 pound kettlebell and a set of 25 and a set of 15 pound dumbbells. I will note below the weight I used for each exercise. In the future (and I definitely will be returning to this awesome workout) I will also use a 25 pound kettlebell for all of the kettlebell swings.

Lower Body & Kettlebells is 25 minutes; 1 minute warm up and 1 minute stretch.

First Tabata: 1. Squats (25 DBs); 2. KB halos; alternate these two moves for all 6 rounds; ends w/ fast air squats (active recovery)

Second Tabata: 1. alternating front lunges (15 DBs); 2. figure 8 KB between legs; alternate these two moves for all 6 intervals; ends w/ unweighted alternating front lunges (active recovery)

Third Tabata: 1. suitcase deadlifts (25 DBs); 2. double hand KB swings; alternate these two moves for all 6 intervals; fast squats pushing hands overhead at top of squat (active recovery

Fourth Tabata: 1. squat-lunge-squat (jump out to squat, jump to lunge, jump back to squat)–repeat this for the first 2 intervals; 2. squat jack–repeat for next 2 intervals; 3. split switches (alternating jump lunges)–repeat for next 2 intervals (no active recovery at the end of this tabata)

Fifth Tabata: 1. alternating reverse lunges (15 DBs); 2. single arm KB swings (she changes arms the second interval and the last interval she alternates arms);  alternate these two moves for all 6 intervals. There is no active recovery on this one, she just keeps doing alternating single arm KB swings for longer than 20 seconds the final interval

Sixth Tabata: For this tabata you have active recoveries–so you get no real “rest”: 20 seconds of KB front plié squats (goblet plié squats) and 10 seconds alternating knee raises while twisting KB toward knee; ends alternating these two moves w/ no KB–so just body weight; very last move is pulsing plié squats.

For more info on CoffeyFit Raw and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.






4 thoughts on “CoffeyFit Raw: Lower Body & Kettlebells

  1. I want to thank you for all your reviews. You inspired me to get Cathe Live and I’ve been more consistent in the last 6 weeks than I have been in years.

    Thank you!!! Love all the new reviews lately. I love KCM too!


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