30 Minutes to Fitness: Your Healthy Back

BackYour Health Back is a Kelly Coffey-Meyer workout I never thought I’d purchase. The point of this workout is to create and maintain a strong and healthy back. Considering the fact I do heavy barbell rows and deadlifts I didn’t think I needed something like this. And I didn’t actually purchase the DVD for myself. My husband has chronic back problems so I got this workout along with some gentle yoga back therapy workouts for him. But when I previewed this one, it was not the gentle therapy I was expecting and, in fact, not something someone who is currently experiencing back pain should attempt. This is a workout that should be done when the back isn’t hurting to strengthen your back and prevent future problems. It was more challenging than I expected; doable, but I worked up a sweat!

Unlike her other 30 Minutes to Fitness DVDs, there is only one workout on this DVD though you do get 3 shorter premixes. No equipment is needed–it is entirely bodyweight work but that is all you need to strengthen your back, spine and core. In her intro, Kelly states that the workout was designed with physical therapists and chiropractors, and I found it pretty comprehensive. The first time doing it, I chose to do it during a recovery/deloading week. I am on my 3rd round of an STS hybrid rotation I created that is really kicking my butt, so I really felt the need for something lower key. And this is lower key than what I had been doing–but definitely not easy.

This is an excellent workout for someone who wants to strengthen their back to prevent back pain. And in my opinion, it’s not just for people suffering from chronic pain but for anyone who wants to avoid the  degenerative pain that typically comes with aging. It is also functional fitness that will only aid you in future workouts–like heavy deadlifts! So even though I didn’t buy it with the intention of using it myself, I will be using it.

Your Health Back is 29 minutes long with a 2 minute warm up, 24 minutes training time and 3 minute stretch. There is no crew in this workout–it is led by Kelly only. The warm up consists of squats, shoulder/spine twists, knee raises and step-backs with shoulder/chest stretches. On several of the exercises a box appears in the right hand corner showing a modified version of the exercise. For most of the exercises you do 2 sets and you usually do 10 reps. Everything is done at a slow and controlled pace.


1. Static lunges

2. Airplane (standing with legs wide and arms straight out at sides, bend over and reach for opposite foot while raising leg behind you)

3. Side leg lift into squat

4. Caterpillar (from a plank, walk feet to hands (so you’re in pike) then back out to plank, then walk hands to feet (so you’re i pike) and back out to plank; alternate)

5. Supermans

6. Elbow plank hold

7. Clam (lay on side with legs bent, weight on elbow with hip raised; keeping feet together, open and close knees)

8. Bridge with leg thread (lay on back in bridge with hips raised; raise on knee then thread foot under bent leg)

9. Crunches (first you’ll do upper body crunches, then lower body crunches, then full crunches, combining the upper and lower body)

10. Thread the needle yoga stretch

11. Bird dogs


Fast Track Mix (15 minutes)

All Floor Exercises (21 minutes)

All Standing Exercises (9 minutes)


5 thoughts on “30 Minutes to Fitness: Your Healthy Back

  1. I love this workout. I have had some issues with my back off and on the last few years, and doing this one always helps. Like you said, it’s not as easy as it appears, and I usually do work up a bit of a sweat.

    I was just looking for a list of the chapters to keep handy, and I should have known you would come through (again!) Thanks!


    1. This is a wonderful workout, isn’t it? And I do not do it nearly often enough. I harp on my husband about doing “preventive” things for his back but then I don’t do it. I really need to work in this and several other workouts that work my hips more frequently.


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