Peak Fit System

Peakfit3***Update 4/14/16–Michelle Dozois posted an excellent blog post today about home workouts vs gym workouts. In it she talked about her Peak 10 workouts and Peak Fit system. Also, at the very end of the blog post she states that there will be a new Peak 10 system coming out later this year. I am very excited!***

Before I start this review I have a bit of background information to give–I’ll try to make it quick. I bought this program a long time ago when it first came out and was called Peak Fit Challenge. I started this review in 2012 but I bought it even earlier than that. Then it dropped off the map. Michelle Dozois stopped selling it and good luck finding it used! Then a year or two ago it re-appeared with a slightly different name: Peak Fit System. I did read her explanation at the time, but don’t remember it very well. It had something to do with the supplier and branding–which is why when she re-issued it she had to change the name.

I want to explain this for a reason: by looking at Michelle’s page it looks like the exact same program and also, when she re-issued it, I asked her directly on her Facebook page if it was the same program and she verified that yes, it is the exact same program. However, in case there are any differences (like with my TurboFire review)–keep in mind that I pre-ordered the very first issue of this program 3+ years ago. I am assuming it is the same because she said it was and it appears identical, but just in case it isn’t–here is my disclaimer. Ok–on to the review.

This review was started in 2012!!! Yes, it has taken me that long to finish it. Not because I don’t love these workouts. I actually do return to them. And when I purchased it I did the entire 8 week program (but that was before I had created this blog). But for some reason, every time I planned to complete this review, I would do all of the workouts except the Pure Strength workouts. It has nothing to do with them being bad workouts or me not liking them. They’re excellent workouts. I don’t know what kept side-tracking me, but it happened every single time. Maybe because when I started this review I had nothing to link it to–the program had disappeared. Then, even when it reappeared, I would start the review and get side-tracked. Personally, it was probably because Cathe workouts dominated my strength-training and I have had a hard time stepping away from her workouts to try other trainers (until recently). But I decided that finally–3 years later–I will complete this review. Onward!

Peak Fit Challenge (now re-titled Peak Fit System) is the DVD version of a workout system Michelle Dozois teaches at her gym Breakthru Fitness. It is an advanced and effective 8 week metabolic cardio + strength program. The program comes with 10 workout DVDs, a unique resistance band, a nutrition guide, a workout calendar/schedule and a workout chart with pictures so you can do at least one of the workouts “Anywhere, Anytime, No Excuses” anywhere, anytime—even if you don’t have a TV/DVD player with you.

The resistance band that comes with this program is amazing. It is a big loop with handles and it is a strong/heavy weight. Very challenging. There were some moves that I couldn’t do the same as the exercisers in the DVDs because of how tight the band was! It worked my muscles HARD!

If you have done Michelle’s Peak 10 workouts, these are along the same lines. In fact, two of the workouts in this program are essentially the same as two that used to be for sale (the original Cardio Interval Burn and Cardio Strength). But I guess the fact that they are basically in this program made her stop producing them–so people didn’t feel like they weren’t getting their money’s worth. I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed to find out that two of the workouts in this program I already owned (basically). I keep saying “basically” because they aren’t identical. They are the same workout, but they were not filmed at the same time. She apparently did the stand alone Peak 10 workouts first, then used the same workouts for the two workouts of the same name in the program. You can tell because the clothing is different, the set is different and the running times are a little different. Also, tho Cardio Interval Burn is almost exactly the same moves, Cardio Strength has some minor differences.

Michelle’s Peak Fit and Peak 10 workouts are based on what she calls a “metabolic blueprint.” Half of the workouts in the program are made up of metabolic circuits; each circuit consists of a Basecamp, an Ascent, a Climb and a Peak. The Basecamp is a recovery period, the Ascent starts to raise the heart rate with either 4-limb strength moves or aerobic level moves, the Climb increases the intensity, pushing you close to the anaerobic level and the Peak is an anaerobic HIIT. Dumbbells may be used in Basecamp and Ascent, but never in Climb or Peak.

The Nutrition Guide is pretty detailed. The first week is called “Starting Strong” and you eat at a lower calorie level the first week then you do the throughout the rest of the program. There is a big emphasis on organic foods. In fact, the menu and recipes all call for nearly everything to be organic. Personally, I think it is unrealistic for most people. Eating all organic is expensive. As I have mentioned in other program reviews, if your goal is to lose weight then a more doable plan is Hungry Girl. I am not a spokesperson for Hungry Girl but I have been receiving her newsletter and buying her cookbooks for years. She came out with an excellent diet plan that is based on the volumetrics theory of eating and she just recently came out with a cookbook to supplement that. It is super easy to follow, is filling (3 meals and 3 snacks), will give you lots of protein and falls in weight-loss calorie limits–and if you need more or less calories, it also tells you how to easily increase or decrease your calorie intake.

Summary: I really enjoyed revisiting all of the workouts in this program again. I found it to be a great program back when I did it for 8 weeks 3+ years ago and I still find all of the workouts excellent and effective. In particular, I was especially impressed with Pure Strength #2. I cannot believe I have stayed away from that one for so long. It is an excellent metabolic total body strength workout. Also, Anywhere, Anytime and Core Dynamics are impressive workouts I should return to more often. When I did those two again I did them together (finished Anytime Anywhere off with Core Dynamics) and that was a very nice and intense hour long workout. Also, Dynamic Flexibility is in a similar vein to Michelle’s newer BodyFit 360 workouts–except shorter. Finally, since this review was started back in 2012, rather than rewrite some of the reviews, I just added an “update” to the end of some of the descriptions/reviews for the individual workouts after I did them again in 2015.


Fit Test: 28 minutes long; 5 minute warm up, 19:30 training period and 3:30 cool down/stretch. You do the Fit Test twice during the 8 week program period. Once at the beginning and once at the end. The purpose of the Fit Test is to test your fitness level prior to completing the 8 week program, then to see how you’ve improved at the end. Just like Insanity‘s Fit Test, this is a great little HIIT workout. The first time I did the Fit Test I was SORE afterward. It is an intense little workout. It consists of 10 moves. Each move is done for a minute followed by a one minute recovery. The object is to do as many reps of the move as possible in one minute. The moves are: prisoner squats, alternating front lunges, burpees, tuck jumps, pushups, ankle grabbers, sit-outs, plank to frog, fence hoppers and side lunge to jump shot. For the purpose of the blog post I’m going to post my Fit Test results in this review. There will be three numbers. The first numbers are how many reps I did at the beginning of the 8 weeks, the second number is how many reps I did at the end of the 8 weeks and the third number? How many I did when doing the Fit Test again to review the workout for the blog post (more than 6 months later). Keep in mind that since completing the 8 week PeakFit Challenge, I have continued to do Michelle’s Peak 10 and PeakFit workouts, just not nearly as frequently as the program requires. (Also–this was done in 2012; I did not do the Fit Test again in 2015 before posting this; sorry.) Prisoner Squats 53/52/50, Alternating Front Lunges 39/45/41, Burpees 22/28/28, Tuck Jumps 35/41/51, Pushups 28/37/35, Ankle Grabbers 33/36/35, Sit-Outs 32/37/40, Plank to Frog 21/30/29, Fence Hoppers 60/76/70, Side Lunge to Jump Shot 29/34/34.

Pure Cardio: 52 minute cardio-only workout; 5 minute warm up, 41 minute training period and 6 minute cool down. I love this workout. During the program, you will live for Pure Cardio days. They are a relief after beating yourself to death all week with the other workouts! This does not mean this is an easy workout—it is not! It is an intense and excellent cardio workout. The bonus is—no Peaks! It contains 4 circuits (each repeated for a total of 8 circuits); each circuit consists of Basecamp, Ascent and Climb. The workout is fast-paced and non-stop. The Basecamp isn’t much of a recovery at all! And that’s fine, I suppose, since there are no Peaks, yet it would be nice to have just a second to towel off the sweat and get a drink of water! The workout contains lots of kickboxing inspired moves and calisthenics (jumping jack variations). The majority of the workout is high impact—including the Ascents—plenty of jumping. The intensity increases throughout the workout until you get to the Climb of the last two circuits which suspiciously resemble a Peak—plenty of jump lunges in those last two circuits! Overall a great workout and a nice break from the more intense HIIT workouts. **This review was originally written in 2012. I did Pure Cardio again this morning (2015) and though I still enjoyed it and found it to be a great workout, it wasn’t as tough as I seemed to think it was 3 years ago. The final Climb wasn’t really HIIT/Peak level at all. Still intense–but apparently I am in better shape now than I was several years ago–which makes sense, since I discovered Cathe in 2012 and she really improved my fitness level in all domains. Anyway, the point is, it all depends on your fitness level how difficult you will find this, or any of the workouts in this program.

Anywhere Anytime No Excuse: 41 minutes; 5 minute warm up, 32 minute training period and 4 minute cool down/stretch. This workout is awesome. It is a cardio/interval workout with lots of body-weight strength work in it, too. Though this workout has the elements of Michelle’s metabolic blueprint, they are all mixed up. Plus it is shorter than her others–but trust me, short does not equal easier! It is intense and challenging. It doesn’t start out that way. The intensity increases as the workout progresses so that the final Climb/Peak are the most challenging. To begin with, after the warm up, you have two 5 minute Ascents, one right after the other. In my opinion, the first ascent is more of an extended warm up. However, for the second Ascent you are doing every kind of jumping jack you can think of, all varieties of jump squats and even jump lunges. After the second Ascent you get a brief Basecamp, then you move on to the really difficult part of the workout–the Climbs and Peaks. 4 Climbs and 4 Peaks, each done twice for a total of 8. No Ascents. However, you do get Basecamps–honest-to-goodness Basecamps that give you some brief recovery time. You will need it. For the Climbs, the first half of each climb consists of some kind of jack or jump squat, as well as lunges, squats, curtsy lunges interspersed with higher intensity bursts like skiers. The second half of the Climb is different varieties of push ups and planks. Then it’s on to the 30 second Peak. The Peaks are one legged hops, squat jumps, 180 squat jumps and it ends with the killer–tuck jump to burpee. This is an incredible workout for only 41 minutes. No equipment needed. **This is also the workout that you get a paper chart so that you can, literally, do this workout Anywhere, Anytime. The chart isn’t exact, but it is pretty darn close. It is just pictures, but after you’ve done the DVD version 1-2 times, you’ll know exactly what the person in the photo is doing.


Ascent 1:
Rear lunges
Side lunges
Alternating side lunges
Front kicks
Punches, hooks, upper cuts
Knee lifts

Ascent 2:
Jumping Jack combo (regular, seal jacks, fling jacks)
Drop Squat
Wide Outs (squat jacks)
Gate Swings (deeper squat jacks)
Drop Squat
Wide Outs
Gate Swings
Power Jacks
Power Jacks but touch opposite shoe
Lunge Jumps
Knee Pulls
Power Jacks
Lunge Jumps
Knee Pulls


Climb 1:
Drop Squat w/ Punch
Speed Skaters
Single Side Leg Squat Touch Down
Speed Skaters
Single Side Leg Squat Touch Down (other leg)
8 Push Ups
8 Plank Ski Jumps

Peak 1:
Drive knee up w/ jump and touch the floor


Repeat Climb 1 & Peak 1

Climb 2:
Jumping Jack w/ Front Arms
Alternating Front Lunges
Side-to-Side Skates

Alternating Front Lunges
Push Ups w/ alternating arm row (no DB)
While in Plank, alternate kicking legs to side

Peak 2:
Squat Jumps


Repeat Climb & Peak 2

Climb 3:
Prisoner Squat w/ Alternating Knee Lift
Curtsey Lunges
Scissors Jumps
One Leg Shoulder Push Up
Sit Outs

Peak 3:
180 Squat Jump


Repeat Climb 3 & Peak 3

Climb 4:
Jumping Jacks w/ arm crosses
Fast Feet Sprint
High Knee Runs
Push Up then Raise Arm and Opposite leg at top; alternate sides
Side Plank w/ hip raises

Peak 4:
Tuck Jump to Plank Drop (Tuck jump w/ burpee)


Repeat Climb 4 & Peak 4

Dynamic Flexibility: 28:30 minutes. Dynamic Flexibility is a very nice stretching workout. “Dynamic” means that there is no static stretching in this workout. You are always moving–but you are also stretching. It is separated into 5 blocks. The first three blocks need no equipment and you are mostly standing. The third segment has you in plank frequently. The last two segments use the band and have you on the floor–on your back, butt or knees. It’s a very nice and relaxing workout after working so hard in all the other Peak Fit workouts. I did work up a mild sweat in the beginning tho! The first block is like a warm up block, with heel raises, shoulder rolls, sun breathes, chair pose, some side to side squats, torso circles, curtsey lunges in which you are reaching toward back foot. It ends with some hip flexor, tricep, shoulder and chest stretches. The second block starts with some deep sumo squats, stretching inner thighs, then straighten legs while still bent at waist and do spine twists by raising one hand toward the ceiling. Next you’ll do crescent knees followed by straight leg kicks. This is followed by a flowing warrior series. The third block has planks to downdogs. Then from plank you’ll alternate bringing one leg forward into a deep lunge and raising arm to ceiling. Next is another flowing series where you do a 3 leg down dog alternated with a high pigeon. The 4th block is on the floor with the band. It starts with figure 4 glute stretches into straight leg hamstring stretch. You do a straight leg pendulum, stretching both inner and outer thigh. You finish with hip stretches. The 5th and final block also uses the band. You’ll be laying on your side and doing a flowing hamstring to quad stretch. Next you will be doing a seated sun breath where you are sitting on your bottom with legs straight and flowing from leaning forward to stretch hamstrings to coming up into tabletop to stretch chest. It ends with hip flexor stretches, torso circles and tricep stretches.

Core Dynamics: is an excellent 22 minute core workout broken down into four 5 minute blocks. Though the focus of this workout is on your core, it actually works your entire body. I really enjoy this workout for so many reasons. It hits the core hard, but you also work so many other body parts. It has lots of  variety and it really holds your interest–never seems repetitive or boring. You work your core in all planes. The first 5 minutes is standing core work using a dumbbell. I used 8 pounds and felt it was the perfect weight for the moves. This segment works your core and your upper body while standing. The second 5 minutes is floor work. It starts with a plank series than moves to other floor ab moves, including the Ankle Grabber move from the Fit Test. The third 5 minutes is all core work using the band. However, this segment is really full body moves. The way she has you use that incredible band works the core and both the upper and lower body. The final 5 minutes is more floor and plank work. Equipment needed: band, one dumbbell and a mat. I’m going to break down each block, but some of these exercises are hard to describe–so I will do my best!

Block 1: (one DB held in both hands) squat and circle dumbbell up overhead, then squat again; side lean; holding DB in one hand w/ arm in goal post, lift knee and bring elbow to knee; lean to side and push DB overhead; swing DB (holding w/ both hands again) around body, haloing around head; holding DB in one hand again, legs in a split stance, hold DB overhead and bend torso forward.

Block 2: (no equipment) start standing and walk hands out to plank then walk hands out even further into extended plank, lower into elbow plank and rock forward and back (pushing forward with feet); tuck hips while bending knees; walk hands back to feet and stand. Judo Kick (lay on back on mat with one knee bent w/ foot on floor and the other knee bent with leg raised, you will push leg out straight and as you do, you will push up with other foot, raising hips off ground while bringing bent arms overhead); roll onto side with a “hollow belly,” )arms overhead and legs straight but brought forward a little) from this position roll onto back and into boat position then return to side; ankle grabbers.

Block 3: (need band) Booty Blaster (get on hands and knees with band wrapped around one foot while holding the band with both hands on the floor; in this position kick leg in and out); keep band on foot and come up onto one knee with banded foot straight out to side, other end of band in same side hand, in this position do a side lean, stretching band overhead while touching floor w/ opposite hand; in this same position bring arm holding band into goal post arm and twist torso, bringing band and elbow down to opposite side of body; get into side elbow plank, band still around same foot and held in same side hand, in this position, raise and lower hips while pressing band overhead; keep band on back foot and kneel, holding other end of band in both hands straight overhead, in this position, curl forward.

Block 4: (no equipment) start in elbow plank, bring one arm out straight to side of body and tilt whole body, tapping fingers on floor; get into high plank and lift one arm and opposite leg, bring them in, under body, touching hand to knee then raise them both again; lay on belly with arms out straight (superman pose) then pull arms back, bending elbows while lifting torso. Lay on back with one leg bent and the other extended straight, do crunches in this position; add knee pull; change to lifting straight leg while reaching for shoe w/ opposite hand; raise both legs straight to ceiling and reach for toes w/ hands; straight leg scissors; add rotation (straight leg bicycle). Double crunch (raising bent knees and head/shoulders); add straightening legs after lifting them. Ends with some stretches.

Cardio Interval Burn: 64 minutes; 5 minute warm up, 51 minute training time and 8 minute cool down. This is the longest of the PeakFit workouts–though not by much! It sticks to the idea of the “metabolic blueprint” more closely than any of the other workouts in the program. And it is tough. Cardio Interval Burn is the same workout as Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn, which was sold separately (not anymore unless you buy it used), so I am not going to review it again here–just check out the review I already did for Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn. You’ll notice the times I give for the two workouts are slightly different. That’s because even though they are the same workout, they are not identical. They were actually filmed separately. Michelle doesn’t say the exact same things, the exercisers are in different positions and the warm up and cool downs have very small variations. Nothing huge. In fact, the only thing that jumped out at me is that she warms up and cools down your ankles in the Peak 10 version. She also seems to get through the circuits in some of the Peak 10 Climbs a little faster so you just end up doing an extra circuit or part of a circuit–but the time spent in each circuit is the same in both workouts.

Cardio Strength 1: 58 minutes; no warm up and 6 minute cool down. Cardio Strength 1 is the other workout that you could previously also buy as a separate Peak 10 version (so check out the review for that/this workout here). And it is tough. This Cardio Strength and it’s Peak 10 sister are probably my favorite of all of Michelle’s Cardio Strength workouts. That is because the choreography is still basic and atheltic. The strength moves are compound but also uncomplicated. It is intense and easy to follow. The more Peak 10 workouts Michelle makes the more complex the choreogrpahy becomes, so IMHO–this is the best Cardio Strength she has created to date. This workout is very metabolic, cardio + strength and will wear you out if you challenge yourself with heavy enough weights. You need a set of light dumbbells and a set of heavy dumbbells. I used 8 pounds and 12 pounds, but in the future I will use 15s for my heavys. Over time you progress and can increase the weight of your dumbbells to get more out of the workouts. When I started doing Michelle’s Peak 10 workouts many years ago I used 7s for my lights and 10s for my heavys, so I have improved! This workout consists of 5 metabolic circuits, each repeated for a total of 10 circuits. Basecamp and Ascent are the strength portion of the circuit. The Climb is cardio and the Peak is a plyometric/anaerobic HIITs. As mentioned earlier, there is no warm up. You could say the first two circuits are the warm up since there is no peak component in those circuits. However, it doesn’t feel like a warm up! The remaining 8 circuits all have peaks.

Circuit 1 uses light weights and has no Peak. Ascent: squats, add bicep curls, change curls to overhead press. Kettlebell swing (w/ dumbbells), add iron cross at top. Side lunge w/ front raise. Front and back lunges with running man arms. Transverse plane lunge w/ single arm standing chest fly. Climb: burpees, jacks, side hops, jogs, high knees.
Circuit 2 uses heavy weights. Ascent: deadlift. Reverse lunges. Upright rows. Clean and press. Wide squats with bicep curls; change to bicep curls only. Climb: knee pulls, various plyo jumps. Peak: pogo jumps.
Circuit 3 uses light weights. Ascent: side bend holding both dumbbells in one hand. Stir the pot (core move) w/ a squat. Various push up variations. Climb: plank to frog, scissor runs, shuffle to side and jump. Peak: atomic lunges (jump lunges).
Circuit 4 uses heavy weights. Ascent: lunge deep to one side (tapping dumbbells on floor by foot), stand do one arm overhead press on other side. Bent over rows. Pulsing static lunges; rather than pulse, hop while in static lunge. Side lunge w/ back row at bottom and bicep curl at top. Climb: mountain climbers, plank ski jumps, punch/knee combos, shuffle forward with punches and run back. Peak: ski jumps (fast side to side tuck jumps).
Circuit 5 uses light weights. Ascent: low V to high V. Curtsey lunge with lateral raise. Curtsey lunge with tricep kickbacks. Pulse dumbbells to back of room w/ straight arms. “Drive the bus” (circle to side and overhead w/ straight arms). Climb: punch and blocks, 180 squat jumps, front knee/back kick, front knee/touch down lunge. Peak: frog squat jumps.

Cardio Strength 2: 56 minutes long, no warm up and a 5 minute cool down/stretch. Since this is #2, it is supposed to be harder/more challenging, I suppose. But IMHO, it’s not really. It is challenging but it is because the choreography gets more complex. Cardio Strength #1 (in this program and in her Peak 10 series) really is the gold standard. They’re all excellent and effective workouts, but #1 just puts everything together in a challenging but non-complex way. For this workout, just like in #1, you use a set of heavy and a set of light. I used 8 pound and 12 pound dumbbells. Unlike in #1, the 12 pound dumbbells are about as heavy as I can go because some of the strength choreography makes it hard to go any heavier. It is still an excellent workout that I enjoyed. It is structured the same as Cardio Strength #1: 5 metabolic circuits each repeated for a total of 10 circuits. Basecamp and Ascent are the strength portion, Climb is the cardio and Peak is the HIIT. There is no warm up but there is also no Peak in the first circuit.

Circuit 1 starts with one heavy dumbbell and changes to light dumbbells halfway through and has no Peak; Ascent: sumo squats, add halo around head. Rotate dumbbell side to side w/ knee raise. Reverse lunge w/ figure 8. Grab light weights and do bent over rear dealt fly. Kettlebell swing (w/ dumbbells) into one arm overhead “bow and arrow.” Squat hops, change to squat jacks. High V front raise. Transverse plie squat w/ upright row. Climb: upper cuts, punch corner to corner, jacks, side to side lunges.
Circuit 2 uses heavy weights. Ascent: deadlifts. Lunge and row. 2 clean and press, put weights on floor, two push ups, renegade rows, stand and do upright rows then bicep curls. Split squat lunge w/ one arm overhead press. Put one weight down and do woodchops. Climb: 4 lunges to the side (more like side scissors), jacks, hop squats, hops alternated with high knees. Peak: fast tuck jumps
Circuit 3 uses light weights. Ascent: curtsey lunge to side lunge bringing weights overhead during the transition. Side to side hopping curtseys. Static lunge while rotating weights side to side. Start in lunge, raise back leg, lower leg and do front raise. Squat, add lateral raise. Overhead shoulder press, add knee raises. Climb: move she calls “falling forward,” speed back, squat w/ upper cut, hop while punching, jump rope, step touch and jump shot. Peak: leap to side then jump shot
Circuit 4 uses heavy weights. Ascent: one leg squat. Back rows. Deadlift w/ upright row. Runner arms. Hammer curls. Traditional curls. Plie squat, pivot and do one arm overhead press to side. Climb: diagonal mountain climbers. Push up jacks. Jogging heel taps. Jumping jacks with knee raise. Shuffle to side w/ 3 knee raises. Peak: 180 jump squats
Circuit 5: uses light weights. Ascent: diagonal rear delt raises each way + regular rear dealt raises. Stir the pot into tricep kickbacks. Tricep kickbacks only. Stand and push weights behind you, arms straight. Pulsing plie squats, add little hops. Crocodile drop (get into plank, lower as if doing a tricep push up but at bottom drop to knees and roll back into child’s pose). Tiger plank (while in plank bring knee to elbow on outside of body). Sit outs. Climb: plank to frog jump. Punch high 4 times, double punch down, jack legs. Triple run. Scissor. Pendulums. Peak: air jacks

Pure Strength 1 is 50 minutes long with a 5 minute warm up and 3:30 minute cool down/stretch. This is a fast paced total body strength workout. It moves at a brisk clip so your heart will be pumping, too. She does a good job hitting every muscle group in just 50 minutes but it’s not the best total body workout I’ve ever done. Still, it’s a good one. Equipment needed: a set of light dumbbells and a set of medium dumbbells + the band. I actually used 3 sets of dumbbells–light, medium and heavy. You will need your light weights for the warm up. When a round/circuit is repeated, Michele often varies the tempo of the reps.

One Arm Rows (band)
Lat Pull Down (band)
Upright Row (DB)
Bent-Over Row (DB)
Kettlebell Swing w/ alternating knee raise (DB)

Wide Plank Hold/Push Ups
Chest Fly (band)
Chest Fly w/ legs raised/bent and pressing them in & out (DB)
Pulsing Chest Flys (DB)
In Plank bring knee to opposite elbow then press out 4x; add one leg push up
Push Ups
Squat w/ One Arm Overhead Press

Repeat Back & Chest

Squats/Squat Jumps (2nd round Lunges/Lunge Hops)
Squats/Lunge (band)
Runners Lunge (pendulum lunge) (DB)
Side Lunge w/ Leg Raise (DB)
Plie Squats w/ alternating leg raise and overhead press (DB)
Stir the Pot w/ Plie Squat (DB)

Arms & Shoulders:
One Arm Tricep Push Up
Plank Tricep Kickbacks (BD)
Reverse Plank w/ alternating knee raises
Tricep Dips
W Overhead Press (DB)
Lateral & Front Raise (DB)
One Arm Bicep Curl (band)
Squat with Lift Over Shoulder (band)

Repeat Legs and Arms & Shoulders

Pure Strength 2 is 50 minutes long 5 minute warm up and a 4 minute cool down/stretch. This is a tough and excellent total body workout. It moves at a fast clip and if you are challenging yourself with heavy enough dumbbells you will get cardio, too–my heart was racing sometimes! You need heavy and light dumbbells and the band. Just like in Pure Strength 1, I had 3 sets of dumbbells. The exercises in this workout are so excellent–my muscles were burning for hours afterward. When I did this as a program back in 2012, I kept a sort of workout diary, recording the weights I used and my thoughts. I was able to go quite a bit heavier this time through than I was able to lift 3 years ago. So bonus! I am definitely stronger because according to my notes it killed me with lighter weights! It didn’t kill me this morning but it did challenge me and give me a stellar workout. I can’t believe I’ve stayed away from this one for so many years. This one definitely needs to be revisited more frequently!


Bent-Over Rows (band)
Band Pulls (band)
One Arm Row–sitting (band)
Deadbug (arms only move) (band)
Dumbbell Swing (kettlebell swing w/ a DB)

Side-to-Side Push Ups
Kneeling Chest Fly (band)
Toe Taps in Plank/Push Ups
Kneeling Chest Fly (DB)
Sumo Squat into Side Lean w/ One Arm Overhead Press (DB)

Repeat Back & Chest

Squats (lots of different tempos) (DB)
Static Lunges (DB)
Tic Tock Lunges (Static Lunges w/ Rear Leg Raise) (DB)
Alternating Curtsey Lunges (DB)
Thrusters (squats w/ overhead push press) (DB)

Arms & Shoulders:
Tricep Push Ups
Tricep Kickbacks (DB)
Runner Arms ( with arms bent at 90 degree angle, raise dumbbells up and behind head, not changing bend in arm) (DB)
Alternating Front Raise (DB)
Lateral Raise (DB)
Bicep Curls (band)
Bicep Curl w/ band pull at top of move (band)
Band Circles (band)

Repeat Legs and Arms & Shoulders


7 thoughts on “Peak Fit System

    1. It comes with a rotation calendar. For the first 4 weeks you workout 6 days a week, with one rest day. For the last 4 weeks you do the 30 minute flexibility workout on your rest day. You do one workout a day unless it is one of the short workouts (Dynamic Flexibility and Core Dynamics) and you do those back to back (unless its the rest day in the second 4 weeks–then you only do Dynamic Flexibility). Also, on day 7 you get an “and/or” choice–you can choose between two workouts–Cardio Interval Burn or Anywhere Anytime, or do them both for a super long, super tough workout (or do like I did–do Cardio Interval Burn in the morning and Anywhere, Anytime after work). For the first 4 weeks you do one Pure Strength a week and for the last 4 weeks you do 2 Pure Strengths a week. Also, in the last 3 weeks she includes an “and/or” several days–meaning you could choose between the two workouts listed–or do both for a super long workout. That’s a basic overview of the rotation calendar w/out going into too much detail.


  1. As for Cardio Strength 2, I disagree. I think it is harder if only because she goes so fast. There’s a move where after you squat you jump into plank to do push-ups, then do renegade rows followed by standing arms. Now while I can do the moves, I can’t to them as fast as she does. So next time I’ll just do push-ups on my knees. Also I think the cardio was more intense than in Cardio Strength 1. But overall a great workout that I will do again this week. I’m in awe of you for thinking it wasn’t harder!


    1. It’s been a while since I’ve done those workouts but I’m pretty sure the reason I found Cardio Strength 1 more difficult is because I can lift heavier–and lifting heavy can wear you out when you are working out at Michelle’s pace! And the reason you mentioned–the faster pace of Cardio Strength 2, coupled with the more complex moves makes it difficult (for me at least) to lift as heavy during the workout. For me at least, I’m pretty sure it had more to do with the weights I used.


  2. Wow, good for you on completing this! I haven’t done these as a system, although have tried them individually and with the exception of her Pure Strength 1 and Core Dynamics, found them just far too hard on me. It’s not like I havent done advanced level workouts, I have ….but I just hated these when I did them. Too tough for me! lol.


    1. Though I do like Peak 10/PeakFit workouts a lot, I don’t think Michelle’s workouts have the same fun factor (for me at least) as Cathe and Kelly Coffey-Meyer workouts. And when I did it as a program, there was some dread factor for me! I remember how hard Cardio Strength used to be for me that every time I dreaded it before doing it because it used to wipe me out so much. Now I actually enjoy it! But it’s still hard!


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