Michelle Dozois’ Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn

Cardio Interval Burn is a cardio only workout. It is 65 minutes long; 5 minute warm up, 51 minute training period and 9 minute cool down/stretch.

The Peak 10 workouts have a basic structure, though the strength and cardio interval workouts differ a bit. There are 5 circuits, each done twice for a total of 10 circuits. Each circuit has a base camp, an ascent, a climb and a peak. Base Camp is a recovery period. Ascent is a more aerobic based cardio when you start raising your heart rate. Climb takes the cardio up to a higher intensity and the Peak is a 30 second anaerobic HIIT. The cardio only Peak 10s differ from the Cardio Strength workouts in several ways. First–they’re easier! That’s not to say that they are easy! They are not—they are very intense cardio.  However, you do get a genuine recovery. In the Peak 10 Cardio Strength workouts it does not feel like there is any recovery! You’re always pushing it to the max. In the cardio only programs the Base Camp is a genuine (short) recovery that, in my opinion, carries over to the Ascent. The Ascent is good cardio, but it isn’t intense. The only aspect of the cardio-only Peak 10s that is more difficult than that strength Peak 10s is that the Peak is longer (30 seconds rather than the 15 second Peaks in the Strength workouts).

Cardio Interval Burn is an excellent cardio workout. It functions as an interval/HIIT workout, though not the same general format. You do 10 HIITs over all but your recovery periods are longer than they are in a traditional HIIT workout. However, in many ways that can be a bonus. Especially if you are doing a lot of HIIT workouts, it is a nice change of pace. In addition, your “recovery” is an excellent cardio workout in itself! The Climb is some intense cardio! There are a lot of kickboxing inspired moves in this workout, but also some general aerobics-type moves and some athletic moves. No complex choreography. It was pretty easy to catch onto the moves quickly. I especially love the long, lovely 9 minute cool down/stretch. It is just what my body needed after a long intense workout.

Michelle’s cueing is always excellent. The overall workout is challenging, but doable. I particularly love the length of it. It is hard to find a cardio workout that is a full hour long, let alone 65 minutes. There are no modifications shown, but the Peak moves could easily be modified. They are the anaerobic/plyometric moves. Just don’t jump as high. The workout is fast paced and high impact, tho the high impact moves are primarily in the Climb and Peak.


6 thoughts on “Michelle Dozois’ Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn

  1. I am a Michelle Dozois fan; she creates amazing, intense workouts. But they’re not for everyone. My daughter is a workout fanatic, too, and she much prefers Insanity’s ( https://2lazy4gym.com/2012/08/05/insanity-60-day-total-body-conditioning-program/ ) crazy intensity to Peak 10 crazy intensity.

    Since I have discovered Cathe, everyone else really fades in comparison. Michelle’s Peak 10 workouts are excellent workouts and very different from any of the Cathe workouts I’ve done so far, but like Amy Dixon’s Breathless Body workouts, they aren’t nearly as much fun. For me, Michelle’s workouts are a nice addition to my rotation to mix things up (her choreography is very different from both Amy and Cathe; Amy’s choreography is very “athletic” in her Breathless Body workouts)–but I do not come back to Michelle’s workouts frequently. They aren’t a regular part of my rotation. Amy Dixon shows up more frequently these days than my Peak 10 workouts.

    And it could just be a phase for me. At one point I did a lot of Peak 10 (before I discovered Cathe) and I did her whole Peak Fit Challenge–so I could have just burnt myself out on her workouts. They are excellent and intense workouts, but they don’t have the Cathe fun-factor.


  2. How do her workouts compare to Cathe? And do you think this is a good rotation to throw in along with Cathe. Or does Cathe workouts basically do the same as her workouts? Thank you.


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